Wuhan coronavirus: government’s cover-up by silencing doctors

The Chinese government has been covering up the spread of the novel coronavirus by silencing doctors.

Eight Wuhan doctors, who discussed the alarming spread of the novel coronavirus in December, were arrested for “spreading rumors” around Jan 1. But the Chinese government never apologizes to them. The doctors are back to work risking their lives to help their patients. One of the eight doctors is now under treatment after getting infected by the same virus.

The host of this YouTube video has lived in China for many years. He is originally from South Africa.

Now the severity of the epidemic is still “highly confidential” information within all hospitals in China. The Chinese people are not allowed to know the truth.

Li Wenliang, one of the eight doctors charged by the police around January 1 for “spreading rumors”, was working on the frontline to help his patients fighting the Wuhan coronavirus. But now he is fighting for his own life after getting infected by the virus. He said that he would go back to work as soon as he gets better.

Chinese newspaper’s report on Jan 31 to restore Li Wenliang’s reputation after he was charged for spreading rumors in a chat group with former medical school classmates

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