Zhongxin Skyscraper Caught Fire in Shijiazhuang City. Is the Insulation Material for the Building Fire-Resisting or Fire-Welcoming?

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Screenshot from Dante’s Inferno video game

All were in a mess with thick smokes rolling, flames leaping, plus a mixture of screams and shouts. That was not a simulated scene for filmmaking, but a true happening in our real life. On March 9, 2021, a 111-meter-high building with 26 floors caught fire in Shijiazhuang city.  From live videos we can see that the fire was violent and ruined materials kept falling from the sky, which put people, vehicles and buildings nearby in huge danger.

It is reported that the fire caused by the outer insulation layer of the building, which puzzles people very much. Since the outer insulation layer is supposed to be fire-resisting, how could it cause fire instead of stop fire from attacking?  If it happens once or two, it may be an accident.  However, this kind of fire has happened many times in CCP China since 2010.  This is absolutely not an accident.

There is no accident, and everything is inevitable in CCP China.  CCP rules the country by cheating and it leads to fraud in all kind of industries.  Low quality construction material keeps commercial or residential buildings, roads and bridges in high danger possibility.  The firing, tilting or collapsing keeps happening.  Living by the lowest income and exhausting two generations’ savings, Chinese people own the most expensive but lowest quality or security houses.  How pity they are!

As the saying goes: water or fire is merciless, love lives among humans. But under CCP’s regime, not only is violent water or fire merciless, but also is human love disappeared. Take down the CCP, let love refill Chinese nation.

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