GTV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (17th Mar, 2021)

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The top Chinese diplomats, Wang Yi, Yang Jiechi, and American diplomats Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan will hold an icebreaker dialogue since January 2019 in Alaska tomorrow, we’re looking forward to seeing which direction this meeting will lead. The P.R. China has become a world leader in quantum technology and is sending Fentanyl to the US at a record high. For the past week, the Quad has been pushing hard on the vaccine diplomacy contest, aiming at removing China from this contest. G7 and the EU condemned the CCP on the oppression of Hong Kong. By contrast, Boris Johnson’s administration is still cooperating with the CCP in trade and Australia fail to acknowledge the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang.

The world is still yet to fully aware of the sinister nature of the CCP, the GTV UK team is with Mr. Stephen K. Bannon today to continue unveiling the truth about the CCP.

1. Dr. Stella: Following the US State Department additionally identified 24 CCP and Hong Kong officials responsible for eroding Hong Kong autonomy, what concerns you the most about the first dialogue since January 2019 between top Chinese and American diplomats in Alaska tomorrow, on 18th March?

2. Dr. Ming: The EU envoys agree first sanctions against Beijing in three decades. After a one-year review, Boris Johnson’s government decides to espouse a policy of cooperating with the P.R.China in trade, investment, and climate change in spite of the CCP’s crackdowns on Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Meanwhile, Australian parliament failed to pass a motion recognizing the CCP’s genocide. What do you smell from these moves?

3. Castle: The P.R. China emerges as a world leader of quantum technology that is essential to next-generation communication and cryptography. What does this imply to the US and other western democracies?

4. Sky Sun: Fentanyl with chemicals supplied by China is flowing to the US at record high volume. How can the US fight and win this CCP’s unrestricted modern Opium War?

5. Dr. Ming: The Quad leaders pledged to distribute one billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to developing countries. How significant is this move to the Sino-Indo vaccine diplomacy contest?

6. Castle: After G7 and the EU issued a joint statement condemning the CCP’s oppression of Hong Kong, 17 countries including China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea formed a coalition in defense of the UN charter. Does the world divide into two factions, similar to NATO vs Warsaw Pact?

7. Dr. Stella: AMC’s Chinese owner gives up control over the world’s largest cinema chain. Meanwhile, Beijing ordered Alibaba to sell off its media assets including South China Morning Post. What are the arguable reasons behind the divestitures of these Chinese companies?

8. Dr. Ming: The Biden administration blacklisted five Chinese tech firms and further restricted supplies to Huawei that can be used with 5G services. Do you think Biden will keep a hard line against Chinese high techs?

9. Castle: Pentagon suggested that the US would lose faster to China in a kinetic war in Indo-Pacific based on a US air force simulation of a conflict that started with a Chinese biological attack, followed by missile strikes and ended by an invasion to Taiwan. What result do you expect if this war is real?

10. Sky Sun: Apple is moving its iPhone 12 production line out of China to India. Is this move an economic decoupling?

11. Sky Sun: The EU sanctions the CCP officials over genocide in Xinjiang for the first time since the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Will individual sanctions cover top CCP cadres, i.e. Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan?

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