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Abstract: In order to praise the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP), Wuhan municipal government pushed the local communities to host a banquet regardless of the risk of viral infections. A large number of residents in Bai Bu Ting were infected and turned into wisps of smoke. The real numbers of infections and deaths can be revealed by the number of people paid homage to their family members.

In the wasteland of lake not far from the lower reaches of ErQi Yangtze River Bridge in Jiang’an District of Wuhan, many civilians used to live in tents set up with white cloth. The color white is pronounced as “bai” in Chinese. “Bai Bu Ting” was named because of this. During the past two decades, Bai Bu Ting has become a star residential area. It includes Garden Modern City, Warm Garden, BaiHe Garden, YiHe Garden, AnJu Garden, JingLan Garden, TianShun Garden, Happy Times, and YiKang Garden, with more than 180,000 residents in nine neighborhoods.

On January 3, 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang was warned and admonished by the Zhongnan Road Police Station of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau Wuchang District Branch for “posting false statements on the Internet”. Dr. Li Wenliang, a member of CCP, hadn’t realized that he had only one month left to live. On January 19, Lude Media announced Dr. Yan’s discoveries, which forced the CCP to respond quickly. On January 20, Mr. Zhong Nanshan admitted on CCTV that the coronavirus could be transmitted from person to person. On January 23, two days before the Chinese New Year, CCP locked down Wuhan (Ref. Biohazard 5: Dr. Yan’s Discovery).

During the intense development of the epidemic, most brainwashed Chinese who were blind to what was really going on, were still indulging in the little fortune of the peaceful days. Less than a week before Wuhan’s lockdown, the day before the January 19 program of Lude Media, Wuhan municipal government allowed the community to host a banquet for 10,000 families despite the serious outbreak, while the mainstream media in China ignored civil warnings but kept promoting how great the CCP was.

The photo published by Xinhuanet.com on the day of the Wanjia Banquet

For many years, Bai Bu Ting has been a star community under the new model of CCP administration. The annual WanJia Banquet of Bai Bu Ting is usually held a week from the Chinese Lunar New Year. It has become a political showcase for the local officer to praise the CCP. On January 18 of 2020, more than 40,000 families participated in the WanJia banquet, and a total of 13,986 dishes were cooked. Many people didn’t want to attend the WanJia Banquet, but the local officer persuaded them door-to-door. Most of the attendees didn’t have any protection, and because of that, some of them lost their lives .

On January 18, there was the WanJia Banquet group gathering. On January 22, Wuhan’s traffic system was completely shut down, and all communities were in lockdown, and even the unit doors in each building were blocked and sealed. On January 23, Xi Jinping attended the Spring Festival Rally. Xi delivered a New Year’s greeting on January 24, the Chinese New Year’s Eve, without mentioning anything about the epidemic.

Xi stated that “Over the past year, I have been to many places. The scroll painting of Xiong’an new district is slowly unfolding; Tianjin port is booming; Beijing’s sub-center is full of vitality; Inner Mongolia prairie is magnificent and beautiful; Hexi Corridor has passed through thousands of years, never fading charms; The Yellow River is vast and magnificent, and peaceful. People that live in both sides of the Huangpu River are rich and bright… There are thriving scenes in every part of our country. “

Within a month, Xi Jinping’s so-called “thriving scenes in every part of our country” went into a full lockdown in every part of the country. The mainland of Communist China was shrouded in fear. The furnaces for cremating corpses were fully operated. Because of it, the air was full of sulfur dioxide. The East Asian, where there was no production and transportation activities, was overcast with gloom. The crows attracted by the smell of rotting corpses in the cold winter season flew across the so-called thriving homeland.

Crows flying over the sky during the epidemic

Two weeks after the WanJia Banquet, which is also the average incubation period of the Covid-19 virus, on February 4, just within the Bai Bu Ting community, patients with fever appeared in 33 out of the total 55 buildings in AnJu Garden, and 17 out of the total 36 buildings in BaiHe Garden. More than a thousand families had infected with the virus. All these people wouldn’t have got infected if the CCP didn’t host those events to celebrate its the political “achievements”.

Bai Bu Ting is just a miniature of Wuhan. The epidemic broke out all over Wuhan. Due to the shortage of beds in major hospitals, when there may have been dozens or hundreds of patients waiting in line for treatment , each neighborhood was assigned with only one bed in the hospital. How many people on earth have died from the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan?

On December 1, 2020, CNN, which has always followed the CCP’s propaganda agenda, published an article by Nick Paton Walsh: The Wuhan files: Leaked documents reveal China’s mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19.  The article states that, according to the internal classified documents of Hubei Province, on February 10 alone, there were 5918 newly diagnosed cases of infection in Hubei Province, while the CCP official statistics showed that on that day, there were only 2478 cases of infection in the whole country. This is just the tip of the iceberg revealed by the pro-Communist media.

