Miles Guo: The Rape of Hong Kong and Chinese People is...

For over 70 years, the CCP has utilized an effective method to control the Chinese to be their slaves, generation by generation

War Room Pandemic Ep 254 – The CCP’s Crimes Against the...

Steve Bannon and Miles Guo to talk about the criminality of the Chinese Communist Party and the heinous nature of their treatment of the Chinese People

War Room Pandemic Ep 253 – Rape of Hong Kong: Crimes...

Steve Bannon and Miles Guo come together for a special episode to discuss the obscene actions taken by the CCP in Hong Kong and the criminality of their existence. Calling in is The Godfather of Hong Kong Elmer Yuen to share his heartfelt thoughts on the freedom fighters in Hong Kong

Three Red Lines Decide if the CCP Will Perish Within 30...

Miles Guo said in the live broadcast on June 25 that once the top decision makers of the U.S. government cross three red lines, the CCP will be destroyed within 30 days to 3 months

Miles Guo: Six crucial actions to take down CCP

For those who doubt the possibility of CCP’s death and the way to make it happen, Miles Guo has already given the best answer long time ago

Remarks on the Himalaya Independent Financial Ecosystem by Miles Guo

including the purchase of different levels of GClub life membership, the method of purchasing GFashion Shares, and the launch of GFashion, GClub, GCoin and GDollar