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Double rainbow in Hong Kong on June 16th, 2020. (Photo: China Daily)

The legislative body of China Communist Party (CCP) reportedly passed national security legislation for Hong Kong today ( June 30) and Chief Executive of the Special Administrative Region announced that the law would come to effect in the evening.

The Standard, local pro-Beijing newspaper, entitled the promulgation of the law as the “D-Day for Hong Kong security law”. The Standard, an English-language tabloid, sought to curry favor the CCP by indicating the termination of the “social unrests” through enacting a sweeping law. However, Hongkongers, especially the protesters, would also like to name today the “D-Day for Hong Kong” because the United States has started revoking Hong Kong’s special status.

“The Civilians’ Press Conference” was held by three anonymous protestors to announce the resolution for the city to fight against the ruthless CCP to the end. They welcomed the US’s decision, saying, “if Hong Kong is burnt, the CCP will burn with us”! Revoking the city’s special status is undoubtedly one of the most welcomed solutions among protesters who believe it serves to take down the CCP.

The spokeswoman voiced the Hongkongers resolution to end the regime in their “Home Kong” at any expense. Today, they seized the last moment of “freedom”, only 3 hours before the enforcement of the notorious national security law, and announced, “we do not fear that CCP’s silencing us, we fear only the silence of ourselves.”

The Civilians’ Conference has been a symbol of resist during the year-long protests movement. (Photo: The Stand News)

Earlier in the morning, Joshua Wong, one of Hong Kong’s most prominent pro-democracy activists, has disbanded his party Demostisto. Though the world-leading media, including Financial Times, reported the event, the citizens of Hong Kong paid little attention to Wong and Demostisto. The upcoming protest on July 1st has already taken center stage of the social media.

Various topics related to the “July 1st Demonstration” have jammed the social media, including LIHKG, Telegram, and Ig. Some of them even elaborate on the ways to avoid being tracked or arrested. Hong Kong Police Force has been mass arresting the civilians for months, from 10 to 86 years old, from school students to retired grandpas.

A poster calls for a demonstration on July 1st in Hong Kong (Photo: Twitter)

Despite the police’s terrorist tactics, the defiant citizens take to the street to fight against the dictatorship in a civilized way. “Everyone counts, the way to take down tyranny is fearless; the fight against the dictatorship is leaderless protests.”

“They can kill us, but they cannot kill a thought.” “Together, we Hongkongers stand against the CCP, now and forever,” said the conference’s spokesman. For Hongkongers, resisting dictatorship and terminating the dark age has become a new lifestyle. The law-abiding unarmed civilians and the CCP are like David and Goliath, but the Hongkongers choose to resist the regime because they have fully recognized that, if no one curbs the CCP’s encroachment to the free world, the whole world will be at stake like Hong Kong today.

The streets today are abnormally quiet at night. It seems that the city is preparing for a demonstration tomorrow. People here are yarning for international support, but they do not mean to resort to the West for a rescue. “The world should know that they have no choice but to stand with us,” commented a protester in LIHKG. “Take action and fight with us before it is too late. Fight not for us, but for yourself!”


The Law of National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) took effect at 11:00 pm local time on Tuesday.

The promulgation of the law was signed by HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam and published in the Gazette, according to a statement of the HKSAR government.

The law was passed at the 20th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC). The NPC Standing Committee consulted the HKSAR Basic Law Committee and the HKSAR government and listed the law in Annex III to the HKSAR Basic Law.

The law was formulated according to the Constitution, the Basic Law and an NPC decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR to safeguard national security.

The national security law seeks to prevent, curb and punish crimes seriously endangering national security, namely secession, subversion, terrorist activities, and collusion with a foreign country or external elements to endanger national security, an HKSAR government spokesman said.

The spokesman said the law only targets an extremely small group of offenders while the life and property as well as various legitimate basic rights and freedoms enjoyed by the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong residents will be protected.

There is nothing for Hong Kong residents to worry about in exercising these legitimate rights, the spokesman said.

In order to effectively discharge their duties, the police and the Department of Justice of the HKSAR government have earlier made preparations for the establishment of dedicated units, the spokesman said, adding that the police will establish a dedicated National Security Department on July 1 to handle the relevant work.

