The CCP Virus Is Lab-Made and the CCP Has Antidote for It

(February 1, 2021, Getter) Many top scientists are now standing up to address the question about the origin of the CCP virus, for example, Dr. Quay, a very influential doctor in the medical community. The CCP lied to the whole world about the truth of the virus. What’s even worse is that it hided the antidote from the whole world. The only means to defeat the virus and find the antidote is to take down the CCP.

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Dear brothers and sisters, now, whether it is in California or Europe, or whatever millet porridge or Laba porridge, every porridge or zhou (homonym for state) has got the most accurate information. The CCP coronavirus is killing people with the greatest harm and incredible contagion rate, infection rate, and mortality rate. At the same time, the top scientists of all mankind and the most trustworthy scientists, now all stand up and make their voice heard: This virus does not come from nature. It is a CCP virus and a laboratory-made virus.

Yesterday, when you watched Mr. Bannon interviewing Dr. Quay, did you understand the meanings? In the interview, Dr. Quay’s rigor, control of emotion and language control were world-class. He was very careful about every word he said. And everyone should know how powerful this person is? Many Chinese people simply regard him as a God [in the medical community]. He is the boss and founder of many pharmaceutical companies. He has saved countless people’s life. The sales of the medicine invented by him or his many companies have increased over 100 times in China. This person is amazing and is absolutely one of our fellow fighters, definitely a fellow fighter. I won’t say more about that, and let us wait and see.

Next, in Europe, Japan, and Switzerland, everyone, please keep in mind that don’t spread false information. Also please remember, there are too much false information around; the news about a Japanese doctor and a Nobel laureate are all fake. There are lots of true information to be discussed and disseminated. Why are you talking about false information? Any fellow fighter who spreads false information is our enemy. You will no longer be our fellow fighter because that will ruin a lot of people’s life. Never ever do that. There is no room for negotiation on this issue. As long as you release false news, you are our enemy, and we will immediately draw a line with you. There is no middle ground on this issue, and there is no question concerning whether it is good or bad. If you are not our enemy, then you are our friend and vice versa. So, the majority of scientists in the world have come forward to verify what our angel scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan said and what our Lude said on January 19 [2020]. Our Whistleblower Movement was the first and only real voice of the mankind, fellowed by Mr. Bannon’s War Room which shocked the world.

Think about it at this moment, every minute and every second, everyone is posting photos of CCP digging people’s anus and all the lies the CCP has told the world in the past, for example, the bat origin, right? Pangolins? One lie after another made by the WHO. From yesterday till now, I have clearly told everyone who contacted me: “Let me tell you this – the CCP created the CCP virus, which is a biological weapon, which is called COVID-19, and they have an antidote. The vaccine may not be successful, but there is an antidote.” This is why I told all these government agencies a year ago, “The only way you can find the cure is to take down the CCP.” Now I can tell people all over the world, “If you want to live, you need to take down the CCP or you can ask the CCP for antidote.” I can say it responsibly, “The CCP has an antidote!” 

This is why the CCP wants to promote the vaccine economy to the world and turn the vaccine economy into the CCP’s communist economy, the Chinese Communist Party economy, and the world Communist Party economy. Why are they able to control the infection rate and the timing of infection in all countries across different climatic regions and different time zones? These are all deviated from the results of historical and natural research, and are inconsistent with each other. They violate nature’s laws because they are artificial. Man-made means it is now controlled by people. Why aren’t the old motley thieves in the Zhongnan Pit infected but the Chinese people are being infected? 

The vaccine promoted in China is an auxiliary weapon helping the biological weapons to achieve genetic control. The mental and physical health of all mankind can be controlled by vaccines, including the control of human economy and even all human behaviors, which determines the life and death of all mankind. This is the “CCP zombie poison pill” that I, Miles Guo said four years ago before I started to expose the truth. Chinese people who know this “zombie pill” also understand the poison pill described in the martial arts novels that was used to control people in the past. This is the modern version of “zombie pill”, believe it or not. You don’t need to believe it, and we don’t care if you believe it or not. The Whistleblower Movement does not care if anyone believes it or not. If you don’t want to believe it, you don’t need to. If you’re willing to believe it, you can believe it. Whether you believe it or not, I do not care.

Everyone can just imagine how many people are coming here to ask me. I responded to them, “Now you all  think of us?” Miles Guo is not talking nonsense here, neither is our Whistleblower Movement. Now, many pharmaceutical companies are also dumbfounded. Selling vaccines by following the CCP will lead to their bankruptcy. No matter how much insurance is purchased, no insurance company can cover the deaths and humanitarian disasters of this scale caused by vaccines. Insurance companies will go bankrupt. Large pharmaceutical companies will go bankrupt, and of course politicians will be down as well.

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