[Opinion] Stealthy Use of Bioweapon and Pathogens Causing Brain Damage — A Concept Appeared in Teenager Science Book (V)

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This is a summary of the topics of stealthy use of bioweapon and neurotropic pathogens outlined in the bioweapon book designated for teenagers, “The Cutting-edge Weapon Technology of High Concern to Teenagers—Scientific Knowledge on Bioweapons” by Feng Wenyuan. I will call it the teenager’s bioweapon book. This book is currently downloadable on amazon.com and Google Play Books.

Pathogens Causing Brain Damage

The book proposes a bioweapon that can cause brain damage on pages 44-46 in Volume 1. Below is the translation of the excerpt:

The Range of Usage

There are many simple ways of using genetic bioweapon. Humans, planes, missiles, or artilleries can deliver genetically modified bacteria, bacteria-carrying insects, and microorganisms with pathogenic genes into the main rivers, cities, or major transportation routes in other countries. The virus (or bacteria) will be allowed to propagate naturally, multiply and cause an incurable disease in a short time among humans and livestock so that they quietly lose the ability to fight on an invisible battlefield. This kind of weapon is hard to detect, hard to defend, and hard to treat. Some scientists have more concerns over it than some nuclear scientists’ concerns over the atomic bomb.

Pay attention to genetic bioweapons. In the research on the genetic diversity among human races, it was found that different races have differences in their genes. These differences may be exploited by racists and terrorists. They could use the genome diversity among different ethnicity to design and develop an ethnic genetic bioweapon through genetic engineering. Thus, posing a potential or harmful threat to an ethnic group or threatening the national security of a country.

Genetic bioweapon has extremely high destructive power, which is unmatched by conventional biological agents. As estimated, if spending 50 million USD building a genetic bioweapon arsenal, its destructive power far exceeds that of a 5-billion-USD nuclear arsenal. A country has used the bio-catalysis of DNA in cells to isolate the DNA of a virus and fuse that with the DNA of another virus; they are combined to form an extremely toxic “Botulinum toxin” genetic biological agent. 1/10,000 of a milligram of this toxin can kill 100 cats; 20 grams is enough to wipe out the entire world’s population of 5.5 billion people. Therefore, some foreigners called the “genetic bioweapon” the “doomsday weapon.” Scientists believe they cannot rule out the possibility of using genetic technology to create genetic bioweapons as the knowledge of gene manipulation becomes more popular. Some people even predict that genetic bioweapons will appear within 5-10 years.

Strategically, genetic bioweapon will significantly change the forms of warfare. The invader only needs to send genetically modified pathogens to a foreign country before the war or use airplanes or missiles to deliver microorganisms with pathogenic genes to transportation routes, cities of the targeted country and let the virus reproduce naturally. This will cause an incurable disease among humans and livestock on the enemy’s side so that they will lose the ability to fight. Moreover, genetic bioweapons can be created by genetic recombination at will. A gene that impairs human intellectual ability can be inserted into some microorganisms. The population of a certain ethnicity will suffer from impaired intellectual ability when they contract the pathogen that carries gene damaging intellectual ability.

Tactically, genetic bioweapons are hard to detect and hard to defend since only the creators know about the genetic “code” of the modified virus or bacteria, and others have a hard time deciphering and controlling the pathogen. Meanwhile, the massacre by genetic bioweapon happened secretly. People usually cannot detect and implement effective preventions beforehand. It will be too late when they feel the damages. They are already under the attack of the genetic virus, and the treatment will be strenuous. In addition, genetic bioweapons have low costs, lasting damage, simple ways to use, and multiple delivery methods. They create a strong psychological deterrence effect without destroying the enemy’s infrastructures and weapons. 

The original Chinese text is below:


First of all, I want to point out a mistake in the excerpt above. The book was poorly-written. It stated Botulinum toxin could be created by fusing the DNA of two viruses. This statement was a misconception because Botulinum toxin is a toxic protein, not a virus. The author probably wanted to say that the recombination of the DNA of two viruses could form a new virus bioweapon. Through gene editing, it is also possible to create a virus that produces protein toxins.

In the third paragraph, the excerpt envisions that a bioweapon can impair human intellectual ability or cause brain damage. This plan is being carried out right now. Lude Media reported on February 20, 2021, that the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed research on neurotropic viruses that are comparable to Japanese encephalitis and rabies1. Lude noted that the CCP is interested in a bioweapon pathogen that can cross the blood-brain barrier and damage the brain. It is unknown whether such a neurotropic bioweapon has been created, but the CCP is certainly conducting unethical researches in this direction. According to BBC News, the COVID-19 virus caused brain damage among some patients, leading to delirium and seizure2. If this claim is true, then a neurotropic bioweapon virus is already wreaking havoc around the globe.

Moreover, the excerpt states that the killing by genetic bioweapon is done secretly. The CCP’s biowarfare emphasizes committing perfect crimes by releasing bioweapons secretly. We should also note the excerpt calls for the release of bioweapon “before the war.” The CCP basically plans to use bioweapon against civilians during times of peace. The current COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a clandestine bioweapon unleashed by the CCP.

Stealthy Release of Bioweapon

Another instance that the book proposes to use bioweapon secretly, illustrating on page 47, Volume 1.

Weapon Effects

Comparing to other modern weapons, besides the fact that genetic bioweapon is hard to defend and hard to treat after being attacked, it also has the advantages of being inexpensive, easy to produce, convenient to use, and high in destructive power. Genetic bioweapon can be deployed by humans, conventional artilleries, warships, aircraft, balloons, or missiles. It can be deployed in the frontline, or in the rear of the enemy, in rivers, lakes, cities, or transportation hubs to cause diseases that spread quickly.

If a super hemorrhagic fever pathogen “genetic bioweapon” is delivered into the enemy’s water system, it will destroy the life of residents near the waterway. This is more destructive than nuclear weapons. Once genetic bioweapon is deployed in future wars (by the users or invaders), it will profoundly change the future warfares.

The mode of war will change. The two opposing sides may use genetic bioweapons before the war to destroy the enemy’s personnel and their habitat. This mode will undermine a nation or country’s ability to combat. It will experience an economic recession, thus being conquered without bloodshed.

The structure of military units will change. Combat troops may reduce, while medical support troops may expand. 

The strategic weapons and tactical weapons will combine as one. In the future, the battlefield is invisible, so it is hard to collect information to control the battlefields. This brings new challenges to military defense and military medical research.

The original Chinese text is below:


The book again proposes using bioweapon “before the war” to conquer enemies. The CCP is currently releasing COVID-19 in an undeclared surprise attack.


  1. Communist China Uses State Funds to Support Top Scientists to Create New Cross-Species Transmissible, Highly Infectious, Highly Pathogenic Viruses“, GBW and WMSky, GNews, February 26, 2021.
  2. How Covid-19 can damage the brain“, Cormier, Zoe, Future Section, BBC News, June 22, 2020.

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My translation and explanation of the PLA’s biowarfare textbook “The Unnatural Origin of SARS-1 and the Man-made Human Virus as a Genetic Bioweapon” are shown below. Chapter 3 is skipped because it delves into basic knowledge such as evolution, mutation, and phylogenic tree, without any direct reference to bioweapons.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 4 (part 2)

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Chapter 6

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