The Committee for Safeguarding National Security of the HKSAR chaired by the Chief Executive will be set up as soon as possible to take up the major responsibility of safeguarding national security in the HKSAR, the spokesman said.

CCP’s “Foreign Ministry”: National security law crucial for HK

The implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong is a fundamental solution to stop violence and restore order in the region, the CCP’s “Foreign Ministry” said on Tuesday.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson made the remarks in an online statement after CCP’s top legislative body on Tuesday unanimously passed the national security law for Hong Kong.

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress also decided to add the law into Annex III of the HKSAR Basic Law. President Xi Jinping signed a presidential order to promulgate the law.

The implementation of the law will further complete Hong Kong’s legal system, stabilize the city’s social order and create a better business environment, which will benefit Hong Kong citizens and international investors, according to the statement.

The Chinese government stays committed to implement the “one country, two systems” principle, and firmly opposes external forces to meddle in Hong Kong affairs, the spokesperson said.

China’s determination and commitment to safeguard the security of national sovereignty and maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong will not be undermined by any force or circumstance, the spokesperson said.

Any attempt to use Hong Kong to damage China’s sovereignty, security and development interests is bound to fail, the spokesperson added.


During the June 28 G-TV live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo told the story behind the rescue of Mr. Hao Haidong’s son from Serbia, a country deeply corrupted and controlled by the CCP. As soon as Mr. Guo was informed that Hao’s son was stopped at the border when he attempted to go back to Spain to reunite with his parents, he and his friends and brothers-in-arms quickly arranged three different airplanes to pick up Hao’s son from Serbia and safely sent him to his parents in Spain under the eyes of the CCP – a thrilling story comparable to Hollywood blockbuster!

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The implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong will certainly “cut off” the “black hands” of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan for messing up Hong Kong affairs, a mainland spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The remarks came after the DPP authorities’ remarks over the national security law for Hong Kong, which was unanimously passed on Tuesday during the 20th session of the 13th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature.

DPP authorities on Tuesday said the law violated democracy and human rights in Hong Kong and that the island will offer so-called “humanitarian aid” plan to rioters escaping from Hong Kong .

Zhu Fenglian, a spokeswoman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, voiced support for the implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong.

The law aims to safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, and ensure the steady and sustainable development of “one country, two systems” and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, Zhu said.

The DPP authorities’ remarks against the law blatantly distorted the facts and attempted to continue to associate with the rioters in Hong Kong and endanger national security, she said.

“It once again exposed their sinister intentions of plotting to meddle in Hong Kong affairs, destabilize Hong Kong and seek ‘Taiwan independence’,” she added.

It clearly stipulates the constitution of four categories of crimes that seriously endanger national security and the penalties for them, Zhu said.

“It will surely cut off the ‘black hands’ of the DPP to mess up Hong Kong,” she added.

The spokeswoman sternly warned DPP authorities, saying, “Any attempt by any person or force to undermine China’s sovereignty, security and development interests and undermine Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability is futile and will inevitably backfire.”




FBI said that the Chinese Communist regime’s “ambassador” in Washington and a diplomat in New York City involved in the secret recruitment of scientists in the United States.

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Cui Tiankai is the CCP’s ambassador to the US.

According to Chinese dissident Miles Guo, Cui called some US political and/or business leaders to an emergency meeting recently and threatened that he would put on “a military uniform” to take part in a war against the US due to the escalating tensions between the US and the CCP.


From CCP Media:

HAIKOU — Tansuo 2, the mother ship for China’s manned submersible that is capable of diving to depths of 10,000 meters, has returned to Sanya in South China’s Hainan province after an 18-month renovation project.

The ship, mainly painted white and green, left from Fuzhou Port in the eastern province of Fujian Thursday before arriving in Sanya Sunday afternoon.

Owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tansuo 2 adopts an advanced electric propulsion system and positioning system, which can provide sufficient power and automatic cruise capability for deep-sea explorations.

