Mr. Guo’s opening speech on October 1st, which was on live...

Me and our Friend, Mr. Luther, As well as our thousands of Friends now, we are preparing for the CCP’s so-called National Day to kidnap China 70 years. At this moment, I believe that many Chinese people want to know What is the purpose of the National Day?

BBC Interview with Mr. Guo 2017

The assets controlled by my Family Trust Fund amount to 28 billion dollars (USD), excluding the domestic assets of 120 billion RMB(Renminbi) Due to my revealing some secrets, every aspect of my life has been subject to increased pressure domestically.

A video from Mr. Guo Wengui on Oct. 3rd: Hong Kong...

Hong Kong is already preparing for a curfew, and will impose martial law entirely.

Oct 1, 2019: Mr. Guo Wengui and Mr. Steve Bannon will...

The 12-hour live broadcast will start at 8 pm ET on Sept 30th (8 am Beijing Time on Oct 1st) on Please do not re-broadcast the live stream to avoid copyright penalty.

Guo Media is the only way for 1.4 billion Chinese to...

Oct 1st. Miles Kwok: Guo Media is the only way for 1.4 billion Chinese (and Americans) to obtain the truth (of CCP).

Highlights of Mr. Guo Wengui and Mr. Bannon’s live broadcast on...

In China's 70th anniversary parade there was no familiar face of an entrepreneur on the Tiananmen rostrum.