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The CCP virus pandemic allows the countries around the world witnessed three catastrophic damage for human survival and safety on the earth.

First, CCP for its internal politics created and spread of this virus to harm the protestors in Hong Kong, yet it went out of control to spread throughout China. The CCP then deliberately spread the virus globally through its convenient transportation with other countries, trying to cover its evil.

Second, after the pandemic broke out, they suppressed the pandemic truth and misled leaders, media in the world, controlled the WHO and bought out individual medical experts to lie for them. As a result, countries around the world were on the verge of medical, economic, and social collapse.

Third, during the pandemic, CCP exported low-quality masks, fake virus testers, thermometers, and other medical supplies to the world, to “save” life. Since last week, led by the U.S., politicians, and media in Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Belgium have begun to publicly accuse CCP of its “Mask Diplomacy”.

Meanwhile, CCP is still pointing the virus source to the U.S., Italy and other countries. With CCP. No World Peace.


• USNS Comfort reaches NY to relieve hospitals overrun. Isn’t it something that CCP can do  too?

• Many countries complaint about CCP’s poor quality supplies, the CCP Ministry of Foreign Affairs  is busy to shirk responsibilities

• In Wuhan one resident with “red code” will lead to the entire community lockdown. Have the pandemic in Wuhan really been controlled ?



Time: March 30, 2020

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

Please remember: They are almost all the resources mainland Chinese can see because of the firewall.

1. The Netherlands recalled 600,000 masks imported from China, what happened?


Personal view and notes: It’s not the quality issue but different standard. Netherlands should suck it up since they don’t even have face mask and shouldn’t care about the quality. So typical CCP logic. For example, you have nothing to eat, you should eat the shit I give you.

2. After the experience of ER in the UK before, I know how good Chinese doctors are!

After visiting Chinese hospital, I realized the corruption of American medical system.



Personal view and notes: Nowhere else in the world cannot compare with China. Also, CCP is perfect without any defect.

3. The global economic depression is approaching: the United States is shrinking by 14%, the United Kingdom is 4.2%, and the European Union is 22%. Can China survive?


Personal view and notes: Chinese economy is the best in the CCP-Virus pandemic. Everyone should invest CCP.

4. The United States refuses to return 600 tons of gold to China? China won’t stand it and will fight back.


Personal view and notes: US don’t have any credit and will take Chinese assets. CCP never stop to create the conflict between Chinese people and US.

5. Russian Congressman supports China: virus origin is US conspiracy; US need to hand over patient 0


Personal view and notes: Still, US create the CCP-Virus.

6. Huge fires in Liangshan forest, Sichuan

7. Another Hantan Virus case.

Personal view and notes: Everyone should keep an eye on this CCP-Virus Version 2.

8. A passenger train derailment.

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March 30

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Just as the People’s Daily reported the moment of China’s grain harvest. Hubei people snapped up in stores. Rice is out of stock. As the saying goes, one trick was bitten by a snake, and ten years were afraid of a straw rope. Hubei people have lost trust in the CCP after experiencing the epidemic in Wuhan.

March 30, Ezhou City, Hubei Province.

The fact that the People’s Daily providing fake news is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone is in danger and everyone protects himself. The CCP’s incompetence and dereliction of duty led him to go to cruel and greedy purgatory day by day, the demise of which could not be reversed.


When talking about the Federal Government’s help to states amid the Coronavirus pandemic, at the daily press briefing held at the White House Rose Garden on March 29, President Trump said:

They were happy with the job we’re doing, and I’ll tell you what, if you had a different administration, they would not have been happy. These are people that speak their mind, they were happy.

He added, “it’s pretty amazing what we’ve done. Now we’re getting along great with the governors.”

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In a telephone interview with Bruce Aylward, Senior Advisor to Director-General of WHO, Hong Kong channel RTHK asked if WHO would reconsider Taiwan’s membership for its good performance in handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Aylward refuses to answer the question and hung up.

WHO’s reaction raised concerns over the CCP’s influence in international organizations by blocking Taiwan’s participation in global affairs.

Click here to watch the program.

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Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced on Mar 24 the appointment of Andrew Cheung as the next Chief Justice. The current chief Geoffrey Ma will retire in January 2021.