It can carry 60 researchers and serve as the mother ship for China’s new manned submersible Fendouzhe (Striver) and manned submersible Shenhai Yongshi (Deep Sea Warrior), capable of reaching depths of 10,000 meters and 4,500 meters, respectively.

The ship is 87.2 meters long and 18.8 meters wide, with a full-load displacement of 6,800 tonnes. It has a maximum speed of 14.2 knots and a cruising range of 15,000 nautical miles, longer than that of the previous-generation Tansuo 1.

The renovation project started in December 2018 at Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Engineers have also upgraded the ship with more labs and increased cabin comfort for researchers.

Source: China Daily


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-The CCP puppet WHO issued an announcement: The 2nd wave will hit in September which will result in at least 50 million death.There is no such thing as first wave and 2nd wave
-FBI director Christopher Wray said that the big thing is putting an end to China’s seven deadly sins 
-senator the Pentagon this week revealed that there are more than 20 companies Communists Chinese military companies operating inside the United States


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On June 29, 2020, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross stated the revocation of Hong Kong Special Status because of CCP forcing its national security law to be implemented in Hong Kong.

However, those who have followed the Whistleblower Movement can not say they are surprised as Miles Guo, the leader of the movement, told them in 2019 during his broadcast. He said that the revocation of the HK Free Trade Zone would be the start of the war between CCP and the U.S. and would cause turbulence and earthquake in the worldwide economic field, which would eventually reorder the world. Long-term investors from Israel and European countries and funds based in Wall Street would have a hard time dealing with the situation.

Hong Kong’s issue is never as simple as a regional matter. Instead, its prosperity and stability affect the whole world from various aspects. Now CCP is going on its way to force a law that destroys the “One Country Two System” policy and is challenging not only the core status of the U.S. but the world as well. People certainly can not allow that to happen.


by Martina Moyski  •  •  June 29, 2020 

China’s role in Vatican’s Global Education Compact

VATICAN CITY ( – Alarm is growing over a major Vatican conference in October as news emerges about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) involvement in the event and in Vatican affairs at large.

The Global Compact on Education is being conceived as a “resetting [of] the pedagogical itineraries of an ecological ethic” and, according to its website, is seeking “to ensure the most far-reaching and serene participation possible.”

But “We’ve gotta watch the Vatican,” former prosecutor and investigative journalist Liz Yore urged on War Room Pandemic last week, as she alerted the public to the Vatican’s ties with the CCP.


The Vatican’s Global Compact on Education, scheduled for Oct. 15, has partnered with “One People, One Planet [which] is sponsored by, none other than, Huawei [a telecommunications provider blacklisted by the United States due to national security concerns]” Yore reported.

Speaking to the type of education that can be expected at the conference that occurs less than two weeks before the U.S. election, Yore said bluntly: “Pope Francis is virulently anti-American and communist … .”

To explain how the Holy See and the CCP became bedfellows, she pointed to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “globalist” speech at Davos in 2017 when he said, “All roads lead to Rome” to illustrate his plan for how to invade world markets. “Apparently, all bank accounts lead to the Vatican as well,” Yore remarked.

Her remark echoed other recent news that sheds light on details of the secret Chinese-Vatican agreement.

On June 22, social media was a twitter with exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui’s claim that Beijing is paying off the Vatican to stay silent about the CCP’s repression of religious freedom and plans for world domination as part of the 2018 agreement.


Yore agreed. “Xi’s got his money’s worth,” she said, explaining that the CCP bought silence from the pope on the Hong Kong violence against freedom marchers and China’s forced organ harvesting program, called one of the worst mass atrocities of the century. It also accounts for his praise for the “great job” China and the CCP did in containing the Wuhan virus.

“This is mind-boggling,” she said. “For decades we’ve had popes rail against the CCP, rail against the Patriotic Church, and along comes Francis … .”

In a pithy assessment of the whole situation, she said: “The CCP has snagged the moral voice of the vicar of Christ.”

Italy as China’s ‘Trojan Horse’

Yore and Wengui are not the only experts speaking out about collusion between the Vatican and the CCP.


In his new book Red Contagion: How Italy Became China’s Trojan Horse in the West, Italian public policy expert and hedge fund manager Francesco Galietti exposes the interplay of political and financial corruption among China, Italy and the Vatican. 

