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Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has expressed support for the Federated States of Micronesia’s opposition to the Communist Party of China’s (CCP) proposed “action plan” for the Pacific Island nation, advising the island government to remain vigilant about the communist nation’s attempts to control domestic affairs.

In a July 19 letter to FSM President David Panuelo, Leon Guerrero said Guam supports you and efforts to minimize the CCP’s control of Pacific governments, assets, and resources. I have noted the concerns and warnings about the CCP’s proposals to address climate change. We should remain vigilant and attentive to this most pressing issue.

On May 27, Panuello wrote to Pacific island leaders to persuade them not to sign the China-Pacific Island Countries Joint Development Vision and the China-Pacific Island Countries Five-Year Action Plan for Joint Development (2022-2026) proposed by Beijing.

At first glance, Panuelo said, the terms in these documents seem to appeal to many of us, perhaps all of us. However, the details reveal that the Chinese Communist Party intends to gain access and control over our region with the result of undermining regional peace, security and stability, all in the name of accomplishing just that.

Sustainable development, combating climate change and economic growth under the notion that our democracy and equity and freedom and justice are on par with what we as Pacific Island nations want to look to.

The CCP agreement has been rejected by 10 countries

While the Communist Party of China succeeded in reaching a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, 10 Pacific island nations ultimately rejected Beijing’s “sustainable development” proposal.

Leon Guerrero said she agrees with Panuelo that the United States needs to increase its assistance to its island territories in the Pacific.

To that end, my administration will continue to work to seek climate change assistance and environmental justice advocacy for our islands.

Freely associated with the United States, Micronesia has adopted a foreign policy of “friend to all and enemy to none“.

In his letter, Panuelo wrote that our country, the world’s only sovereign Pacific Island nation, has both a great friendship with the Communist Party of China and an enduring partnership with the United States, as reflected in our Compact of Free Association.

We have been a non-stop advocate for joint U.S.-China cooperation on climate change, and we have been a non-stop advocate for joint U.S.-China efforts to promote peace and harmony on our blue Pacific continent. I believe that the unique context of our country compels me to speak.

Leon Guerrero said she recognizes Micronesia’s “unique relationship” with the United States and the Chinese Communist Party.

charting a course of cooperation with them for the benefit of our islands, while taking reasonable precautions.

Guam’s governor told Panuelo in terms of fostering good relations. I appreciate the insights and perspectives you share with our Pacific brothers and sisters as the U.S. territory jokingly referred to as the “tip of the spear,” Leon Guerrero said Guam has a role to play in homeland security.

Guam is in the midst of the largest peacetime military build-up in U.S. history, so we also have a perspective to share, and we’ve seen first-hand the urgency with which the United States is demonstrating its military might and its willingness to keep the Pacific Sea lanes open for peaceful free trade among nations.


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