Taiwan’s Defense Ministry: Chinese Communist Party Is Increasing Its Ability To Attack and Blockade Taiwan

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A March 20 Deutsche Welle report quoted Taiwan’s Defense Ministry as saying that CCP is increasing its ability to attack and blockade Taiwan, deploying long-range missiles to prevent foreign forces from helping in the event of a cross-strait war, and using psychological warfare to undermine Taiwanese confidence in their own military power.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense’s “Quadrennial General Defense Review,” obtained by a Reuters reporter, says the CCP is deploying “gray zone” tactics to subjugate Taiwan, that is, attempting to intimidate Taiwan through repeated exercises and activities near its airspace and waters.

The report says CCP continues to modernize its military and improve its ability to fight against Taiwan.

The CCP claims sovereignty over Taiwan, which has an established democracy, and in recent months has stepped up its military activities in its neighborhood and expressed dissatisfaction with U.S. support for Taiwan.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has said that the Republic of China on Taiwan is an independent country and that she will defend Taiwan’s democracy and sovereignty.

Reports from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense indicate that the CCP is constructing models of key facilities in Taiwan to be used for attack training. Meanwhile, CCP troops conducted landing exercises to simulate an invasion of Taiwan.

The report said the CCP has the ability to partially shut down key ports and sea routes in Taiwan, cutting off sea transportation to Taiwan, and that its deployment of long-range missiles is intended to deter foreign troops from assisting Taiwan.

According to the report, the CCP is also spreading “fake news” in Taiwan in an attempt to undermine Taiwanese confidence in the country.

However, Taiwan’s military power is still far inferior to that of the Communist China. CCP is adding stealth jets, aircraft carriers and other advanced equipment.

The U.S. Biden administration has expressed its commitment to securing Taiwan. After Biden took office, the CCP stepped up its military activities around Taiwan.

Source: Radio Free Asia

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