Galietti said in a recent interview with Steve Bannon:

Italy has a very fragile and corrupt political system which is heavily exposed to China’s charm offensive. And what Italy has that no one else has is the presence of the Vatican on Italian soil. And so these days, the Vatican, which is hugely influential in the Italian political system, is tilted toward China, wants a deal with China and it is offering Italy to entice China.

The financial expert said, Italy has “always been a part of the West. It’s even being the cradle of the West. So seeing it drift towards Asia and especially towards authoritarian China is a nightmare.” And describing the pope’s amicability — or lack of  it — toward the United States, Galietti said: “Let’s not forget this pope is not a friend of the U.S. for sure.”

“People have to pay attention especially in the upcoming fall,” Yore repeated.

“There are going to be some major anti-American events including the Global Compact on Education,” she said. The Vatican conference is “going to be pushing socialism to our kids” while the CCP “hide[s] in the background.”

Invitations for the Oct. 15 event have already been extended to representatives of various religions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia and cultural and political leaders — “everyone who cares about the education of the young generation,” according to the website. Invitees will represent “the inhabitants of the earth,” and will sign a “Global Compact on Education, which each one will undertake to implement in their area and disseminate as much as possible.”

Details of the pact have not yet been released.

Earlier in the year, the pope pitched the conference to participants of the Plenary of the Congregation for Catholic Education as “an appeal to all those who have political, administrative, religious and educational responsibilities to rebuild the ‘village of education.'”

“Education is a dynamic reality. It is a movement that brings people to light,” the pope added

The educational pact needs to be “revolutionary,” he said.

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Lo Hiu Yan, a Year 2 student from The Education University of Hong Kong, leapt to her death on 29 June 2019. At the one-year mark of her death, The Education University of Hong Kong Students’ Union organized a memorial for Miss Lo and Miss Zhita Wu, an alumni who also leapt to her death on 30 June last year.

A moment of silence was observed before the presentation of flowers. “Glory to Hong Kong” was played. After the memorial, the organizers dedicated a comment board for those who wished to leave their thoughts.

The memorial was not open to the public according to the President of the Provisional Executive Council of Students’ Union of the University, Miss Kris Wong Wing-ki. The university has set a limit to the number of participants due to the pandemic.

Only students of the university, alumni and representatives of each higher education institution were given access into the university to pay their tributes.

Source: Stand News

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It has now been six to seven months since the new coronavirus has been wreaking havoc around the world. The virus first appeared in Wuhan, China, then Iran in the Middle East and Italy in Europe, and finally a pandemic has been throughout Europe, the North and South America, Asia and Africa, all over the world. Today, there are almost 10 million confirmed cases of the virus worldwide, and almost half a million deaths from the virus. This is a global pandemic like almost no other that people living today have experienced in their lifetime.

Throughout the pandemic’s development, countries in the affected areas have been placed on the highest level of alert and quarantine. At present, some countries, while already showing success in combating the pandemic, are gradually lowering their alert quarantine levels in order to restore people’s daily lives and domestic economy, but still a risk of secondary outbreak is very high. Border traffic between countries on the Sea, land and air remains almost entirely Interruption. The pandemic has hit the lives and economies of entire human societies like never before.

Through the Internet platform, people around the world have also witnessed a variety of very contradictory or contradictory perceptions and responses to the new coronavirus. In the following article, the author discusses the causes of these problems and the fundamental solution to the virus from a common sense perspective.

Generally speaking, in response to the emergence of a new virus, human science has developed how to respond in terms of isolation, treatment and vaccines to prevent infection, bodily injury and death.

First, let’s talk about quarantine. Quarantine is the interruption of the transmission of the virus between an infected person and a healthy population. In the fight against the disease, we hear or see “physical quarantine” and “herd immunity” , which are two completely opposed perceptions and actions. The “physical quarantine” , which includes so called “social distance”, “personal protective equipment (PPC)” and “restriction of group activities” etc, is to control the spread of the virus and avoid infection; the “herd immunity” is to increase the spread of infection. There is also the argument that “physical isolation” is used to slow down the spread of the virus in order to avoid the collapse of the public health-care system and to allow infected people to receive timely medical care and treatment necessary, but ultimately  goal is to achieve the full spread of the virus so that 70-80% of the population is infected and has acquired antibodies. The “herd immunity” can be achieved by “physical isolation”, or by gaining a window of time to await the results of vaccine development.

