Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 14th, 2021

Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Mike Li & Antsee-GTV
Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte


Today is the second day of the second lunar month, the Day the Dragon Head Rises. Thanks for the exquisite videos made by our fellow fighters from the Himalaya-farms. My mother must be listening to my live broadcast in another world. When she was alive, the thing she hated the most was people lying. Her favorite tune is the music ‘Bai Niao Chao Feng’, Suona, and Erhu (traditional Chinese musical instrument). Suona is played at weddings and funerals in China. This music not only celebrates happy events but also mourns the dead. Everyone has their own value, and plays their own role in the family relationship and position among relatives. Each of us should strive to live a wonderful life, see through the issues of life and death, and let go of distracting thoughts.

Our family’s rule is that children cannot talk about, or interfere with, their parents’ private lives. My mother has raised eight sons, and there are hundreds of descendants in our family, and none of them ever got divorced. All family members obey the rules, and children do not talk about their parents’ private lives. All my characteristics are inherited from my mother. My parents’ marriage was agreed upon by their previous generation before they were born. My father was tall, handsome, and educated, but my mother was uneducated. Our family came to the northeast from Shandong to escape the great famine. Our family was designated by the CCP as so-called “rightist”. My father had his legs broken during the Cultural Revolution. In the 1970s, he had his legs broken again by a CCP officials’ sons. Several of my brothers were slashed when they tried to take revenge. When many of them were sentenced to prison, my mother showed signs of insanity as a result of the shock. As a consequence, our family has been persecuted by the CCP since my childhood. We have suffered too many disasters during the years. Finally, our family was rehabilitated and allowed to return to the city.

Filial piety is the most talked about topic in my life. Our Chinese culture of filial piety began in the Yao and Shun period after the Yellow Emperor. Official records started from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Confucian era, when books were printed discussing theoretical systems of filial piety. Filial piety is a measure of a person’s moral standards. It is how each person sees the world and is the origin of how we interact with others in the world. In the traditional Chinese morality, filial piety ranks first among all good deeds. It is the foundation of everything.

The animal world is a matriarchal society dominated by females. This is the primal instinct of all things on earth, and the basis for the continuation of human existence. How Mencius’s mother taught him is also reflected in me. My mother raised eight of us, my brothers and me. I once asked my mother what would happen if the family planning policy (one child policy) had already been implemented at that time? My mother said that she would never follow the so-called family planning policy. My father and mother said that my family’s tradition is to have a big family and many children. According to official statistics, since the CCP implemented the family planning policy, at least 400 million newborns or unborn fetuses have been killed. one child policy violates the laws of nature and human instincts. It is definitely equivalent to a ‘Massacre.’

Look at the society in which Chinese people live today. People even take the funeral of their father or mother as an opportunity to make a fortune. When the CCP’s officials say that you should be filial, they imply that you should pay bribes. Mao Zedong said that honoring one’s parents is like honoring the motherland. Now, the CCP is brainwashing people saying that parents’ love of their children is not as strong as the Chinese Communist Party’s love. That’s why the CCP introduced the monikers “Father Xi” and “Mother Peng (Xi’ wife)”. How absurd and shameful.

There is a principle in family relations, that is, children should not mistake their position. Once this relationship is misplaced, ethics will be lost. The first core spirit in Chinese filial piety is ethical rules. No matter how good a son is, he cannot command his father or treat his mother as a servant. A good parent should not treat his children as employees or as a tool for making money, or force a child to achieve a parent’s unfulfilled dreams. My family emphasizes age hierarchy – younger members respect the older, both parents and siblings. We respect each other, and no one should get involved in parent’s issues. Therefore, filial piety is before ethical rules, and it is also a respect for human rights. The most important description of the ethical rules is: if the child does not get the correct education, it will be his father’s fault; if the child is hurt, it will be his father’s responsibility.

We advocate filial piety, but it should not be excessive or bottomless. People become more eviler when unopposed by cowards. To feign dignity, rules, or discipline, some CCP officials use their power to please others, but refuse to provide help to their own relatives or friends, pretending to be incorruptible. Such despicable behavior.

In China single motherhood is a forced choice. One factor is the complex interrelationship between filial piety and obedience. If improperly handled, it will cause great ethical discord. The most terrible thing is a single mother telling their children: “It is because of you that I am like this.” This will cause the greatest harm to the child. From any perspective, this has nothing to do with filial piety, obedience, and ethics. Instead it concerns morality. You should not pressure or demand too much from your child. It was your decision to give birth to the child, not their choice. The biggest pressure faced by children from single-parent families is how to reward their mothers. With respect to filial piety, submission and obedience, I practiced filial piety but I was not submissive. I was 100% loyal to my parents, but I still had my own thoughts and judgements. To my parents, I lacked obedience.

