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11/22/2020 Miles Guo: We won’t have the Whistleblowers’ Movement or the New Federal State of China if we don’t have millions of unknown domestic fellow fighters & overseas Chinese being contributing without asking for compensation
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11/26/2020 Yongran defaults on the rules of the game impacting the political “just-cash”, sounding the death knell of the final order of the Red Empire!
11/26/2020 Tom Cotton: The pilgrims & their compact like the founders and their declaration form the true foundation of America
11/23/2020【FR】Les démocrates ont truqué les élections de 2020 en exploitant les machines de vote, les médias, le COVID et les gros entreprises de technologie.
11/24/2020【ES】Jon Voight llama a luchar contra las fuerzas de izquierda que buscan destruir América
11/23/2020【KR】터거: 우리는 얼마나 많은 시간과 경비가 들어가든 상관없이 반드시 2020년 대선의 진실을 밝혀야 합니다, 분명한 것은 민주당이 언론, Covid-19과 빅 테크놀로지를 이용해 이 선거를 조작했다는 것입니다
11/19/2020【PT】A consultora jurídica sênior da campanha do Trump criticou a mídia falsa.
11/23/2020 タッカー・カールソン、「如何なる時間、資金で、2020年大統領の真相究明せねば