China Insight| What’s the CCP Not Mention During the Recent National People’s Congress?

Author: Ru Wei
Translator: Peddington
Proofreader: Ana

[China Xinhua agency, Beijing, March 8] Chinese people often say that “silent is prevailing sound at this time.” “Nothing is said” often contains the same important information as “what is said.”  In the draft of the 14th Five-Year Plan , in stead of not  setting  specific targets for economic growth in the next five years, it’s quite seldom that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) only expresses the GDP index value as an average annual growth that “keeping within a reasonable range and proposed in each year as appropriate.” This is the first time without goal in the history of CCP’s  five-year planning.


The GDP has always been a pseudo-indicator that the CCP brags to the outside world and deceives the common people internally. Until now, I have no idea  what has this GDP been to do with the common people during daily life in the Communist China? The CCP uses GDP to fool the Communist China into the world’s second largest economy, exploiting the hard-earned money from the common people, and the poor people have to appreciate to the CCP to “make my country great.” But the CCP used to tribe “little brother” everywhere in the world, and never expense one dollar on the common people in the Communist China. The common people still have to feel good about themselves and think it’s a blessing to be born in the Communist China!

Global “Unrestricted  Biochemical Weapons”, Xinjiang “Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity”, Hong Kong “Repatriation Act, National Anthem Act, National Security Act, Electoral Law”, Inner Mongolia “Chinese Teaching”, Tibet’s preparation for the construction of “Sichuan-Tibet Railway”, Myanmar” Manipulating the coup, bloody suppression”…Too numerous to count CCP’s evils! The global economy fell precipitously, and let alone that  the  Communist China’s economy was in a mess. At this time, the superiority of the “Socialism of the Chinese Communist Party” dictatorship was demonstrated. GDP can be modified as they needs. and exports and imports can be modified as the CCP needs. Sino-foreign relations, can be modified as needs. In short, everything can be modified according to the CCP’s needs.

(Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s personal views, and has nothing to do with the GNEWS platform.)


Editor: Himalaya Italy Ana

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