According to sources from the legal sector, Cheung had overseen a number of controversial appeals, including the oath of office saga where elected lawmakers were ousted from the Legislative Council.

Cheung claimed in his ruling that the Basic Law has the highest legal status and can take precedence over the city’s legislature. By adopting directly the interpretation of PRC’s National People’s Congress, Cheung simply rejected the appeals to the cases.

During the 2014 Umbrella Movement, Cheung approved the injunction orders in Mongkok and rejected appeals from citizens. He disagreed with civil disobedience.

Many fear that Cheung’s pro-Beijing stance will make Hong Kong’s court more conservative.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02


In order to force the Chinese people to go back to work to keep the Chinese communist party (CCP) in power, the CCP has been fooling the Chinese and the world by publishing fake numbers about coronavirus infections and death. To make matters worse, the Chinese official guideline has been ignoring the asymptomatic infections who tested positive for coronavirus without counting them in the infection numbers, even though asymptomatic people are shedding virus and infecting others.

Some studies conducted outside of China have shown that as high as 86% of the infected people can have no or very mild symptoms. They are walking around like ticking time bombs. (https://www.newscientist.com/article/2238473-you-could-be-spreading-the-coronavirus-without-realising-youve-got-it/)

Recently, many regions in China have reported cases of asymptomatic infection

On March 29, the Henan Provincial Health and Health Commission notified a new local case. The patient was Wang Moumou of Luohe City, and a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia was confirmed at 20:20 on March 28. He had a history of contact with a person with asymptomatic infection.

According to the investigation, Wang Moumou took a long-distance bus at Luohe Bus Station at about 10:00 on March 21 to Pingdingshan City East Bus Station, accompanied by his classmate Zhang Moumou (Doctor of People’s Hospital of Pi County) to go down to the countryside and dined with Zhang Moumou 3 times.

On the evening of March 13, Zhang Moumou dined at the restaurant with Liu Moumou, Zhou Moumou (the two were also doctors of the Shexian People’s Hospital).

On March 25, Shexian People’s Hospital conducted a physical examination of the front-line medical staff involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic. During the nucleic acid screening, Zhang Moumou and Zhou Moumou were found to be asymptomatic infection. Liu Moumou’s nucleic acid test was single positive, asymptomatic. Now, these three people are undergoing centralized medical observation in isolation.

Coincidentally, Jingmen, Hubei also reported a case of asymptomatic infection on the 29th and announced its activity track. According to the information released by Jingmen, on March 27, 2020, a patient with thyroid disease went to a city hospital (South Hospital) and was admitted to the hospital. On March 28, a nucleic acid test was performed, and the result was a positive test for new coronary pneumonia, and the diagnosis was asymptomatic infection.

In addition, asymptomatic infections have been reported in imported cases recently.

The frequent occurrences of asymptomatic infections added new uncertain factors to the prevention and control work.

Asymptomatic infection’s definition and detection in China

The so-called “asymptomatic infection”, according to the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Program (Sixth Edition)” issued by the Chinese National Health and Health Commission, refers to asthma coronavirus pathogens or serum-specific IgM antibodies and respiratory tract specimens test positive without clinical symptoms.

In simple terms, it means that the infected person has no clinical symptoms such as fever, cough, and sore throat, but the respiratory tract and other specimens are positive for novel coronavirus. Patients carry the virus, but they do not develop the disease, and they do not even know that they are sick, but they can inadvertently spread the virus to others.

According to Liu Youning, the former director of the Institute of Respiratory Diseases of the People’s Liberation Army, those who have been confirmed to be “infected” but asymptomatic can be divided into two types: one is still in the incubation period, and the symptoms will occur after the incubation period; The other type never show symptoms.

Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission, introduced the various ways of identifying asymptomatic infections at a press conference on February 14. There are four main sources:

First, close contacts of novel corona pneumonia cases, some of whom were found during the medical observation period;

Secondly, in the investigation of the aggregated epidemic situation, in the process of carrying out some active tests, asymptomatic infection may be found;

Third, during the follow-up of the source of infection of novel corona pneumonia cases, asymptomatic infection may be found during active detection of exposed people;

The fourth is that when people with novel corona pneumonia cases, travel history and residence history in areas of continuous transmission are actively tested, asymptomatic infection may be found.