With respect to Western civilization, the rule of law, human rights, and the concept of filial piety – children from Western families must be independent at 18, and their parents are usually very determined. Financial assistance is usually stopped at that age. Many Chinese people like and admire this model. The Western pension system and elderly people’s need for independence are based on the relationship between you and your parents. In the west the question of whether to visit parents or give them money is not an obligation nor a question of morality.

Let me tell you, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett, President Trump, President Biden, none of them will go to a nursing home when they are old. They will spend their old age being looked after at home or in the hospital. When they were young, they never broke off their financial relationship with their family. Their success was related to their parents.

It is not the choice of the elderly to go to nursing homes, but rather the choice of the system and a necessity for most poor people. If children and their parents can get along well, most of them will choose to live together. The biggest difference between the West and China’s pension system is that the West has pension insurance, social insurance, and other programs for economic security. The elderly enjoys the benefits of care in their old-age by law. In the west it is a matter of human rights, and is provided under the State’s supervision. The strong medical system helps, but nursing homes are very lonely and indifferent. Although there is safety and dignity, there is no humanity.

Speaking of the CCP’s pension system – if you hate a person, it is better to send him to a nursing home instead of sending him to prison. Qincheng Prison (China’s prison for criminal officials) is much better than a Chinese nursing home. You don’t need to spend money, and all your life is managed well. But you have to pay to go to a nursing home. Although some people may beat and curse you in Qincheng Prison, they will be dealt with. But some seniors are beaten, cursed, and even raped in nursing homes, and no one cares. Nursing homes are worse than prisons. Chinese society is already rotten to the core, and its nursing homes are a real hell. In China, very few people pay attention to crimes against the elderly.

If a society cannot provide the elderly with a living that they can rely on, to have someone take care of them with dignity and a stable life, who wants to live to old age?  The CCP fails to provide you with such a system. When you were 18, you chose to leave your parents because you wanted independence and your “human rights”. But when you are in your 60s or 80s, whom can you rely on for independence and human rights? Your money cannot guarantee your safety and a death with dignity. Because Chinese old people live in harmony with their children, they have usually depended on their children. This has been the ultimate destination for 80 to 90 percent of old people in China. The sad thing is that the CCP’s family planning policy has ruined this harmonious cycle. No child can support 4 to 6 elderly people. The underpinning of Chinese society, the foundation for human survival, and the chain of filial piety has been completely cut off. This is what the CCP has done. The fundamental basis for maintaining the existence of Chinese people is through family relationships. People who cannot handle family relationships well can scarcely handle their own lives. It is based on instinct from generations of tradition.

The New Federal State of China’s (NFSC) goal is to rebuild a good and orderly family relationship. In this modern technological, civilized, and networked world, in this era of major changes in life sciences, we will create a harmonious system based on Western rule of law, social security, and media that will act as whistleblowers. It will be an old-age care system that provides for the aged based on the law, and provides for safety in old age. We will turn respect and care for parents into a social credit system. It will measure both parents and children. It is necessary to establish a mutually trusted, mutually dependent, and healthy financial system that safeguards human rights and dignity regarding financial relations. We will build a system that links an individual’s filial piety with financial gain. A system that will guide this behavior from an early age. We will establish a moral, humane parent-child relationship that respects human rights, and we will make it legal and inspiring. At the same time, this system will integrate gratitude into human ethics, advocate Zen culture, and let everyone appreciate that there is a difference between good and evil. We will elevate filial piety to a legal, supervised, and healthy behavior which is tied to the economic health of both the children and the elderly. You have the final say with respect to your own destiny. To truly restore the harmony to Chinese society. We will connect China and the West with modern technology, finance, and the perfect combination of social lifestyle and law. This will be one of the greatest contributions the NFSC could bring to the world, and to the Chinese people.

Firstly, citizens of the NFSC must realize that any country without guarantees for the elderly is equivalent to hell, a disaster. If you do not realize that, you will be the next one to walk into hell. Secondly, education in any country must be depoliticized. Otherwise, the country will have no future. China’s education is a tool for brainwashing. It reverses truth and falsity. It revises history. It serves only the politics of the CCP and therefore leaves everyone without a future, without respect for anyone. Thirdly, any country or political party that fails to provide freedom of faith, protected by the law, will never have hope and will always be in cycle of war and disaster. The NFSC must end the Chinese people’s nightmare. The NFSC will ensure the elderly spend their old age with their family with the ability of caring for them, and supervised by state laws.

