Understanding Various CCP Virus Vaccines in China

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Through information obtained from various media websites, and observing the vaccination outcomes of people around me, I personally feel there are various vaccines listed in Communist China. The Communist Party uses different vaccines for different people and occasions.

Firstly, the “saline” vaccine. I have previously heard some vaccine factory produced “vaccines” that are really just saline. You are lucky if this is what you receive. Although it does not protect you against the CCP virus, it also does not harm the injected person.

Before New Year’s Eve, I met a circle of friends who had to go on business trips overseas who had to receive the vaccine because they needed to do business. I asked my friend if there were any adverse reactions after the vaccine injection, his feedback was it was normal and there were no adverse reactions.

My personal judgment is that the businessman received saline vaccine. This vaccine is likely to be used on foreigners, students, businessmen abroad, foreign students exploited for profit. It does not harm the injected person nor provide any protection.

Secondly, an inactivated vaccine that contains the virus. This vaccine is one which CCP uses for Phase I, II, and III of clinical trials. One of my cousins who works at a city hospital, was given a free dose of CCP vaccine at the hospital where she works before New Year’s Eve. She and most of her colleagues had major and minor adverse reactions. I concluded they were most likely given an inactivated vaccine with CCP virus given mainly to health care workers for free, using them as guinea pigs. Injecting this vaccine in the hospital has the advantage that if a serious adverse reaction is found, the hospital can also save the patient in time.

Lastly, an antidote that really works. This conclusion is reached by reading between the lines and joining the dots of what CCP says and what it does. From the outbreak of pandemic to date, not many CCP senior officials have been infected or died, indicating CCP has an antidote or an effective real vaccine. As the virus always mutate, CCP cannot effectively prepare a vaccine promptly. I believe these CCP officials are taking Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate (HCQ) as antidote.  

Contrary to the reports in the China Youth Network that claim that more than 5,000 delegates to the two sessions of the National People’s Congress were vaccinated against the CCP virus, I believe the grassroots delegates are injected with saline vaccine while the CCP senior officials are taking hydroxychloroquine sulfate and other antidotes. CCP will never tell the grassroots delegates to the Two Sessions that there is an antidote available for the CCP virus, which is inexpensive and effective.

The author has readers wonder:

  1. If Communist China is pursuing a vaccine economy at the expense of its people and the world?
  2. Is Communist China conducting a vaccine experiment on its own medical professional?
  3. Given the double standard and crafty practices revealed so far by the Whistleblower Movement, can CCP be trusted in its vaccine development?

Original article (Chinese)

Translator: Chinadoll6420

Editor: XO酱

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of GNEWS.org

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omg my guess is right the vaccine contains water only that’s why it doesn’t have side effects just numbness, but what if the vaccine contains water from brownie yangtze river or other contaminate river water? it would harm the body

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