Miles Guo

Mayor Patrick Payton of Midland Texas defends Bob Fu, an Agent...

Mayor Patrick Payton of Midland Texas absurdly accused Miles Guo of being a CCP agent. In 2019, a federal jury already found that Mr. Guo has no ties to the CCP in his victorious defamation case against Baosheng Guo.

Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden had been talking naked with underage...

1. Instagram’s full blooded censorship. 2. Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden had been talking naked underage girl, but did not report to the police. 3. All valuable foreigner will be treated by CCP’s BGY schemes . 4. What is BGY?

10/21 Financial News: Youwin Education folded CCP’s semiconductor industry full of...

Cathay Pacific to eliminate 8,500 job posts in HK$2.2 billion restructuring, 5,300 redundancies in Hong Kong

We Should Treat Brothers-In-Arms With A Bodhisattva Heart

Miles: “Each of us must treat our brothers-in-arms with a bodhisattva heart. We've got to take it to heart. How well you'd treat your son should be how well you treat our BIAs.”

This is Mr. Guo’s latest Chinese single song “A Wine Toast...

“A Wine Toast to Take Down the CCP” Drink this bowel of wine in honor of our friends, because the CCP is taken down by our hands. Good wine!

We Will Not Allow the CCP’s Pro-Democracy Phonies to Represent Chinese...

Miles: our brothers and sisters will never stop or give up, will not allow the CCP’s pro-democracy phonies in the West to represent or enslave the Chinese people overseas