The principle of how a vaccine works is to use inactive parts of a particular organism to activate the immune system of the vaccinated person, and different types of vaccines work in different ways to trigger this protection.

In order to allow the vaccinated person’s body to recognize the new coronavirus, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines both use the body’s own cells to produce spike protein and expose this protein to the immune system. The development and production methods of this mRNA vaccine are more avant-garde and advanced than inactivated vaccines. Inactivated vaccines are to first cultivate viruses or bacteria, and then inactivate them with heat or chemical agents. The research and development theory and production method of this vaccine are more traditional, safer to use and easier to store. The effectiveness of the first two vaccines is higher than that of the CCP’s inactivated vaccines, but there are more unknown areas and there may be more side effects. The CCP is taking advantage of many people’s fear of vaccines by reducing their effectiveness and therefore minimising the associated side effects. This is reinforced by the side effects shown by the vaccinated people after the launch of the first two  Learning from these early experiences the CCP  launched their own vaccines hoping to gain competitive advantage and leaf-frog. Does this work? At least so far, no.

Next step in the vaccine campaign between the United States, Britain, China and Russia, is very much dependent on which country can first crack the key to the coronavirus protein gene sequence. According to Dr. Limeng Yan’s opinion, there are thousands of such gene sequences, of which at least 10% are still unknown and need to be deciphered. Only by doing so, we can effectively enhance the vaccine’s effectiveness and efficacy against the mutation of new coronavirus. Now both the United States and China pay close attention to this work and our whistle-blower movement champion Dr. Limeng Yan is on her way to crack the key in order to develop a truly safe and effective vaccine to community and destroy the CCP’s evil plan of using vaccines to rule the world.

Solving the vaccine is one thing but how we can prevent a similar pandemic from hitting us again if the CCP can have the ability to release COVID-21, COVID-22 and etc is another. The answer is quite obvious: take the CCP down to have a permanent fix.

Author: 雯涵

Editor: 搬山

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