[Spain Under the Pandemic] Europe in the Maze: Starting From the Suspension of AstraZeneca Vaccination

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Till today 16 European countries have suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine for 2-12 weeks since it may cause blood clots, or even more fatal consequences of death. These countries are: Austria, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Germany, France, Cyprus, Sweden and Spain.

Yet today EMA (European Medicines Agency) also reaffirmed the role of AstraZeneca vaccine, believing that the benefits outweigh the risks and did not make a decision to stop vaccination.

In Spain, an authoritative person in vaccine research came forward and said that these are small-probability events,  that everyone should stay calm and wait for professional research results and denied the hastiness of vaccine research.

The AstraZeneca vaccine incident swept the major media and caused panic for a while. Let’s talk about the impact of the pandemic on Europe from the perspective of social psychology.

From the psychological point of view of ordinary people, the pandemic has been more than a year and the government was telling them at the beginning that it was just a flu, then developed to lockdowns, restrictions, and bans, till now watching familiar people around get infected or die. The government seems to have taken all measures, but the figure of death increased daily shown on the media is always 4 or even 5 digits.

“We seem to have seen the light at the end of the tunnel”, but still we haven’t got of it, nor we know which day we can go out. The unknown origin of the virus, the fear of the future of the virus, and the anxiety caused by an abnormal lifestyle, there seemed only one hope left: a vaccine.

People also know that the vaccine research and development is very hasty this time. And they also know that it is very likely to have side effects, but people in despair always believe that there is still a glimmer of hope, that they may have good luck, and that someone has already been the lab rat, such as many people would say, you see, so many people has been vaccinated in Israel, the infection rate has dropped by 90%, and the side effects are very small. When this layer of comforting veil is pierced, all that left is fear, endless fear. Is AstraZeneca the thinnest veil? What about Pfizer? or Moderna?

From the government level, vaccines are the best mask to conceal their incompetence. With vaccines, they can appease the people and conceal their helplessness. At the same time, vaccines are also their best weapons. They can be used to combat political enemies, to make money, and to earn credibility.

The whole Europe is like a huge maze covered with black cloth. The only crumbling pillar supporting it is the vaccine. People are desperate looking for an exit. All seemingly “tunnels with light ahead” turned out to be the dead ends, and the real exit, to trace the origin of the virus, has been secretly covered up. Perhaps Europe is really unready, because once the real exit is opened, it could mean a war and it means paying a price. The US virus white book is about to be released. It will leave Europe little time to play around. Is it a blessing or a curse?

Source: ABC News; ABC News; ABC News

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