[Bombshell] One of the CCP’s “Perfect Crime” Strategies: Dragging American Elites into the Scandal of Biological Weapons Research and Development (Part 1)

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The Chinese Communist Party Actively Seeks Cooperation with American Elites

Dr. Shi Zhengli is a coronavirus expert at the Wuhan Institute of Virology under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party. Her laboratory has collected thousands of coronaviruses. A considerable part of the coronaviruses originated from bats. That’s why she is called “Batwoman”. In 2015, she and Dr. Baric of the University of North Carolina in the United States jointly published a paper “A SARS-like Coronavirus Strain that is Transmitted in Bats Showing the Possibility of Human Transmission” in the well-known medical journal Natural Medicine [1]. This is a study on gain of function of virus. In fact, a hybrid virus was created artificially, which successfully transformed a virus that could not infect humans into a virus that could now infect humans. As a stone stirs the water, the publication of this article caused waves of condemnation. A discerning person knew at a glance that although these scientists are dressed in the respectable cloak of academic research, they were, in reality, working on how to create biological weapons.

Batwoman Dr. Shi Zhengli
Dr. Ralph S Baric

It is worth noting that Vero E6 cells are listed in the materials and methods section of the paper. The cells needed to replicate the virus are provided by the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. The Vero E6 cell line was originally derived from African green monkey kidney epithelial cells. This is a very common cell line that can be easily purchased from ATCC by any research institution. The price is $420.75 for non-profit organizations and $495 for for-profit organizations [2]. The US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases Medicine is not a special supplier of such cells. Although the author’s statement is very minor, it is indeed very sinister. The appearance of US military in the article makes readers think that the research involves the participation of the US military. In fact, this research has nothing to do with the US military.

It is also worth noting that when the paper was published in 2015, the funding sources and individuals were concealed. It was not until 2016 that the funding sources and individuals were published in the errata. To conceal their benefactors is rare for scientists who publish scientific papers, journal editors, and peer reviewers. It turns out that this research by the Batwoman Dr. Shi Zhengli was funded through the EcoHealth Alliance (USAID-EPT-PREDICT from EcoHealth Alliance to Z.L.S). Batwoman Dr. Shi Zhengli is the true author of this article.

USAID (The United States Agency for International Development) is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government, which is mainly responsible for managing non-governmental assistance to foreign countries. The funding project initiated by USAID in 2009 is called Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT), and one of the research projects, PREDICT, is to provide early warning of new zoonotic virus infectious diseases.

The Ecological Health Alliance claims to be a non-profit organization that specializes in finding pathogens of new infectious diseases in wild animals, especially the SARS virus, West Nile virus, Ebola virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome virus, etc. and especially bat-related Coronaviruses. The predecessor of the Ecological Health Alliance was the International Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund established by the British naturalist Gerald Durrell in 1971. It was renamed as the Wildlife Trust Fund in 1999 and received its current name, Ecological Health Alliance, in 2010. Interestingly, Dr. Peter Daszak has been the president of the Eco-Health Alliance for many years.

Dr. Peter Daszak

It seems that the Eco-Health Alliance’s water is very deep, and its cooperative organizations are all familiar and large organizations [3] [4]. The relationship between the Eco-Health Alliance and the Chinese Communist Party is even more unusual. The Eco-Health Alliance has repeatedly used US taxpayer money to fund for the Wuhan P4 Laboratory through research cooperation and other methods on gain of function research of bat coronavirus. In this way, with their name appearing in the publication, the reputation of the US government has been sullied for funding gain of function research of coronavirus.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2019, these funding projects for the Wuhan P4 laboratory were exposed. President Trump stopped USAID’s funding of the Eco-Health Alliance thereafter [5].

Dr. Peter Daszak and “Batwoman” Dr. Shi Zhengli are partners in the bat coronavirus gain of function research. They often drink and sing karaoke together. Before Dr. Daszak went to Wuhan in early 2021 to investigate the source of the virus on behalf of the World Health Organization, he never forgot to remind “Batwoman” to prepare wine and karaoke [6]. As early as 2013, he “predicted” that the next SARS coronavirus outbreak would likely be bats from China [7]. In an interview in December 2019, Dr. Daszak revealed that the coronavirus can be easily modified in the laboratory by grafting the spike protein of one virus to the skeleton of another virus [8].

Batwoman Dr. Shi Zhengli (middle), Dr. Peter Daszak (first from right), and Batman Dr. Linfa Wang (second from right) together

Besides, the relationship between Dr. Daszak and the CCP’s loyal scientists is unusually close. Dr. Daszak is very eager for his status as an academician of the US National Academy of Sciences. He knows that George Gao (Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control) and Malik Peiris (Director of the WHO Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong) could recommend him. His email from November 2019 was very clear: directly ask Rita Colwell to nominate him, and it would be announced after March 2020.

Obviously, Dr. Daszak and the Eco-Health Alliance he controls have been echoing the CCP’s talking points. After the outbreak of the CCP’s Coronavirus, Dr. Daszak made every effort to advocate that the virus originated from nature, exonerate the CCP, while desperately discredit whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan, and cover up the truth of the virus origin.

Gain of function research of virus has been controversial. In October 2014, NIH canceled funding for such research. However, what is strange is that on December 19, 2017, Dr. Francis S. Collins, Dean of the National Institute of Health, announced the resumption of funding for gain of function research. [9]

In 2014, under the impetus of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Health’s Allergy and Infectious Diseases Institute, the Obama government funded the Wuhan Virus P4 Laboratory for $3.7 million to study the gain of function of bat virus research [10]. Such experiments were banned in the United States, but the U.S. had provided a total of $7.4 million in funding for the Wuhan P4 virus laboratory by 2019 [11].

As a medical adviser to several US presidents, Dr. Fauci’s action looked like a joke. After the CCP’s coronavirus outbreak, he first told the American people no need to wear masks. Later, he tried to justify himself by saying it was because the shortage of masks in the market, and they were afraid that people would snap them up, leaving insufficient masks for medical staff. Such rhetoric is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Dr. Fauci and others also desperately vilified the beneficial effect of hydroxychloroquine in treating CCP virus. Even if people try to put the best construction on this, it cannot be denied that all the actions of Dr. Fauci and others took seem to be beneficial to the spread of the CCP virus pandemic. Recently, social media giant Facebook revealed that Dr. Fauci had invested hundreds of millions of dollars in coronavirus vaccines [12], but these conflicts of interest cannot fully explain Dr. Fauci and others’ support in funding for the CCP’s Wuhan bat coronavirus gain of function research [13].

It is not inconceivable for the evil CCP to make biological weapons, but kind people cannot understand the behavior of these elites in the United States. It is believed that Dr. Fauci is the spokesperson for the vaccine industry. Driven by profit, infectious diseases spreading around the world may not be a bad thing in their eyes, just like a computer antivirus software company may be tempted to create and release computer viruses. It is not difficult for Dr. Fauci, scientist with high IQ, to speculate the possibility of CCP’s release of various viruses, such as various flu, avian flu, swine flu, etc. However, common interests brought them together, opening one eye to the CCP’s release of viruses, while closing the other, maybe even secretly cheering and actively cooperating. The true relationship between Dr. Fauci and the CCP will surely come to light in the future.

(To be continued)


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