China’s mishandling of asymptomatic infections inline with its underreporting strategy

Zeng Yixin mentioned that experts researched and judged that according to the general transmission law of infectious diseases and the current data, asymptomatic infection is positive for nucleic acid test, and it is possible to excrete the pathogen. The probability of infection is deemed to be small according to Chinese experts, but this could be a big mistake made on purpose to under-report infections in China.

At the outbreak prevention and control conference in Hubei Province on March 27, Liu Jiafa, secretary of the party committee of the Hubei Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mentioned that asymptomatic infection may also become a source of infection, with a certain risk of transmission. However, according to the available data, asymptomatic infection may not be the main source of transmission, and asymptomatic infection should be managed in isolation, and the public need not worry too much.

Why aren’t asymptomatic infections considered as confirmed cases in China?

Now that the virus nucleic acid test is positive, is the asymptomatic case a confirmed case?

In the “Monitoring of Pneumonia Cases of New Coronavirus Infection (Third Edition)” released on January 28, “asymptomatic infection” was distinguished from suspected cases, confirmed cases, and mild cases. The test was positive but asymptomatic and was not included in confirmed cases published daily.

On March 7, the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Sixth Edition)” made clear that suspected and confirmed cases should have clinical manifestations. Asymptomatic infection patients have no clinical manifestations and need to be isolated for 14 days and further testing is needed to make a judgment. If an asymptomatic person develops symptoms during quarantine, they are reported as a confirmed case and published.

That is, according to existing standards, asymptomatic infection is not a confirmed case in China.

Experts have also explained this. An epidemiologist and a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission previously stated that the test may have a “false positive” result, so further diagnosis and identification of asymptomatic infection is needed, and it cannot be judged as a confirmed case based on a positive test only.

“Our diagnostic technology is a nucleic acid diagnostic technology, and it cannot be confirmed that it is a live virus. For an asymptomatic test, I don’t think it (positive result) can determine whether it is caused by a live virus, a dead virus, or a fragment of a virus. In this case, this kind of person needs further identification. “

According to Zeng Guang, the diagnosis of a disease cannot be based on only one test, but also combined with other manifestations to make a comprehensive judgment. Asymptomatic infections should not be considered as patients with new coronary pneumonia, but they may also be in the incubation period, and symptoms may appear at a later stage and be converted to confirmed patients, so they need to be isolated.

The Chinese government realizes that it can no longer turn a blind eye on asymptomatic infections

China will scale up screening of asymptomatic patients of COVID-19 and expand testing to close contacts of infected patients in an effort to prevent a possible domestic rebound of the outbreak, according to a decision made at a meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Monday.

The meeting of the leading group of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on coping with the novel coronavirus pneumonia underlined the importance of prioritizing the monitoring, tracking, isolation, and treatment of asymptomatic cases to consolidate the country’s epidemic containment efforts.

Asymptomatic cases, after testing positive, must be placed in isolation and undergo medical observation, the group said, adding that authorities must disseminate public information in a transparent manner and avoid underreporting or delaying reports of confirmed cases.

It is important to determine the source of infection as soon as possible in individual cases and launch isolation and medical observation procedures for close contacts, the group said.

It required accelerated steps to gather a certain percentage of samples from asymptomatic cases in hard-hit areas for research and epidemiological analysis-a prerequisite for improving containment measures.

The meeting also called for the re-examination of patients after they have been discharged, and stronger medical management for recovered patients who once again test positive.

With the contagion now spreading worldwide and the fact that no country is capable of confronting the virus alone, the group highlighted the need for a sober mindset and full recognition of the risks, pressures, and challenges facing countries in epidemic control and prevention efforts.

Authorities must ensure the proper treatment of patients in severe condition, provide isolation and follow-up visits for recovered patients, enhance the monitoring of relevant cases at fever clinics and improve reporting of new outbreaks, said the statement.

The group urged stronger efforts in preventing the importation and exportation of COVID-19 cases, saying that authorities must bolster testing capacity and facilities so that all inbound personnel can receive nucleic acid testing.