My mother believes in all Buddhas and all Gods. Chinese people believe in heaven in their bones, and the CCP bandits have ruined it all. I never brought my parents any sense of security. My wealth and success did not bring my mother any sense of pride, but only fear and pressure. Although every penny of my money was clean, my mother felt scared. She was right. All her worries became a reality. When you decide to join us to take down the CCP, you must be clear about why you do this. Taking down the CCP is not a game but carries high risk, and I was lucky to survive, among the hundreds of thousands of victims. During my time in custody, my wisdom, mind, and spirit soared to a level which surpasses that of most people. That was from May 26th, 1989, to March 1991, after which I was released. I was not the same person after that. Maybe nobody can understand. I never saw anybody who was arrested for participating in the June 4th event kneel down to the CCP. I really doubt that our NFSC fellow fighters could do the same as these heroes did in the past.

I endured the most important lesson of my life, and I thought seriously about filial piety and filial respect in that detention center. If a person cannot even handle their parental relationships, then basically they will not be able to handle any other relationship successfully. Because everything fundamental comes from your parents, you will never have any future and you cannot hope to get your life sorted correctly. In Chinese traditional culture, the mother represents the earth, the father represents the sky. A relationship with parents can be managed well if you handle it with understanding and patience. Among all good deeds, filial piety is the first. Lack of filial piety is the worst among all evil deeds. When we talk about human rights, we must mention the kindness towards parents first. The kindness towards parents is the greatest of all, with the mother ranking first, and the father follows. With parents in your heart, you will have good luck with more spiritual energy.

Many things have happened in the past two or three weeks, and it is essential to take down the CCP by spreading the truth of the virus and through financial warfare. I was planning to go home for the two-year anniversary of the death of my mother, but it turned out that one of my bodyguards tested positive for the CCP-virus. Fortunately, there is nobody in the office who has been infected. I actually dreamt yesterday that my bodyguard hugged the back door of the car and laughed saying that he had caught the virus, and then I woke up. The night I went back to Manhattan, I dreamt I was wearing a white cloth sitting on the balcony. I was meditating and a bunch of snakes with a large python came for me from downstairs. Suddenly water came down from the roof and woke me up. I felt fragile and very uncomfortable. The doctor advised that I should not exercise, and that I would dream of my mother as soon as I closed my eyes. I consulted a master in Wudang Mountain. He said that Wudang Mountain would be demolished to build a temple for the Xi family. He said my dream was an omen portending good things, and that the situation would not last until the end of my mother’s death anniversary. People do not live and die. The soul of the person simply enters a different dimension. I feel like my mother is back these days. I miss her every day, including what she said to me in the dreams, particularly the master’s interpretation of the dreams. It was very accurate.

Regarding the re-establishment of the G-TV company, the solution came to me in my dream. After I woke up, I asked the G-fashion team to make these clothes for me. This style idea is from the dream, and it represent the word “Buddha.” I have completely recovered from the dream of that day. The master from Wudang Mountain said that the python in my dream is Pangu Plaza. Before the Spring Festival, I dreamt of my little brother at age eight, holding a gourd in his hand. I said I would beat up the bad guys from our home town, and he said I would need a gourd, need a gourd, and then I woke up. I figure this is my little brother 8’s hint to me. The key to taking down the CCP is the truth about the virus.

I prefer a simple and easily understood approach to my live-streams, rather than a preachy, sermon-like style. However, today’s righteousness is not meant to be entertainment media. No one dares to say that only an hour of live broadcast will achieve the objectives of our whistleblower movement. It is impossible. The US presidential candidates speak 6 to 8 hours a day during an election campaign, repeating few words maybe a hundred times to gain people’s acceptance.

I have never seen a person handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law like my mother did, treating my wife as her own daughter, treating all her daughters-in-law equally, never getting angry and red-faced. Keeping proper distance, and ritualized respect for family members is the key, and the foundation for maintaining good family relationships. My family’s harmonious relationship is the result of mutual respect and trust. Although there were many troubles and arguments, family members never had to break up a fight. It is a typical successful family in China.