“Physical isolation” can range from closures between countries by sea, land and air, to states of emergency by law or by government within countries. Shutdown of non-essential activities of government, business, commercial and school, and then to healthcare workers and patients, service providers and clients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and supermarkets; down to personal travel restrictions, social distances, personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing, etc. But here again, a lot of contradictory items, such as “impersonal or human-to-human transmission”, “saliva droplet, or contact, or aerosol transmission”, “wearing or not wearing mask”, “home confinement for mild cases, or cubicle hospitals, or ICU wards”, and “borders should or should not be closed”, “back or not back to work or school”,have emerged for talking about the virus, understanding the virus and reacting to the virus.

Why is that? This is due to a lack of knowledge about the virus itself, its infectiousness and the effects of a cured patient. For example, at the beginning of pandemic in Italy or the UK, it is often the first time the public hears about “herd immunity” and the media are notorious for explaining how it works: in the absence of a vaccine, “herd immunity” is the only solution that can restore normal human life and work in the future. The same way that mankind used to plague. Some people thought it made sense, others thought it was nonsense at the time. But then this “herd immunity” seems to have faded into obscurity, and no one talks about it anymore. In the end, the people who proposed this theory did not know enough about the current post-cure effects of the new coronavirus.

Next, let’s talk about treatment. Treatment is what a doctor should do on a person who is confirmed to be infected with the virus, and here we include testing of a person suspected of being infected, and using drugs to preventing a healthcare or service person who frequently contacts patients or customs and has  large probability to be infected with the virus.

We have seen, in the course of events, the scope of testing is on “suspected patient” or “population-wide”,  the testing results are “accurate” or “inaccurate” by using the reagents , hydroxychloroquine prevention and treatment is “effective” or “ineffective”; and the cured patient is “full or partial recovery , any sequelae”? why do people with the virus take medicine, such as “AIDS drugs” or “malaria drugs” or “rheumatoid arthritis drugs”, or “lupus drugs”, or “hormones”, or “immune boosting proteases” or “immuno-immune enzymes”. ” Remdesivir” (Chinese call it “the people’s hope”), etc., were cured; any “HIV fragments” in the virus code? etc.

Why are there so many contradictory views, or actions, or confusion? Because of our lack of understanding of the mechanisms by which the virus infects people, there is no very effective actions taken in terms of detection and prevention, as well as patient treatment and follow-up of patients after healing.

Finally, a word about vaccines. The greatest contribution of human medicine to the prevention of viral infections is the invention of vaccines. The symptomatic vaccine is the silver bullet for the ultimate solution to viral infections. In the 6-7 months of the pandemic’s development, we’ve heard from scientists from all over the world working intensively to develop vaccines and conduct clinical trials. “New coronavirus vaccine could appear as soon as the end of the year”, “New progress in vaccine development”, “Vaccine development enters animal trials,” “Vaccine development in human trials or blind tests”, “Most promising vaccine animal tests fail”, “Vaccine body trials and blind tests achieved milestones” and so on.

How about hope for a vaccine anyway? Common sense dictates that an effective vaccine must have an adequate and comprehensive understanding of the source, structural code, and mutation mechanisms of virus production. In the past, some viruses, such as HIV, SARS, and influenza viruses, have been researched for a long time even though they are fairly well understood by humans. The vaccines still have not been effectively addressed, because of the limitations of current human science or the mutagenic nature of viruses. Many reports say this is due to the sudden and unexpected disappearance of these viruses, resulting in unprofitable research and development and no one investing in them, which ultimately leads to research lag; the situation may change if, for the new-coronavirus, investment in research and development is increased. But the reality is: from the above chaos, we can see that humans are still in a state of unknown about the new coronavirus ; from some clinical signs, the virus can rapidly mutate and wreak havoc on the human immune system and organs; in fact, there have been major some foundation investments are in research for a vaccine against HIV and SARS. So think about this: what is the likelihood that an effective vaccine will be produced in the short term? The author’s common sense tell that hope is slim and to be prepared for the long term, unless God lets it come and go.

