An open letter to the mayor and the members of Vancouver city council

Author: 天空的鸿雁

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Many years ago, I came to Canada with good expectations, leaving my hometown behind that is in the Far East because Canada is well-known for its civilization, democracy, freedom and rule of law. Here I have been living in a quiet, happy and peaceful environment for many years; nothing to compete with others. I am very pleased with my choice since the city has air, blue sky, white clouds, clean and sweety air and warm sunshine. The people here are full of friendliness, equality, love and respect. My life has been happy, warm and safe, just like lying in my mother’s arms when I was in my childhood. This is the beautiful city of Vancouver, the most suitable place for humans to live in.

Unfortunately, on March 12, 2021, I was rudely rejected of my private remittance during the normal course of banking business that is reasonable, legal and compliant, without any acceptable reasons and official letter to explain why? This made me feel quite frustrated and hurt! I must emphasize that special attention should be paid to those Canadian banks which have been severely corrupted by CCP’s BGY plan. I feel that my interests have been insulted, and my rights have been taken away. In such city as Vancouver whose society is world-renowned, civilized, free and ruled by law, how could this happen? In fact, I had such kind of similar experiences long time ago; however, it did not happen over here but in my hometown, China. I wanted to point out that I should be informed that there is a risk when sending wire transfer, which are your duties and responsibilities to assume such risk. However, this cannot be the reason for the banks to reject my request and prevent me from sending money. This is a clear violation of human rights and Canadian constitutional law.

It is fairly clear that I don’t want my interests and rights impinged anymore and treated without rule of law, so that I did my best to leave my deeply attached hometown, longing for a place where I can pursue civilization and freedom, came to the most civilized and advanced country in the world – the best and most sound country with the rule of law and democracy. I wanted to learn civilization from you via living with you. However, what happened on March 12, 2021 made me feel extremely infuriated, angry and helpless!How can this happen in Western countries with a free and sound legal system in broad daylight? Such a brutal and unconcealed violation of human rights interfere with my freedom!As if a gentleman met a gangster, justice meets a rascal! Is this still a society bearing rule of law? Why do I feel that I am back in the country I came from before? There, people view money as faith; lose themselves without dignity; ugliness and dirty become normal, and eventually become walking corpse with no sense! If we don’t stop such behavior and let the same behavior pollute this country and society like a virus, then I know what the outcomes will be since I have grown up in such kind of society. If that happened, the whole society would have become glamorous, but behind it is filthy and selfish. Civilization will no longer exist; freedom will be controlled by power; kindness and love will be ruthlessly trampled; a democratic society will be replaced by the dictatorship; the rule of law will be driven and kidnapped by interests; the weak will be eaten by the strong. All above will eventually pervade all over the world.

Here I want to ask the mayor and city council, do you want our city to degenerate like this? I also want to ask the justices of the court: do you want to live in such environment? I also want to ask those social elites with justice in mind: do you want such a way of life? Don’t forget that we all live here. If this is like a virus, it will contaminate the entire society; blatantly violate the law and trample on human rights. If we don’t stop and correct it now, then what happened to me on March 12, 2021 will become true to you tomorrow, to your family, to your child, and to everyone around you.

Dear Mayor and City Councillors, please fulfill your promises to the people. This is your duty and responsibility to protect our citizens’ legal rights and personal and property rights, guard the moral bottom line of social civilization. Good-hearted social elites, let us work together to protect our own rights, shout out our righteous voice and say NO to the illegal behavior of those evil hooligans! Completely eradicate these ugly and illegal acts like viruses and stop it from polluting our beautiful living environment. This is not only for us, but also for yourself and your family. At the same time, we will be proud of you and vote for the most precious vote in our lives.

Pray that God will protect the kind and beloved people in the world from being bullied and hurt! Pray that tomorrow we can have a beautiful and bright state of life! Amitabha!

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