My parents enjoyed their son’s apparent wealth, but also carried fear, dread and extreme pain inside their hearts. In China, great wealth and prosperity are a matter of desperation. Small wealth and prosperity are is luck. There is no way to get rich by simple work alone. I grew up selling candy canes, popsicles, buns, motorcycles, and trading in Russia, and finally spent 22 months in a detention center. After June 4th, 1989, I became a CCP-exterminator with faith. The Gods and religion made the Guo Wengui you see today. The heartiest gratitude goes to my parents for allowing me the freedom to grow up. They watched me walking on a tightrope, watched me worry, never feeling even the slightest enjoyment.

That’s why Chinese officials, the more powerful they are, the more they are afraid. Jiang Zemin’s wife is remarkably modest and polite like a western “lady”. You can see her fear of power. Hu Jintao and his wife are talking to each other in the courtyard by “biting” each other’s ears. There will never be good in this world if the Communist Party is here. We must live a decent and dignified life without fear, which is the fundamental reason to take down the CCP. We have to connect Western law and Eastern sentiment to form the righteousness of the NFSC so that the Chinese people can live a life without fear, but with dignity, peace, and health.

The Whistleblower Movement has made an enormous difference in the relationship between many fellow fighters and their parents, and those who are not filial cannot be our fighters. Declaration of the rules for the NFSC will be standardized, codified in law. Any filial respect is not a loss. It is the most significant gain, the best way to your success, happiness, and dignity.

Gratitude to your parents is the best good karma. One hundred pillars of incense after they leave is not as good as one candy given when they are alive. The most tragic thing about the whole human race during the communist era of inhumanity is that people die before knowing the meaning of kinship, and being together. Only when they lose their loved ones, or their loved ones lose their freedom, do they understand the importance of their loved ones being together, and the irreplaceable value they represent. If you can’t even tolerate your parents, you can’t tolerate anybody.

“The Great Yu ruled the flood in Chinese story, he passed home without attending his old mother”. Today’s officials are learning this behavior. This is how the communist bastards make you loyal to the party. It is the true manifestation of spiritual rape, absence of human rights. What do they mean by loyalty? Loyalty to whom? The world does not need belief in anyone. You just need to be honest with your own heart, parents, and family. All other pretense of loyalty is an excuse for brainwashing, a lie. The country does not require your loyalty. It needs you to obey the law and be a law-abiding, faithful citizen. The New Federal State of China emphasizes two things. The first is to have true faith, including filial piety to the family, kindness, and truthfulness. The second is to abide by the law. There is no rule to be faithful and respectful to the party. These stories are just a method to rule the people.

If there is no sex, do you think it is normal? 38-48% of young people in China do not have a good sexual experience. Parents should study how to raise their children within the law and science to reach maturity in the current scientific age. You cannot treat your child as your asset and impose your ideas on them. Three pieces of advice to children. Firstly, how do you get along with your parents? Don’t follow most of their instructions, but listen carefully and do not refute. Secondly, never get involved in your parent’s personal issues, even if there are burst of anger, or lack of happiness and intimacy between them. When there is unhappiness in family life, children should think about those who have lost their parents and those who have cancer. Realize that there are always people worse off than you when you find yourself in these unfortunate situations – do not judge your parents’ lives. Thirdly, parents always bring you fortune and opportunities, and your life future direction. Being good to your parents will undoubtedly bring you unimaginable luck. Respect, filial piety, and understanding of your parents are the key to your success.

Advice for parents in educating their children. Firstly, the most significant gift parents give to their children is to help them get rid of the bad habit of being shy and fearful, which can ruin everything and hurt your children. Secondly, make your children get in touch with nature and enjoy physical exercise as much as they can. The more they contact the outside world, not being at home with their parents, the greater chance they will succeed. Thirdly, let school and teachers be the major educators for your children, not family education. Parents should stay with the children from birth until they turn 2. Make them get in touch with nature and enjoy physical exercise as much as possible before they are 13 years old. After 13, children’s world view, and life view is basically set. 

Wengui hereby, on behalf of my whole family and my mother in heaven, blesses all our brothers and sisters, and our NFSC, for taking down the CCP. Thank you for your company and blessings to you. Thank you for all the videos made by our fellow fighters. We will liberate all the parents and their children in China who have been brainwashed. Parents and children or other family members can live a normal life if there is no CCP. The CCP, when you see me wearing this combat suit, I know this will make you all live in fear. The clothes are both a ceremonial dress for filial piety, and a combat suit for destroying you, the CCP. You are finished. I will certainly avenge my mother’s death.

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