The chaos and causes of this pandemic in terms of isolation, treatment and vaccine have been discussed earlier. We can attribute all of the above to one cause: the lack of understanding of the origin, code structure, transmission and mutation mechanisms of the new coronavirus, and also the lack of awareness of the consequences of quarantine, infection and healing, lead to disorganized, ineffective efforts to quarantine, and also lead to less effectiveness and about undesirable results in prevention, treatment and vaccine development. It is irresponsible, even misleading or untrue, to suggest that the new coronavirus pandemic should be “put out first, then research”, in which there is an ulterior motive. Fire-fighting and research must be “two-pronged” and “two-handed”, because fire-fighting and research are two different fields, different teams, and two different levels of problem solving. There is no one first or second and they are mutually reinforcing.

So how do we solve the above problem?  International medical cooperation is now an urgent necessity, in addition to quarantine protection and treatment within each country’s own territory, in order to trace the origins of coronaviruses by their emergence, study their structural codes, mutation patterns and transmission mechanisms, and assess infection and healing consequences. Only then can proactive and effective measures and actions be taken to stop, prevent and treat the further development, the global expansion and future resurgence of new coronaviruses.

How does international medical cooperation work? Originally this cooperation should have been taken up by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the reason for the existence of the WHO. But judging from the development and results of the 6-7 month pandemic, WHO did not take this responsibility in the first place and even passed on lots of misinformation. The author believes that President Trump’s suggestion that the WHO should be immediately restructured or another similar international body should be organized is a very correct action.

Fighting the pandemic in their own countries, in the meantime, governments should allow their authoritative and experienced scientists and researchers to join and participate in this collaboration quickly. For the sake of the common destiny of mankind, an analysis of the origin, code-structure, mutation and mechanism of infection of the new coronavirus, as well as its treatment and healing consequences should be investigated, studied and evaluated. On this basis, effective countermeasures for virus isolation, prevention, treatment and economic recovery will be accurately proposed, and the development of a vaccine will be accelerated.

It is hoped that the world will soon emerge from the haze of the virus and that mankind will once again return to normal and beautiful times of study, work and live.


Germany’s federal prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into a 74-year-old and his wife for spying for the Chinese Communist Party.

On November 23 right before their trip to China to meet with their Chinese executive officers in Macau, Dieter W. and his wife Andrea D. (name changed by the editors) were stopped by investigators from the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office who presented the couple with a search warrant.

In fact, Dieter W. had lived a double life for decades. Most of the time he did not spy for the Chinese, but for the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). They get paid for supplying the BND with information.

Dieter W. worked at the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich close to the CSU. After his retirement, he became a director of a newly founded think tank.

Chinese secret service contact?

Security circles say that it is not uncommon for Chinese intelligence agencies to try to recruit people who are at the end of their careers. Often, those targets are concerned with attention and appreciation and not necessarily with financial interests. And often they don’t even notice what it’s about.

Trips to China were always on the program for Dieter W. and his wife. According to information from the ARD capital studio, an attempt at initiation was finally made by a Chinese secret service when W. was about to retire.

Couple thinks they’re innocent

The Chinese finally equipped them with a laptop and software to transmit encrypted information. It is unclear whether the Chinese knew about their connection to the BND. W. told investigators that he had reported to the BND that the Chinese had attempted to initiate it. The BND, he claims, even directed him to maintain contact with the Chinese.

The aim of the Chinese was to put W. on the World Uyghur Congress. The Uyghurs are an ethnic minority in China who are facing massive reprisals. The Uyghur exile office – the so-called World Congress – is based in Munich. W. and his wife claim that they did not agree to this. Ultimately, however, there was collaboration on other issues.

The value of what the couple delivered to the Chinese is unclear. Money is said to have played no role, only travel expenses were reimbursed. Dieter W. and Andrea D. therefore consider themselves innocent. However, the couple apparently did not report any contact with the Chinese to the BND over the years.

