The Farm: Disinformation Warfare, Global Pandemic


As a reminder — the outbreak of 2019-nCov is a direct result of political infighting between elites at the top levels of government in the CCP. This disease was released by Wang Qishan in an attempt to weaken the perception of Xi Jinping with the international community. We are witnessing the weaponization of disease and information in a battle to irreversibly damage President Xi Jinping’s reputation as the leader of China. This outbreak has already caused the rapid de-coupling of many countries from China — and will continue to do so until the outbreak is contained.

Now, the plans for attack are being led by disinformation warfare published by Bloomberg News. As a result of worsening conditions in Wuhan and other cities in mainland China, President Xi has no choice but to personally step in to contain the spread of the virus. Bloomberg News has published a hit-piece to prepare the world (who have been deceived) for the ousting of Xi Jinping — claiming he has “has lots at stake” over the outbreak. This level of infiltration indeed constitutes a vast threat — and as the virus continues to spread, purposeful propaganda and disinformation will be put into effect at critical moments to sway public opinion.

Recall that in 2012, Bloomberg News was entirely locked out of doing business in China for investigating Xi’s family wealthreputed to be in the billions. It has since returned to the market in China — with severe censorship restrictions on content, and a special “204” code to block certain news items from appearing in the Chinese market at all. The CCP has since gained control over the censorship of news and information being created and released in both markets on this news outlet.

What we understand from Miles Guo is that Wang Qishan has complete control over all information being disseminated through the Bloomberg family of news outlets. It is one of his mouthpieces to the world — and Wang Qishan is personally urging Former Mayor Bloomberg to run for president while simultaneously unleashing a politicized coronavirus against his enemies at home.

The truth is that the perpetual underestimation of 2019-nCov by global institutions like the WHO and the systemic failure of all CCP-denominated government organs to contain its spread are not paired by chance. These are symptoms of Wang Qishan’s grip on different media institutions and organizations — and puts on display for all to see the flawed system that produced and enabled his rise to power in the first place.

Regardless of whether or not the report from India is true — with respect to whether or not there are HIV proteins in the virus — we can be sure that the chain of command (including Wang Qishan, who is ultimately responsible for this outbreak) in the Chinese Communist Party is covering up the extent of the disease.

To illustrate and summarize — while we can’t easily validate if Ezra Cheung is real or not (after all, they appear to work part-time at CNN), but if this is indeed true, it is quite troubling:

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