The Two White Paper Reports Are Equivalent to the Declaration of A War Against the CCP

In the the March 13, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that the release of the two “withe paper” reports on the CCP virus and the human rights in Hong Kong would be equivalent to the declaration of a war against the CCP by all mankind. Chinese people from different academic fields participated in the writing of the virus report. Many officers and insiders of Hong Kong government provided critical information for the writing of the Hong Kong human rights report. Their contribution will be recognized and acknowledges in these reports. Miles asked fellow fighters to have faith and be confident in this world and the Whistleblower Movement. 

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Dear fellow fighters, today is March 13th! Time flies! I almost mistakenly took today as March 12th. It’s March 13th already. After I posted the Getter yesterday, it seems that many big events are happening in the world. Many people have realized how important the two “white paper” reports are, but others still do not understand their importance. 

Let me give you a simple example. France – a bizarre country like France – always pretends to be tough, unconquerable, and full of personality. Yet in fact, it is easy to be knocked down. There are also countries known for their great inventions and also the limitations in their particular economic structures. I heard some people in these countries – I should be more cautious and do not disclose any secrets – I heard that two or three waves of them who initially participated in the writing of the “white paper” have withdrawn. They dare not participate anymore. Why, fellow fighters? Think about it. The publication of this white paper is equivalent to the declaration of a war by all mankind against the CCP. French politicians are still buying the CCP’s fake vaccines, and promoting the fraudulent vaccine economy – vaccine safety cards and health cards – aiming at controlling people, even after the virus has been confirmed as a biological warfare. Then are you helping the enemy attack your own people? Many participants did not dare to continue after participating for a certain period. Some became more and more afraid that they simply quit the job and went to live ordinary people’s lives. 

I have also heard that many U.S. organizations are looking forward to the official release of this white paper. Everyone should know that this was not started by the new administration of President Biden. The development of this paper has been continued from the last year of President Trump’s term to the present time, which shows the greatness of the U.S. as a country. Even though the country has become so chaotic, a major initiative like this was never stopped. Evidence continues to be collected. 

Ah, a rare and commendable thing: among the participants that wrote this “white paper”, there are important Chinese compatriots from the fields of science, academia, and biology, and the pharmaceutical industry. Consequently, Chinese people’s positive image has been greatly improved, the influence of which cannot be measured by anything including money. I believe the following will be acknowledged in the report when it is released: Conscientious Chinese people from academia, medical field, scientific community, and other fields inside China have supported, helped, and provided information for this report. Please remember what I said today.

Regarding the Hong Kong report – the Hong Kong human rights white paper report, we would like to thank the Hong Kong police officers who have a conscience. As the report is being compiled, we have been told that the critical elements are supported by the information provided by Hong Kong police and Hong Kong government insiders. Of course, there are contributions made by our fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement, right? The information they provided and the tremendous help they offered, will also be acknowledged in the future: Thanks to the conscientious police and government officials from Hong Kong and the conscientious people who risked their lives for the information. It has to be included. So, fellow fighters, we must always be full of confidence in this world. Whether facing thunder, rain, or cloud, you should have confidence that all these will pass. The sun still rises from the east. According to international conventions and international laws, this will cause the greatest harm to the CCP since the beginning of our Whistleblower Movement.

Of course, before this, the biggest harm to the CCP was the American First policies of the Trump administration. Sino-U.S. trade frictions, including the broad sanctions on the military-linked CCP companies in the U.S. have caused serious harm to them. Soft decoupling and complete decoupling inflict the greatest damage on the CCP. In the last year [of his administration], the most severe harm was to designate the CCP as having committed genocide and crimes against humanity. This is fatal to them. Of course, the Whistleblower Movement is throwing knives towards the CCP every day, which has never stopped. This is the top priority. We will not brag too much, right? Let’s stop being narcissistic.

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