Weibo post: coronavirus patient being “murdered” in the hospital

“Bomanar”, a girl applying for graduate study, came down with novel coronavirus infection. She posted on Weibo saying that the hospital wanted to speed up her death by cutting off her oxygen after the “hospital” found that she was still alive. She wrote a will to bid farewell to her loved ones. She accused the hospital of neglecting her by not giving her proper medical treatment, decent food, or water.

In her will, she wrote: “I know there must be many dead patients like me here. We trusted our government but only to end up like this.”

I did not die yesterday, but the hospital cut off my oxygen when they found out that I was still alive. There is no oxygen (in my oxygen mask). I am fighting for my life but only to find my oxygen being cut off. I told them that I wanted to get infusion to boost my immune system. I’ve never imagined that I could be struggling so hard. I thought I could get better with a strong will, but they (the hospital) coordinated to murder me! I will die without closing my eyes! My parents…

The police went to my home accusing me of posting negative content on Tiktok. I am in the hospital in quarantine, and every word I said (in a TikTok video) was true. I really don’t know what could be wrong with the things I said.

(A WeChat message says: Please get back to me. The police came to ask you to delete your Weibo post and TikTok video due to negative impacts. They also said that you would be arrested if you were home.)

To my surprise, I got complications now. Lying in bed, I cannot get up. There is no infusion for nutrition. This is my will. I apologize to my parents! I am sorry.

Jan 31, 2020

I am quite sure that I will die after today, because I cannot breathe or move my body. The Number Three Hospital did not give me any injections let alone nutrition. I went into quarantine on my own without knowing that I would end up in a living hell. I was only given Oseltamivir twice a day in quarantine without infusion. The food is too bad to boost my immune system. I did not expect to die so quickly.

I thought I would be saved when I was transferred to People’s Hospital yesterday morning, without knowing that I would meet my fate. I collapsed suddenly onto the bed. I was strengthless and could not move my body. I know I will die soon, but the hospital has been neglecting me. I am motionless and dying. I cannot get up, but the hospital does not pour water for me. Instead, the hospital gave me a kettle, but I am too weak to get water by myself. I really did not expect to lose my life this time. I am too young to die. I cannot accept it.

My parents and my uncle naively think that I will be saved. (They told me that I) should respect the hospital’s arrangement. I am dying, but there is no doctor. I am abandoned.

I feel sorry for my parents. I am sorry. I hope you will live a happy life. I hope my younger brother will be a good student. I have too much to say. I know there must be many dead patients like me here. We trusted our government but only to end up like this.

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