Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 18th, 2021

Translator: Christine(Melbourne Athena Farm)
Proofreader:Maoben(Melbourne Athena Farm)

Virtual currencies have become the focus of the world. Now
Europe and the U.S. are preparing to investigate China’s Huobi,
which is said to be primarily suspected of money laundering.
Huobi is also a rival to compete with us for Japanese
cryptocurrency trading platforms. The background of Huobi is
rumored to be the work of China’s Ministry of Intelligence, the
main purpose of which is to collect the money escaped by the
Chinese people. The Communist Party wants to turn Huobi into a
shadow of the national sovereign virtual currency, focusing on
Singapore, Japan, India, the Middle East, and Europe. He made his
fortune in the name of helping the Communists gather
intelligence. Nine-fingered Demon and I were initially on the
global risk control list, but now Nine-fingered Demon is not, which means she has become an insider. The global risk control list
doesn’t put in the Huobi people, is to let you run out of the
country into his pocket, he can still control you.

We were preparing to acquire in Japan, and Huobi came at us, offering more than double the price, only the Communists have such great hatred for us. Domestic fellow fighters bought Huobi, which has historically cut leeks many times and cannot be traced to its source, and cannot be traded with the civilized world’s legitimate exchanges, but still tens of billions of dollars going into Huobi. Huobi is money laundering, tax evasion, and an overseas shadow currency agency of the Communist Party. All of its information and data are regulated by the Communist Party’s military and state security departments, and it serves the Communist Party’s overseas fox hunting operations. Many people who escaped from China with no place to go for their money bought Huobi and equated it to a pair of digital shackles for themselves. What the devil allows you to do must be a trap, and it is part of the Pandora’s Box scheme.

Regarding the increase of lending and additional chair investment by the fellow fighters, Korean farms are not allowed to receive one more penny from the fellow fighters; otherwise, they will bear the consequences. The three principles of each farm are as follows: First, domestic fellow fighters to each farm remittances, to confirm first in the Alliance Committee or I here, any farm eat exchange rate difference, immediately cancel the farm qualifications. Secondly, any money given to you by your fellow fighters must be signed by both the farmer and the second in command of the farm to type a receipt with the amount, exchange rate, and purpose. Third, all farms must not leave more than $500,000 on the books, and more than $500,000 overnight must be reported to the Alliance Committee immediately. The Alliance committee must have two 24-hour contacts, one to confirm payment information and reporting, and the other to update the reconciliation daily.

The remittance deadline for the original VOG, Phoenix Farm lending program, Canada, Italy frozen program, and the old chair additional investment to enjoy the value-added part is April 15. Before that, it is possible to consider the G-coin quota; after that, it is one share for one dollar, no G-coin quota.

In less than a week, Nine-fingers Demon will be headed for a life of disaster. All the money of the original VOG and Phoenix Farm Nine-fingers Demon can not move a single penny, will be under the supervision of the U.S. SEC and us, through the same closing report to return the money to the fellow fighters. Within a week, the U.S. government will release the money, and you have two choices: keep investing or take it away, and I strongly suggest you think twice before taking it away. Not a penny less, people who can not find the money in the United States will have a way to deal with it. If the U.S. government can not deal with it, I will deal with it. As for the money that the nine-fingered demon squandered on the fellow fighters doing volunteer work, she will bear the criminal offense, and I will be responsible for paying the money back. Life would be so happy to meet a scammer like me! Fellow fighters who do not reconcile their accounts do not enjoy these benefits, and debts need to be transferred to the Himalayan Alliance Committee or choose to be refunded. If you do not transfer to the Alliance or if we do not receive the remittance by the due date, your investment in GTV Shares will be automatically canceled.

I have been through everything and have suffered too many trials and punishments to believe in the extermination of the Communist Party as the only righteous path and the significance of righteousness to faith, family, the rule of law, and respect. I cannot accept any betrayal, deceitfulness to the family, playfulness, or hatred between husband and wife. But everyone is free, and even if the New Federal State of China has sovereignty, it is still bound by law, and we will not criticize any of our fellow fighters on any moral grounds. First, no moral judgment; put personal morality together with the ability and contribution to destroying the Communist Party. The Communist Party is to attack everyone with morality. Second, it is not our responsibility to save people, much less to save and feed you for life. The Rule of Law Foundation can only help for a moment; it is impossible to help you for life. The Rule of Law Foundation is to extinguish the communist funds.

Before I was ready to start working in 2013, I went to hospitals in Hong Kong and the U.K., trying to abstain from self-inflicted Penis. After the doctor told me the consequences seriously, I decided not to do it. To be successful, you have to inflict Penis first, which is pretty crazy when you think about it today. We are humans, not animals, and we have to restrain. This is the most important thing in Buddhism. We are highly intelligent, wise, binding animals, masters of the earth, and must have to get and give. Especially in human society where there is a family, you have to take responsibility. You have to sacrifice and give; otherwise, you cannot be a part of the family. If you hate someone or want to harm someone, the first fad is to deliver him to the Communist Party; the second fad is to deliver him to a nursing home; the third fad is to get him vaccinated. The public prosecutors are a bunch of cowards who are afraid of death, arresting one and pissing the other, but they all let their wives get vaccinated. The CCP virus is horrible.

Recently CNN TV said that the Communists virus was initially a leak. Due to the Whistleblower’s Movement of Guo Wenjui, Yan Limeng, Lude early exposure that it is a biological weapon to scare them, leading to desperate Communist Party and provoked in the United States, the Western people on Asian people’s racial conflicts. To me, it’s a good thing. If the virus is actual, only evidence can prove it. Last year I said that the Communist Party wanted to shift the blame onto the Whistleblower’s Movement, Guo Wengui. Let them propagate as much as what they want. In the end, it will be known that we are the first to separate the Communist Party from the Chinese people, who are the victims of the Communist Party more than anyone else. We must allow Hong Kong people to enjoy their legitimate wealth in the West and speak out in front of the world. Fellow fighters always remember that you are with the Whistleblower’s Movement, New Federal State of China, not with anyone, including me; your faith is to destroy the Communist Party.

The nine-fingered demon is punished by law in the West for using the law to deceive people and defying the law to create false testimony. She is two models of a legal speculator and a spiritual speculator. After the nine-finger demon event, the number of fellow fighters and fellow fighters’ quality to invest in the G series is surging. This is the best answer God has given us. First, no liar in the world will have a second choice when you take your money out of your wallet; second, no liar in the world will tell you the way he lives, the version of all life, our GTV is right in front of your eyes, data, platform, attention, everything cannot be changed. Thirdly, you have a choice in any case. g-coin and G-Dollar are the best in the world in terms of crypto technology. The day before yesterday was a momentous day at three o’clock in the afternoon, G-coin and GDollar were successfully online for the first time officially. They were officially recognized by all financial markets in the world. They entered the world’s virtual currency network, the only virtual currency in the world with gold as a reserve and the only one with a dual currency of stable and floating coins. I believe in philosophy all my life; no matter what I say, in the end, I will see if I deliver.

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