Role of the BND unclear

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution finally became aware of the couple’s China contacts. The intelligence agency’s counterintelligence countered the case to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. The investigations for ARD information continue there.

The case exemplifies the strategic approach of Chinese secret services, security circles say. In addition to attacks in the virtual world, they persistently rely on attracting human sources in all areas of public life.

The Dieter W. case is anything but banal. Especially because of its close connection to the BND. The BND did not intervene as to what it could have done to protect its source. The service accepted that part of its operational business could become public as part of the investigation. The case, it is said in security circles, weighs too heavily.


In the middle of civil unrest, Louisville U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a shipment from China that contained over 10,000 Assault Weapons parts being smuggled into the country.

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Hao Runze, the son of Chinese soccer legend Hao Haidong, was followed by spies of CCP in Serbia and almost got kidnapped to CCP-controlled China by them. Thanks to the secret power of the whistleblower movement, Hao Runze was successfully rescued.

The legendary couple, Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying living in Spain, have been threatened and harassed by CCP ever since they publicly supported anti-CCP whistleblower movement and announced the declaration of The New Federal State of China on 4th June 2020. After failing to get them extradited back to CCP-controlled China, CCP started to target their son Hao Runze, who’s been playing professional soccer in Serbia. 

When Hao Runze drove back to Spain from Serbia with his friend a few days after 4th June, he was stopped at the Serbia border by the Serbia border troop. To his surprise they asked him to confirm his father’s name and ordered him to report to the CCP embassy as the CCP ambassador had alleged priorly that Hao Runze’s residency permit was expired and needed to be renewed. Hao Runze quickly realised it was a trap to lure him to the CCP embassy because his residency permit was still valid according to the Spanish immigrant residency policy. Knowing he was in great danger, Hao Runze quickly called his father and Hao haidong contacted Miles Guo immediately.

After realising the severity of the case, Miles Guo instantly contacted his associates in Europe for help. According to them, the Serbia government acted as a puppet controlled by Russia and CCP; ever since Runze’s father Hao Haidong anticipated the declaration of The New Federal State of China, Hao Runze had been tailed by CCP agents in Serbia. The Spanish Intelligence Department was also aware that CCP had been eyeing on the Haos’. Previously CCP contacted the Spanish government several times to get Hao Haidong’s family extradited due to alleged crimes such as money laundering etc. and was refused by the Spanish government as there was no proof the Hao’s family had committed those crimes.

To ensure the rescue was 100% successful, Miles Guo and Steve Bannon organised 3 private jets – one Dassault, one Bombardier and one Hawker – from US to sprint to Spain in full speed to take Hao Runze home out of Serbia. The saving process went smoothly – after 3 hours Hao runze united with his family in Spain.

We can’t imagine what would happen to him if Hao Runze was taken by the CCP. Would he end up being another Jamal Khashoggi? Or would he be captured prisoner for the rest of his life just as many other Communism Pagans? But we do know that CCP would use him as a hostage to threat his father, Hao haidong, after all CCP has been using this dirty tactic all the time against the Chinese people, and the puppets they control.

By: Apple-椰子哦耶

The above content only represents the author’s personal opinion.


From CCP Media:

Tomorrow is the 23rd anniversary of the inauguration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. According to Mr. Shih Wing-ching, Hong Kong should consider 2020 as the year of the second return of Hong Kong to China. In an RTHK interview that aired earlier, he said that the first return of Hong Kong to the motherland cannot be said to be successful. Hong Kong needs a second return to China. He is right. But why was the first return of Hong Kong to China not successful?

The European Parliament on June 19 condemned China’s new national security law for Hong Kong as a “comprehensive assault” on the territory’s freedom and demanded that the EU prepare sanctions. This shows that many members of the European Parliament do not know what the “one country, two systems” principle is all about. Most observers would understand why the US criticized the National People’s Congress Standing Committee proposal to introduce the national security law in Hong Kong. In an interview, Steven Mosher, a founding member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, said that this relaunch of the former Committee on the Present Danger was to replicate what it had achieved with the former Soviet Union. Thus, the US is intent on breaking up China. Moreover, there is concrete evidence that the US government has been funding the protests that have been going on in Hong Kong. So it is not surprising at all that the US Senate quickly passed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act last week in order to bolster the spirit of the secessionists in Hong Kong.

