The CCP’s 6G Technology Has Already Lost On the Starting Line

Author: Emeiqueshe
Translator: Xiaobuding
Proofreader: Dandan

A few days ago, in the 《14th Five-Year National Informatization Plan》formulated by the Chinese Communist Party, a forward-looking layout of 6G network technology reserves was planned. Yang Zhen, the former president of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said in an exclusive interview with the People’s Post and Telecommunications newspaper that it is necessary to speed up the development of satellite Internet and realize LEO’s global coverage of satellite Internet networking during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period to seize frequency and orbit resources.

China News Service via Getty Images

Last year, the CCP media said that to date the satellites in the world are less than 2000. The Starlink project looks very ambitious, “but it is a bit too difficult to achieve.” The final plan created by Musk is to launch 12,000 LEOs. The “Starlink Project” has already launched 1,145 satellites until February of this year.

Communication expert Xiang Ligang said that it is unlikely to bypass 5G and go directly to 6G. Network communication technology is gradually accumulated. “It is a difficult problem to skip the development of other industries linked with 5G.” But the technology in the United States is indeed beyond the imagination of experts. SpaceX announced the implementation of a public beta program on February 4, and the number of participants has exceeded 10,000. The document to the Federal Communications Commission pointed out that Starlink’s network speed reached or exceeded 100/20Mbps, and the delay speed of most users was “just or less than 31ms”. Some users are in the countryside and the download speed is as high as 174Mbps, which exceeds expectations.

These “too difficult” and “impossible” technologies are indeed too difficult for CCP experts. As for the 5G technology stolen by the CCP, Li Yi, the former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: “It will take 6 to 7 years for the 5G network to achieve national coverage. The question of whether the 5G network can be popularized in 2020 is no longer necessary.”

The CCP has no “independent thinking, free spirit”, and advocates a high degree of consistency with its superiors. The development of science and technology depends to a large extent on a fully democratic and free social environment, and technology stolen through fraud can never achieve leapfrog development.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s personal opinion and has nothing to do with the GNEWS platform.


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