[Opinion] Filial Respect, Filial Obedience and Filial Loyalty

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“I believe that a healthy parental relationship is a filial respect, rather than filial obedience or filial loyalty.”

In the live broadcast on March 14, 2021, Mr. Guo Wengui talked a lot about his mom and his philosophy in family relationships, which was very informative and helpful. The most impressive was his interpretation of filial respect, filial obedience, and filial loyalty to our parents.

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Mr. Guo Wengui said that he has always treated his parents with honor and filial respect, but never with filial obedience or filial loyalty.

First of all, “filial piety” does not mean “obedience.” We could listen to our parents, but we shouldn’t follow the order. Our parents’ advice may not be suitable for us, and we should take actions and responsibilities based on our own critical thinking and choice. Therefore, we should not just “obey” for the sake of “filial piety.”   

Secondly, “filial loyalty” is nonsense. Historically, Chinese people have been treating parents with “filial piety” but with no “loyalty.”  We love our parents but would not be “loyal” to them. “Loyalty” is a tool used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to rule, deceive, and control the Chinese people mentally. It is for political purposes. 

The Chinese people are deceived by the following slogans of the CCP for many years: “Be loyal to the country and the Party” and “One people cannot be both loyal and filial piety at the same time.” The meaning is that the people should be “loyal” to the country and “filial piety” to their parents. But when there are conflicts between the two sides, people must give up their filial piety to their parents for the sake of the country. The so-called “sacrificing the individual family for a larger group of people’s interests.” The CCP calls this ridiculous theory “Patriotism,” which totally contradicts the meaning of this word.

Is it true? Citizens are patriotic as long as they comply with the laws and regulations of the country and pay taxes on time. The CCP has brainwashed the Chinese people for 70 years to make them “be loyal” to the country. These historical dregs must be removed from the people’s mindset. We advocate loving our parents and oppose foolish loyalty to the so-called “country” that is controlled by several corrupted families.

Finally, a healthy parental relationship is a filial respect rather than filial obedience or loyalty. We should respect our parents because they gave us lives. We would not be on the planet without them. So, we should feel grateful to them although we could have different views and opinions sometimes.

The above opinions are all based on common parental relationships. Those that are abnormal or even touch the bottom line of the law are not part of our discussion.

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In addition, we should respect our parents and do not interfere in parents’ personal life. Their relationship is a private affair of their own. If we involve, we will cross the line between parents and child.

According to what Mr. Guo Wengui said, as long as we respect our parents, our luck could not be bad; and we could feel our inner peace and more energetic. Everything could go smoothly once we obtain respect for our parents. The whole society will become more harmonious and beautiful when more people show filial respect to their parents.  

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