It is unfortunate that many critics of China do not do their homework. If they would do their homework, they would know that many demands of Hong Kong’s protesters since 2013 directly challenge the rule of law, the foundation of the Basic Law, and the foundation of “one country, two systems”.

The secessionists today want Hong Kong to be a separate state. This contravenes the preamble of the Basic Law and the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which recognizes China’s resumption of the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. Does the European Parliament know this?
The secessionists claim that Beijing violated its promise of universal suffrage to elect the Hong Kong chief executive. This is simply untrue. In 2014, the SAR government offered a political reform package that allowed “one man, one vote” for election of the chief executive. It was rejected.

The secessionists claim the political reform package was not genuine democracy because the candidates had to be nominated by the Nominating Committee. But they should know that this requirement is clearly stated in the Basic Law, which became law after years of public consultation. The Basic Law spells out Hong Kong’s rights and obligations and is the foundation of “one country, two systems”.

The protesters want the government to drop all charges against those arrested for various offenses. Would any of the European countries drop charges if protesters were arrested for arson, vandalism, aggravated assault, attempted murder, etc.?

In December, Fitch Ratings said Hong Kong’s economic outlook continued to deteriorate following six months of street protests, and that persistent unrest put the city’s business reputation and environment at risk. Although the outbreak of COVID-19 led to a reprieve, the protesters returned as soon as there were signs the epidemic was under control.

It is sad that so many youngsters were arrested for various crimes related to the protests. As the secretary of education said, this is heartbreaking. But it is no use lamenting the damage that has been done. It is imperative that all stakeholders work together to contain the damage.

If the US can be so anxious about national security and will do so much to protect national security, it should understand China’s need for national security.

While the national security law addresses Hong Kong’s immediate needs, it is time for Hong Kong’s youngsters to learn more about the real China and about “one country, two systems”.

Actually, China’s rule of law is not as bad as it is often portrayed. Let us look at three indicators from the 2020 World Justice Project report: China’s ranking in civil justice, China’s ranking in criminal justice, and China’s ranking in absence of corruption are all at least in the median among 128 countries or territories.
The overall ranking of China’s rule of law index has been bogged down by poor rankings on “Constraints on Government Powers”, “Open Government”, and “Fundamental Rights.”

To Beijing, personal safety and freedom from hunger and poverty are more important than the right to vote. The interpretation of what constitutes fundamental rights is culture-bound.

Many critics don’t realize that constraints on government powers on the mainland exist, and they are working fine. The constraints are self-imposed through a culture of service to people and internal control.

The first return of Hong Kong to China failed because our youngsters had been fed too much disinformation. The second return requires much relearning: not with indoctrination and dogma, but with facts about the Basic Law and about the challenges that China faces. Only with an accurate understanding of China and the Basic Law can there be a successful second return of Hong Kong to the motherland.

Lam: HK will help central govt on counterattacks

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on Tuesday said the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will not flinch from any sanctions by the US and will actively cooperate with the central government on any counterattacks if necessary.

Lam was responding to US sanctions to revoke Hong Kong’s special trade status, announced by the US Department of Commerce.

From now on, Hong Kong would be required to apply for an export license should it wish to buy certain types of civilian-military dual use technologies.

Lam said the impact of the sanctions, though still under evaluation, would be little, as alternatives could be found for these technologies.

Lam said the special administrative region government has been evaluating the impact of sanctions for some time, as some people in Hong Kong have constantly begged for sanctions.

And it doesn’t mean that Hong Kong can’t buy them; the sanctions only make the purchasing more inconvenient, she added.

In fact, Hong Kong has little manufacturing, with most facilities already relocated to the Chinese mainland, where such restrictions are already in place, she added.

She stressed that the US has enjoyed a trade surplus as high as an average of $30 billion every year with Hong Kong, the highest among its trade partners.

Source: China Daily


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