“2021 Hong Kong Charter” Calls for Unity Against CCP

  • Author: 蚂蚁兄弟
  • Proofreader: 阿伯塔
  • Translator: 里奇

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According to reports from the Epoch Times and other media, the eight core figures of the “anti-extradition” movement, who have left Hong Kong, initiate the “2021 Hong Kong Charter”, hoping to unite the overseas Hong Kong people and gather strength of the “international front”.  They called on the international community to fight the CCP’s authoritarian expansion and jointly protect the value of democracy and freedom.

In June 2019, the anti-extradition protest movement broke out in Hong Kong. People have gone through a long fighting road, seeking five major demands from the CCP government: to withdraw the fugitive offenders ordinance, withdraw the characterization of the 612 riots, thoroughly investigate the Yuen Long violence incident by the black police, and refrain from prosecuting the protesters during the anti-extradition, and implement universal suffrage for the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council. The “five demands” street protests lasted for more than half a year, until the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party’s Coronavirus. This is such a coincidence! Despite this, the Hong Kong people’s struggle has not stopped.

Zhang Kunyang, one of the founders of the Charter, explained: The Hong Kong Charter is composed of four parts:

  • The first part is the belief of overseas Hong Kong people: overseas Hong Kong people must be united to fully carry forward the spirit of mutual assistance and keep the movement enduring;
  • The second part is the “Hong Kong Chapter” which emphasizes the unique identity, cultural identity and values ​​of Hong Kong people. In Zhang Kunyang’s interpretation: “Hong Kong people decide Hong Kong’s internal affairs by themselves. We do not accept that the CCP is trying to interfere the internal affairs of Hong Kong. We also urge the CCP to abolish the fake election system. In addition, we call on the CCP to abolish the National Security Law and release all political prisoners. This is our ultimate request.”
  • The “China Chapter” of the third part requires the Chinese government to end the one-party dictatorship, stop the “genocide” in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, stop threats to Taiwan, and respect the right of Taiwanese to self-determination.
  • In the fourth part of the “International Chapter”, international advocacy work is promoted with cross-party beliefs, so that more countries in the free world can participate.

Apart from the implementation of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, there has also been the reform of the election system imposed by the CCP. And now the CCP is carrying out a second merger of Hong Kong, which is the process of Hong Kong’s recolonization and incorporating it into China’s internal political and cultural structure. Hong Kong has become a small island of the Chinese Communist Party, and democracy has disappeared.

This is also a problem that many countries in Asia are facing. The CCP’s arrogant engulfing of Hong Kong has become a reality, and there is no room for Hong Kong to speak out. In fact, no matter where you live in the world, it seems that there is a democratic society at present, but it is already in danger.

The CCP’s devil has spread to all corners of the world, and the era of open-hearted freedom of speech no longer exists. If the evil regime of the CCP is not eradicated, our lives will always be threatened, and definitely life will be much harder for our future generations. Our generation, as the oppressed,  has a greater responsibility and we must take the challenge to fight and take down the CCP for a meaningful life rather than survival under the CCP’s evil rule.

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