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I. The New Federal State of China News

1. Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Sen. Macro Rubio warns on Fox News that CCP presents the most serious challenge to US since World War II,and “if we lose to China(CCP) the world will be dominated by the Communist regime.”

2. More than 20 top officials in the Biden administration are “”compromised in some way by the Chinese Communist Party,” former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told “Fox News Primetime” Wednesday. He urges President Biden to ‘stand strong’ against Beijing.

3. The European Union should expect countermeasures if it imposes sanctions against Chinese officials over alleged human rights abuses, Chinese state media outlet China Daily wrote on Wednesday.

4. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., claimed during an interview with Newsmax TV on Wednesday that China is attempting to peddle “soft propaganda” through sister city programs.

5. China critic Katherine Tai confirmed by the Senate as Biden’s U.S. Trade Representative.

6. The Biden administration has told Beijing it will enforce Trump-era sanctions against Iranian oil as shipments from the Islamic regime to China have soared, a senior US official said.

7. The U.S. Commerce Department said on Wednesday that it has served subpoenas on multiple Chinese companies that provide information and communications technology services in the United States to see if they pose a national security risk.

8. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said Wednesday it has begun efforts to revoke authorization for China Unicom Americas, Pacific Networks and its wholly-owned subsidiary ComNet to provide U.S. telecommunications services.

9. French Senators are free to meet whomever they wish when they travel, the country’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday after the Chinese embassy in Paris warned against lawmakers meeting officials during an upcoming visit to self-ruled Taiwan.

10. The European Union agreed on Wednesday to blacklist Chinese officials for human rights abuses, two diplomats said, the first sanctions against Beijing since an EU arms embargo in 1989 following the Tianamen Square crackdown.

11. China-Backed Confucius Institute rebrands to avoid scrutiny. According to a new report by the American Security Institute, more than 100 “Confucius classrooms” that cater to the K-12 system are now rebranded as the Asia Society Chinese Language Partner Network.

12. China on Wednesday accused the US and Japan to interfere in its internal affairs after the two countries joined forces to warn of “destabilizing behaviour” by Beijing in the region.

13. The leading U.S. manufacturers group National Association of Manufacturers urged President Joe Biden to “rapidly develop and publicly release” a new strategy that strengthens the American economy’s ability to compete with China, “discriminatory industrial policies, forced technology transfer and intellectual property theft that harm manufacturers and workers.”

14. Hong Kong’s Airport Authority has said that it has successfully trialled a coronavirus test digital health pass. The Hong Kong International Airport aimed to be the one of the first airports in the world to adopt a digital health pass. Currently, travelers coming into Hong Kong have to undergo a coronavirus test at the airport.

15. CCP has ordered media outlets to curb coverage of the live broadcast of Oscars ceremony this year’s Oscars over Do Not Split, the nomination of a documentary chronicling the 2019 Hong Kong protests.

16. Two Canadians detained by Beijing more than two years ago on suspicion of espionage will go before Chinese courts this week and the next, Canada said on Wednesday, again ramping up diplomatic tension between Ottawa and Beijing.

17. The commander of U.S. forces in Central and South America, Southern Command’s Admiral Craig Faller, told lawmakers Tuesday that China(CCP) has become the leading threat in the region(Western Hemisphere), taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and increased lawlessness to impose its will on a growing number of countries.  

18. Recently, the flow of the Tianxingzhou section of the Changjiang River in Wuhan was again cut off, which was not reported by the Chinese Communist Party media. The CCP’s three Gorges Project has caused great ecological damage to the Yangtze River basin.

II World News

1. Antony Blinken on Wednesday criticized North Korea’s human rights record and reiterated a vow to strip the country of its nuclear plan, a day after Pyongyang warned Washington to “refrain from causing a stink” amid deadlocked nuclear negotiations.

2. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke by phone today with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reaffirming the Biden Administration’s commitment to the Alliance. He expressed support for the Secretary General’s NATO 2030 initiative to continue adapting the Alliance to address systemic and transnational challenges, including cyber threats and climate change.

3. German virology expert Christian Drosten has a grim warning that the country’s COVID rates are headed back to Christmas levels, B117 coronavirus variant is becoming increasingly prevalent in Germany, driving the country’s worsening COVID-19 figures.

4. Tanzanian President John Magufuli has died at the age of 61 from a heart illness, Tanzanian Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan said on Wednesday. The Tanzanian government’s initial refusal to comment on the president’s whereabouts fueled speculation that he had fallen ill, with some alleging that he had contracted the CCP coronavirus.

5. Russia recalled its ambassador to the United States on Wednesday after President Biden said he agreed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “killer” and threatened further sanctions during a televised interview, according to a report. Biden issued a warning after top US intelligence officials unveiled findings that Russia, at Putin’s direction, attempted to meddle in the 2020 presidential election.

6. North Korea said Thursday it will ignore a U.S. offer for talks unless it withdraws its hostile policy, days after Washington reached out to Pyongyang in a bid to resume nuclear negotiations.

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