China’s diplomatic missions overseas and relevant departments must step up protection, guidance and material support for Chinese citizens to safeguard their health and safety, the group added.


Chengguan (Urban management) killed people on the street; someone fell to the ground in front of the government, and no one came forward to deal with it; CCP publicly declared that asymptomatic people were not contagious; countries all awakened, the United States must thoroughly investigate the source of the CCP virus.


One person died and 127 were injured after a passenger train derailed in Chenzhou, Hunan province, at around 11:40 am on Monday, the Chenzhou government said.

But the Chinese netizens have reported more than one death from the scene.

Authorities are looking into the cause of the accident, it said.

An initial investigation showed that the train derailed after it ran into a landslide caused by days of rainfall, according to the China Railway Guangzhou Group.

The group-part of the China State Railway Group, the country’s top railway operator-said on its Sina Weibo account that the second to sixth carriages of the train, which was headed from Jinan, Shandong province, to Guangzhou, Guangdong province, derailed while a fire broke out in the first carriage. The fire was put out, the group added.

The 127 people who were injured included passengers and railway staff, including four who were seriously hurt. They have all been sent to hospitals, the group said.

The group said in another post that railway authorities have arranged for passengers who were uninjured to take high-speed trains to their destination.

The derailment happened on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, one of the busiest rail routes in the country. Thirty-one trains were delayed and rerouted by 1:30 pm on Monday, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Twenty-eight fire trucks and 147 firefighters were sent to take part in the rescue effort, the Ministry of Emergency Management said.


“When they don’t want the President of the United States to have a voice, you’re not talking about democracy any longer.”  President Trump argued at the daily White House press briefing on March 29.

When talking about the misconduct and misleading news by some media such as CNN and Washington Post, Trump replied,” American Public should be the decider, ultimatlely to get the accurate word out. It’s like if they don’t want to watch, they shouldn’t watch.”

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At the press conference held on March 29 at the White House, the President and medical experts explained the potential fatalities and how they got this number by reviewing 12 different data model, as well as drawing new data model based on real fact.

Dr. Deborah Birx said: “All of the flu models predicted anywhere between 1.6 and 2.2 million fatalities if we didn’t mitigate.

President Trump said the government has been working hard to push the number down,

If we can hold that down as we’re saying, to 100,000, it’s a horrible number. Maybe even less, but to 100,000, so, we have between 100,000 and 200,000, we altogether have done a very good job.

In addition, Trump made an announcement on extending mitigate process to April 30th.

Due to his hard works, wise and prudent decisions, President Trump won the highest approval ratings ever. When asked about his opinion, he expressed his appreciation to everyone and said, “I don’t want high approval ratings for this, I wish we could have our old life back. I see numbers, they don’t matter to me. What matters to me is that we have a victory over this thing as soon as possible”

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• The British media blamed the CCP for the devastation caused by coronaviru and the suppression of the data about its spread.

• Will the epidemic peak again in China in October? 

• Would the Mass Banquet “Thunder God Celebration” on Mar 29  become another super spread after thousands attend Lunar New Year Banquet in Wuhan in Jan 2020? 

• A train derailed in Hunan, it was soon become  a “rumor” that  CCP  must cover up



Time: March 29, 2020

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

Please remember: They are almost all the resources mainland Chinese can see because of the firewall.

1.CCP News: “Suddenly”, a California union finds 39 million N95 face masks in stock. “Unexpectedly”, New York City has thousands of more ventilator. Everything seems premeditated.

Personal views and notes: CCP spread rumors that the US planned this outbreak.

2. CCP News: Many countries restrict food exports due to epidemic. How is China supply? Official response.

Personal views and notes: In this article, CCP tries to tell the world that restriction of food exports from other Countries has little impact on China’s current food market. In other words, everything is fine in China. There is no need to worry.

3. CCP News: Will there be an American version of “National Power to Save One City”? Well-known American bloggers: all states rely on grabbing!

Personal views and notes: CCP tries to tell the world that nothing is as good as Chinese Communist Party.

4. CCP News: Expose the White House’s Coronavirus prevention and control team – is it to fight the epidemic or to please Trump?

