[March 15, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[March 15, 2021] Video translation

Hello, dear fellow fighters, have you worked out yet? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? Hello, brothers and sisters.

Today is March 15, brothers and sisters. Time flies so quickly. It’s already March 15. Do you remember what I said in January? On January 6, January 7, and January 10, I mentioned that some important events were unfolding. At that time, I couldn’t tell you what happened because I had to keep it a secret. 

Do you recall in early January, the US government announced that the Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Dawn Knight Craft, was going to visit Taiwan? A US Cabinet member was going to visit Taiwan, which few people were able to decipher thoroughly. Although I received the information, I could not tell you in advance. But now, several US newspapers and political sites have reported it, including CNN and Politico. Some people were already aware of what happened. Also, the Breitbart has reported the story. So today, I would like to tell you some of the story from behind the scenes.

Also, please don’t forget what I told you around January 20. It was on January 16 that I had a dream. When I contacted Pompeo, he was not ready to transfer power or to leave the State Department. Do you know why? Let me tell you. On January 13, the US and China almost went to war. The C40B aircraft that Kelly Craft was on had already taken off and departed for Taiwan that day. The Japanese military bases were fully prepared. All relevant sea routes, air routes, escort, and security measures for US diplomats traveling were activated.

The US fleet in Japan and the South China Sea, and the US aircraft carriers were ready to visit Taiwan. These were the US military aircraft to conduct the escort mission. All the nearby aircraft carriers had to be in position. This is routine procedure. It is like me when I go home. The perimeter security, the middle circle security, the inner circle security, and inside security must be notified and be made ready. You may not notice anything special, but all the security bodyguards are ready. In addition, there are also some bodyguards in plain clothes.

All their military operations are conducted in this same pattern. In Asia and throughout Europe the air forces were standing by. The military was also standing. It was a major military, paramilitary, and international operation. 

Then the CCP called and informed the US directly, without allowing for any discussion. They clearly gave the US instructions from their Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping (Nutty Xi): if US military aircraft approached Taiwan, CCP aircraft would too. If the US aircraft carrier docked in Taiwan, theirs would too; if either the US or Taiwanese opened fire, the PLA would immediately counterattack. Do you know what the Americans replied? The US was not backing down. They said, “Fine, then let’s do it.”

Secretary Pompeo and President Trump wanted this. What should be done? It turned out that Taiwan was terrified. Taiwan begged, “Please, USA and God Xi, please stop fighting. Can’t you see how scared I am? Taiwan can’t afford a war, I beg you not to come.” That was it. Taiwan was begging both sides, “Please don’t fight or come. Taiwan won’t be anyone’s little brother. If you insist on coming, then I have to drill underground fortifications and hide.” In this situation, the US realized that the CCP was fully prepared for war. The US military finally reported to President Trump and the State Department. If the US military went to Taiwan, a hundred percent, there would be a war. Who called it off in the last minute? It was President Trump. Pompeo was ready for a battle.

No one will take responsibility for what I have said. You may think that what I am telling you was all in my dreams. It is up to you to believe it or not.  Just two days before January 20 – hearsay news or just a dream I had? Pompeo was still confident that he didn’t need to transfer his power and leave the State Department. Finally, President Trump wrote a passionate long letter to Biden, in which he decided to stop the fight for the presidency. He wrote “Joe, you know I won. I am the winner,”. Maybe someday, this letter will be released. It was President Trump who took the initiative to transfer his power to Biden. If he had signed the order related to Taiwan, the CCP would have been finished now.

I will tell you about another key issue that you may not know. After the Taiwan incident, the issue that set off the furor in the US was the virus report. The focus of conflict between the Trump and Biden administrations was the virus report. Most people thought that the virus was not released by the CCP. Rather it was an unintentional leak from the Wuhan lab. That’s what happened when the WHO went to Wuhan to supposedly investigate and then announce their conclusion that it was unintentional, or a lab accident. At that point, the CCP was already going to admit that it was not natural occurring. Do you see the whole development? Since the natural origin theory was not believed around the world, the CCP was going to admit that the virus was a natural leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) or caused by a personal error. But the WHO bastards came to China, ate and drank, and then privately suggested that the CCP should not admit that it was a leak. They advised that there was no need to admit it at all. Finally, the CCP’s bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) were overwhelmed. It is said that some PLA generals and Yang Jiechi (concubine Yang) and Wang Yi (eunuch Wang) all agreed that they should not admit that it was a leak. Instead they should deny that they had anything to do with creating the virus. Just like those bandits who bully our compatriots, just like the “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG).” You are on the verge of being destroyed but still pretend to be tough. Do you think that this makes you really tough? You are pretending, but you are actually biting a shit stick. How does that feel?

The CCP put on a theatrical performance, initially saying the virus was from an unnatural source. Later, they said it was an unintentional lab leak or a personal error. In the end, they claimed that the virus had nothing to do with them. Which now has made the US furious. “Snap”. The situation was turned back around at once. The overwhelming majority of people who used to support the idea that it was a lab error or a leak, are now backing the theory that it is a biochemical virus that you, the CCP, created on purpose. Moreover, you have been doing this for a long time. Bingo, we won. So, under any circumstances, brothers and sisters, don’t get carried away. Do not get disappointed or allow yourselves to become pessimistic.

Do you feel terrible? It gets even better. The contents of the white paper about the virus, which is being compiled, are becoming more and more frightening. Many countries’ governments have been scared. By the way, historically, when two armies are about to fight, whether in Europe or China, before the fight, the generals of both armies would usually send a representative forward to shout to the enemy: hey, get ready for battle! They would then turn around and go back to their own side, waiting for the combat order to fight. That’s what the Alaska talks between the US and the CCP are all about today. Alaska, I have been there many times.

Do you know? My company used to own a few planes, and in those days none of the private planes could fly directly to the US. It was a big challenge to take off from Beijing or Hong Kong and fly to the US. At that time my private planes were made by Bombardier – a Gulfstream 6000, a Gulfstream 550, and a Gulfstream 650. The later model was the Gulfstream 7000, which could fly directly from New York to Beijing or New York to Hong Kong. Then Bombardier produced the newer models of Gulfstream 7500 and Gulfstream 8000, which could also fly directly to Hong Kong and Beijing. 

All the private planes have only two routes to pick: via Alaska or via Los Angeles. Whenever I arrived in Alaska it was always in the middle night. Alaska airport is wonderful at night. It is a big intercontinental transit base. Passenger planes, cargo planes, come there and clear customs. Every time I arrive there, I usually go to the bathroom and a break in the VIP lounge. There are very few people there in the middle of the night, so I usually sit in the VIP lounge for a while, stretch my back and legs, and then eat some prepared fruit. Basically, all the crew members are there to prepare the fruit. If your flight has been over 13 hours ……

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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