[March 16, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (5th)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Mike Li & YY)

 Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) (Liberte)

Getter Video link:[March 16, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (5th)

[March 16, 2021] Video translation

OMG. After posting the Getter, I’m off to a video conference. I was just approached by all the lawyers from G-Clubs for an emergency meeting. Brothers and sisters, the lawyers, gave me a warning: “If you do this again, we won’t play with you anymore.” I don’t have a single share in the G-Clubs company. I don’t get to decide. You know what? Including G-TV, brothers, and sisters, I don’t have the right to decide. Your brother 7 is a host, right? I am a designer, a host. Let’s not scare people away from working with us, brothers and sisters. The lawyer said most of our fellow fighters did not fill out the paperwork properly as formally required. The lawyers said: “We’re not taking you on as a client.” Let’s be professional, shall we?  Right, brothers and sisters? Please!

It was a heated meeting just now. After I posted that Getter, those lawyers kept reminding me – I have this temper, I guess, and when they remind me, I lost my temper, as if I had been humiliated. The lawyer told me: “Miles, I’m telling you, as a lawyer, we don’t welcome clients like that. If you behave like that, we won’t work with you. You don’t have decision-making power, you are not a shareholder, you are not a board member.” You keep saying – we all have to – we can’t help it – we all have to follow the rules, we have to respect the West’s laws. Right? Brothers and sisters.

You see, including the rebuilding of G-TV, those lawyers are working 24/7, and I am incurring a lot of legal fees. They are trying to do everything they can to help us, especially to help the people who are being cheated by VOG and that group of people in Phoenix, the “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” – and those bastards are so bad. They are trying to push our fellow fighters out, and we are trying hard to push them (our fellow fighters) in, just like taking the trains in India, and we don’t want to leave any of our fellows behind. But it’s not easy, brothers and sisters. I hope you will all follow the rules, please. Do not think it is a trivial matter, these lawyers are afraid to take responsibility, so we all need to make sure to follow the rules. When we get through this, when we’ve destroyed the CCP and Brother 7 is in charge, I don’t care about this crap. Right? But for now, please, guys. We have to play by the rules.

Secondly, brothers and sisters, make sure you keep in touch with the Himalaya farms and keep your information up to date. Our Himalaya farms have done a terrible job of keeping information up-to-date. A lot of distributed information is totally inaccurate. Because of this it is difficult to get an accurate message out. So, we are now asking Himalaya farms to set up their own WhatsApp groups as much as possible. All prospective and approved Himalaya farms, please add me to your WhatsApp groups. I would like to be added to your groups. The Alliance Committee must do their best to add all WhatsApp groups together. Group them into a few big groups, so that the Alliance Committee’s messages can be updated 24/7. ASAP. Don’t make people dislike you everywhere you go. We pay them to help us not to be annoyed by us. For what? Brothers and sisters. We have to walk over this mountain to reach the flat grassland, and across this sea to reach our holy land, the Himalayas. Until then, we have to be patient. It’s a strategic necessity.

Brothers and sisters, I can’t help it. Brother 7 is now being framed by the CCP – I don’t have a penny, a share, nor a dime. I heard this afternoon that the New York Southern District Court has ruled that “the ship (GTV) must go back to the United States.” I don’t own the ship. What can I do? I don’t have a say. And then the Court said, “If the boat doesn’t go back to the United States, you will be fined half a million dollars a day.” I don’t own the boat, do I? I can’t do anything about it, I am so poor …… that I can’t even raise five hundred dollars, let alone half a million. I’m not even as rich as Guo Baosheng right now, am I? But, sooner or later, I will be rich. Well, there will be big money, we’ll see. But I need my brothers and sisters to be rich first, and when you’re rich, I’ll knock on your door and say, “Oh, give me some money. Let me enjoy the 1.77% portion, okay?”

“Uncle Guo, funny.” Hahaha. OMG. Every day guys – I really want to show you what kind of life I have. I am enjoying this. Once I stop, I don’t feel well, you know? I’ve lived my life with challenges since I was a kid, and it’s no fun if there are no challenges. Right?

I see the CCP’s madness, their fakery, their threats, using lawyers … You don’t even know how much they dare to falsify. They have gone so far as to privately collude with law firms in a series of falsifications. Invert black and white, and more to come. So, all of these things make me happy because I will find the ultimate “swamp” and the “big fish” in this process. Eventually, the US will open up another battleground with the CCP through me. The US legal system – judges, law firms, prosecutors, US regulatory agencies and the government – how many have been infiltrated by the CCP. Miles is fishing with his body, and we will see. For me, it’s a perfect position to be in.

Thank you.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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