Personal views and notes: In this article, it mentioned that Trump, who has always been a show-off, has said more than once, “I have the best team in the world.”However, some media believe that the group has become the Trump administration’s “crisis public relations”, and the CDC co-authored the epidemic prevention manual has become a “political propaganda tool.”

CCP tries to tell to the world that Trump, Pence and everyone in the team are useless.

5. CCP News: Doctor from Wuhan Xiehe Hospital stayed in Italy for three months: After learning from Chinese experience, “Big and good changes every day”.

Personal views and notes: In this article, it mentioned that China and Italy are two major pharmaceutical production bases in the world. The epidemic in Italy is so severe now. If China can guarantee the normal supply of medicines, it will play a key role in fighting the epidemic in countries around the world.

CCP is using Italy to present itself as a global leader in pandemic response.

6. CCP News: The fact that the mainstream US media is reluctant to admit: is China really overtaking the US?

Personal views and notes: In this article, it mentioned that China has overtaken the United States in many areas. China is approaching the best country in the world. Americans cannot ignore it. The current investment in China is the best time in life.

7. CCP News: Exclusive dialogue with the mayor of Germany ’s most devastated district: “Why should I ask China for help?”

Personal views and notes: Again, CCP is trying to present itself as a global leader in pandemic response.

8. CCP News: Coronavirus caused the US military two aircraft carrier “unavailable”, Taiwan media immediately worried: will the mainland take action against Taiwan?

Personal views and notes: It maybe a good time for CCP to retake Taiwan.

Reporter: Longwood


On Wednesday (March 24) the Legislative Council voted on a resolution involving HK$215.8 billion which included a provisional fund for the expansion of the police force.

Despite the objection from 24 pro-democracy lawmakers, the funding was passed with 39 votes from the pro-Beijing camp.

The 4 amendments raised by the pro-democracy camp, including cutting budget expense for the Chief Executive officer and the police were all rejected in separate voting.

LegCo Chairman from the pro-Beijing camp, Andrew Leung, insisted on the continuation of the LegCo deliberation on the government budget, turning a blind eye to pro-democracy lawmakers’ request to suspend discussions unrelated to Coronavirus outbreak.

The government and its supporting legislators concerned that the Administration could be disrupted if the provisional fund is not approved. Democratic Chu Hoi-dick rebutted that such a disaster could only be created by Lam Administration.

Source: Apple Daily

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On March 29, President Trump declared at the daily White House press briefing that he was also looking at an approval for the sterilization of masks.

” in some cases, depending on the mask, some of these masks were very, very strong, very powerful, very strong material. They’re able to sterilize the mask up to 20 times, ” he added.

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HongKong chronicles: Let’s review what had happened in Hong Kong on the 27th in the past 9 months.

27 June, 2019: Protesters encircled Justice Place calling for withdrawal of the Extradition Bill.

27 July, 2019: Citizens initiated a march in Yuen Long in protest of the suspected Police-Triad collusion in the 7.21 Attack.

During the march, police fired numerous tear gas canisters, fuming elderly home and residences in the district.

Contrary to the police inaction toward the 7.21 triad attack, the police rounded up and attacked civilians at Yuen Long West Rail station after the march on 27 July. The police behavior reminds many of the brutal scenes on 21 July.

September 27, 2019: Arrestees who were physically and sexually violated by the police at San Uk Ling Holding Centre gave their testimony in public. Citizens filled Edinburgh Place to root for the victims and protest against police brutality.

27 October, 2019: A rally took place in Tsim Sha Tsui, with an aim to show solidarity with journalists and demand probing police brutality Investigate Police Brutality.

27 November, 2019: Police sieged and attacked the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (#PolyU) for consecutive days. Police called all civilians trapped inside the campus, including students, teaching staff and others, “rioters”.


President Trump highlights several critical developments on both the testing and treatment.

The FDA has authorized a new test developed by Abbott Labs on Friday, that delivers lightening fast results in as little as five minutes, he declared at the at the daily White House press briefing on March 29.

He highly praised what the Army Corps of Engineers did along with FEMA in New York was incredible. They built 2,900 beds worth of hospital, an incredible hospital in the Javits Center, They did it in less than four days. People have never seen anything like that, and it’s an incredible, complex, top of the line hospital.

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