CCP Master Plan – Global Vaccine Passports

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Sometimes you encounter people who simply do not have any shame, no apparent morality, no self-awareness. People who are so audacious, brash, brazen, so outrageous and unabashed that it nearly takes your breath away. It shocks you when you realize there are people in this world who can be this arrogant and ruthless. At times like this, history speaks back to you (if you have read your history) and reminds you that it was only 70 short years ago that the World confronted evil. It is still with us. It was just biding its time, planning, plotting, colluding, strategizing.


On March 15 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) petitioned the World Health Organization (WHO) to be allowed to take charge of a proposed worldwide Vaccine Passport system. These are the vaccines that were suspiciously and hurriedly developed in response to the CCP-virus (aka Covid-19) that the CCP itself developed through a decade-old biological weapons program, and then released from their Wuhan Lab, spread to the world, and has been busy trying to cover up ever since.


The perfect crime? The height of audacity? The depth of depravity? You be the judge. We have said before that the CCP has no incentive to stop lying, deceiving, cheating, defrauding, entrapping, swindling, brutalizing, bullying the world. Absolutely no incentive. It has been too easy for 70 years. The response from the West has been entirely predictable – complicit greed. It has been as if Neville Chamberlain was alive for the last 70 years and was in charge of foreign policy for the West the entire time. 70 years of appeasement.

Can we really expect the CCP to change their behavior after everything that we have allowed them to get away with? Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, South China Sea, East China Sea, Falun Gong, Christians, WTO, currency manipulation, Technology theft, infiltration, subverting elections and democracies, financial warfare, financially enslaving their population, raping the Chinese economy of trillions of dollars for their own gain.

Or is it our fault? Just as a parent has nobody but themselves to blame if they wake up in mid-life only to realize that their children are spoiled, cold-hearted, materialistic brats who are beyond redemption. What part of the blame to we deserve?

The CCP is trying to “sell” their audacious offer by pointing out that “China can share its experiences in providing technical support to the WHO in order to organize the issue. China is the most experienced country in the world in using a health code system, while the WHO is the most proper organizer for the matter to ensure independence, fairness and data security”[1].

Where should we start in unpacking this shamelessly duplicitous statement?

Sharing technical support with the WHO – for at least the first eight weeks of the outbreak of the CCP virus in China, the WHO and CCP conspired to keep the truth from the World, thereby ensuring the 2.6 million deaths worldwide, so far.


Most experienced country in the world in using a health code system – indeed the CCP has their homegrown domestic digital certification of vaccination and social credit system. Citizens are scored based on social and public behavior such as support or criticism of Government, and this determines what privileges or restrictions an individual will face through their life. They are, quite simply, used as weapons to wield greater totalitarian control over the population.

The WHO is the most proper organizer for the matter to ensure independence, fairness and data security – the WHO abdicated its fundamental charter by acting as a partisan organ of the CCP in its attempt to subvert the World economy without concern for human life. It is therefore abundantly clear that the WHO, under current “leadership”, should not be in charge of a hot dog stand, let alone its expansive charter “worldwide promotion of health, keeping the world safe, and serving the vulnerable”.

Even the WHO, through its director of Health Emergencies, Dr. Michael Ryan, would not be so brazen, but rather declared that the WHO discouraged countries from implementing such a system. Dr. Ryan released a statement acknowledging the “real practical and ethical considerations” of such a program, and that such a system would only produce “inequity and unfairness.”

So why is the CCP so desperate to be in charge of a worldwide vaccine program? Because this would be the shortcut to its global master plan – to gain access to the genetic data of all humans; to be able to monitor everybody on the planet; to be able to control everybody by targeted gene editing; to be able to eliminate groups and races they deem problematic to their own hegemony; to enslave the rest as they have their own population. It is diabolical. It is unconscionable. It is grotesque. It is unbelievable. But it must be stopped.


The CCP is in a category of its own in “jumping the shark”[2]. Only the CCP is so far removed from international norms of behavior, so detached from civilized conduct, so isolated from ethics and faith as to create an undeclared biological war and then to set itself up as the solution and promote itself as the best supplier of biological warfare prevention equipment. Fantastic!

But, as we said, who can blame them? We raised them. We nurtured them. We encouraged them. We conspired with them. How can we now be surprised or chagrined that our baby grew up a psychopathic killer?

[1] “China demands to be in charge of global vaccine passport system”, Eric Lendrum, The Ohio Star, March 15, 2021.

[2] The idiom “jumping the shark” is pejorative, most commonly used in reference to unsuccessful gimmicks for promoting something. It is similar to “past its peak”, but it more specifically suggests an unwillingness to acknowledge the fact.

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