[Analysis of News Inside The Chinese Walls] The Area Around the Bell and Drum Tower In Beijing Has Officially Launched the Application-Type Lease Withdrawal

Author: RUI WEI
Translator: WEN FU

Image: Shengzhen Contruction Net

[Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 15] (Reporter Zhang Manzi) In 2021, Dongcheng District, Beijing, focusing on the central axis, will promote three application-type lease withdrawal projects in the surrounding courtyards of the Forbidden City, the Sanyanjing area, and the Bell and Drum Tower. Among them, the application-style rent cancellation work around the Bell and Drum Tower was officially launched on March 15. After surrendering the rent, it is said that the old courtyard would gradually restore its original texture and traditional style, recreating the vitality of the courtyard.

The application-type lease withdrawal project around the Bell and Drum Tower was implemented by Beijing Jingcheng Group Andingmen Housing Management Co., Ltd., following the principle of “residents’ voluntariness, equal consultation, fairness and openness, and moderate improvement”, all residents within the scope of implementation can apply for rent withdrawal upon completion of relevant procedures. Application-type lease withdrawal will take the form of monetary compensation, the amount of compensation for the rent-cancellated house will be determined based on the total market value of the house minus the replacement price of the house. Eligible residents can apply for co-ownership housing or public rental housing. In response to the application-type lease withdrawal work around the Bell and Drum Tower, eligible residents can also apply for two shared-property housing projects in the Beijing Daxing Tuanhe District Shouchuang Meilan Bay Project and the Dougezhuang Project in Dougezhuang area, Chaoyang District.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, in order to promote the organic integration of the improvement of the residents’ quality of life and the protection of the old city, in-depth implementation of Beijing’s new urban master plan, capital core district control regulations, and central axis’s requirements for cultural heritage applications, in accordance with the spirit of the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Relevant Work on Application for Lease Cancellation, Restorative Construction, and Operation and Management on Bungalows and directly managed public houses in the Historical and Cultural Streets of the Core Area”, Dongcheng District, Beijing officially launched the application-type lease cancellation work around the Bell and Drum Tower, focusing on the relative works on the directly-manage public housing’s application-style rent cancellation, protective repairs, restorative construction, and comprehensive environmental improvement.


Cai Qi, confidant of Xi Jinping’s and then Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, has been cleaning up the “low-end population”. On November 18, 2017, due to poor government management, a serious fire broke out in a group rented house in Daxing District, Beijing, killing 19 people. The tragic experience of the outsiders not only failed to arouse the government’s sympathy, but provided a pretext for the government to expel them in large numbers. One netizen said: “The scene of cleaning up the rented house was like in the movie “Schindler’s List”. The SS cleans up the Jewish quarter, and only lacked the big wolf dogs.” Today, the CCP has extended its magic claws to the people in Beijing who have always been living under the imperial city. Although their attitude is slightly milder than that toward outsiders, the result is the same. People have no right to object or make question, cooperation is their only choice, otherwise, it will bring them very serious consequences. The “low-end population” and “hierarchical system” have been becoming more and more intensified in the CCP regime. CCP is stepping backward,pulling our homeland into the abyss. If we Chinese are still not sober and continue to choose to stand on the “funeral car” of the CCP, Hell could only be our only place to go!

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