Be aware of Chinese Vaccine Ambitions – Part 1

At present, the four COVID-19 vaccines being approved for use globally are mainly manufactured by the United States, Britain, Russia and China. From the early stage of research and development of vaccines, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has already developed a set of strategies to compete with the western developed countries such as the United States and the UK. Given the origin of the COVID-19 and CCP’s notorious behaviours on intellectual theft, the CCP is well-positioned to take the lead in the vaccine development campaign against other countries.

Under the normal circumstances it normally takes seven to eight years to launch a new vaccine, however this time the United States, Britain and China have launched the vaccine in approximate one year, Russia in less than one year, the speed is comparable to the speed of the Great Leap Forward in 1958 of China ruled the CCP. Evaluating the quality of one vaccine is mainly based on a number of factors such as safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

The CCP is aware that only its own people are mandatory for vaccination, most countries in the world, especially democratic ones, are rolling out vaccination on a voluntary basis. Given the fast arrival of the first coronavirus vaccine in less than a year since the outbreak, vaccine fears are developing among the communities.  In order for the CCP to promote its vaccine to other countries, the first batch of inactivated vaccines adopts the principle of “safety first and effectiveness second” to gain a competitive advantage against Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines developed out of the United States and Britain to expand the influence of the CCP by leveraging on vaccine oriented economy and politics.

In particular, in the Foreign Minister’s Press Conference on March 7, Wang Yi announced the launch of the International Travel Health Certificate Scheme that is  connected  with the CCP big data search, as a stepping stone to achieve its strategic ambition of world dominance

CCP has set out a two-step strategy with the first step using inactivated vaccines against Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines followed by Viral Vector Vaccine developed by Chen Wei’s team to enhance its effectiveness and ultimately world vaccine market.

**To be continued in Part 2**

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