As early as February 3, Mr. Guo Wengui told Mr. Steve Bannon during the live streaming that “currently, there are more than 1.3 million people diagnosed with the viral infection, and the death toll is absolutely more than 30,000 people. On February 6, the number has been updated to 1.5 million confirmed cases and more than 50,000 deaths. On February 29, the number of infected patients increased to several million, and the death toll is definitely more than 100,000. On March 7, Wuhan epidemic caused several million infected, the death toll is definitely exceeding 100,000, just Hubei. At the same time the number of people who starved to death at home and those died from secondary disasters is definitely more than 100,000 … “

As to the end of 2020, CCP official statistics published the cumulative data of Hubei Province: 68,000 diagnosed and 4,512 dead. All the statistics of extra diagnosis and deaths were simply wiped away as if they never existed.

Follow the CCP and head for the crematorium. In less than a year, people seem to believe that the epidemic is over, with only 50,000 infections and a few thousand dead. They believe the data released by the CCP, and refused to look at the facts. People thought that they would live better when they keep their mouth shut, even though one day their doors and windows could be welded shut from the outside and their family could die of illness or starvation at home.

A mother and daughter burning paper money for their deceased family members in Bai Bu Ting

We cannot trust anything that comes out of the CCP. All those mobile incinerators, funeral service teams, excessive sulfur dioxide, haze, crows, are not able to convince people who believe in the lies of the CCP. On Chinese Memorial Day in April 2020, Wuhan citizens were blocked from paying homage to the dead. It was not until the Yulan Festival (July 14 on the Lunar calendar) and the Zhongyuan Festival (July 15 the Lunar calendar) in early September that folk memorial ceremonies were allowed. From scattered comments on the internet, we may verify the actual loss of Wuhan from the epidemic.

“I’ve been wondering why the memorial service started so early at 6:00am when it was still dark. Later, I found out that in the same place of the community, the fire had been been lit up intermittently from 6:00am to 10:00pm by different people who burned the paper money and the worshipped their deceased families.

“During this period of ceremony, it was so hard to find a place. The sidewalk in the neighborhood where the ceremonies occurred were covered with dense circles of people. No one can tell how many people died in Wuhan in the first half of 2020.”

“In Wuhan, one can smell the smell of burnt ash on the balcony. Such things had never happened before. May the dead Rest in Peace.”

“It is true that today when I walked across the alley, I could see that the roadside was covered with white circles(that were used for worshipping the dead).”

“Well, at night, there were about ten circles piled up by the road in front of my house, which were full of burnt paper money.  I could tell they were painted by different people. This is something that has never happened before. Many small business had closed downstairs in my apartment building, including a clothing store, a flower shop, and a restaurant, while the small shop for funerals has been refurbished.”

Of course, there were still many people who were clear-headed: ” Only God knows how many people have gone. Many of them are not even counted.” “Covered up facts will eventually come out in other ways.” “How many people died in Wuhan? The truth will come out one day”

On March 7, 2020, Mr. Guo Wengui stated in his broadcast:

“In Wuhan, there are Thunder God Mountain and Fire God Mountain. Under these two mountains. There used to be a place called Bai Bu Ting, where a Pili Stele was built. The Pandora’s box was built on the top of the Pili Stele. Pandora’s box is just the other name of an International biological research institute. What is it called? It is named the Pili Pavilion, which is also called the P4 research laboratory. The P4 research laboratory finally got revealed. It is in Bai Bu Ting. At the diagonally opposite corner of Bai Bu Ting, another crematorium called Wuhan crematorium was built.

“In the city of Beijing, there is a famous place, very famous, in Changping. You draw a central axis line from the Pangu dragon head to Changping, and pull directly to Changping. What is there in Changping? Chemical Defense Research Institute of The Chinese People’s Liberation Army! It was formerly under the control of the General Staff, now it is under the control of the Army. This institute used to be located in Jilin, where I was born.”

“There are some very badass people in the Chemical Defense Research Institute of The Chinese People’s Liberation Army. What does the Major General Liu Guosheng do? Major General Liu Guosheng, look up Liu Guosheng, what does he do? Look up what Major General Liu Guosheng is doing, and you will know what this Research Institute was built for. What does the Changping District do? What is hidden in these 3,700 acres of land?

“What kind of connection does that place in Changping have with Bai Bu Ting, P4 research laboratory, Thunder God Mountain and Fire God Mountain? What does it have to do with our year of Perak in which we continued our whistleblower movement? Brothers and sisters, this is the Pandora’s box. It is also Athena’s hope. It tells us that there is an ultimate truth to everything. The costs of that truth are the lives of the Chinese and people all over the world!”

(To be continued)

Author: Tiffany’s Breakfast | Proofreader: zhying | Reviewer: Xiaoxin

Original Article: 【生化危机】6. 万家宴 

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