CCP forcefully confiscate vital medical supplies for the regime

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The WHO just declare the Wuhan virus outbreak as a worldwide medical emergency, China as the outbreak ground 0 is facing unprecedented challenges. However, in this dire hour, the CCP disregards the lives of millions, and forcefully confiscate all vital medical supplies into its own hands. Let’s take a look at the following incidents that reveal CCP’s deep corruption.

First picture


Today, my friend gave me a big business opportunity, but I refused her. She wanted to purchase 500,000 N95 masks, price is flexible, even this order is expensive, she is willing to accept. As long as I accept this order, she will give me a 30% down payment. Without masks, her factory will not be able to open their business, and the factory will probably consume a thousand masks per day. They went to the local mask factory to seek supplies, but the front door was guarded by government officials, and all of the produced masks were already confiscated by the families of CCP officials, it’s impossible for any regular citizen to obtain even one mask. (related information)

Second Picture

Person 1 said all masks he purchased in Japan were forcefully confiscated by Chinese customs. Person 2 asks if the masks were confiscated by the Nanjing custom, and ask how were the masks confiscated. Person 1 confirmed that masks were indeed forcefully confiscated by the Nanjing customs, and the custom called, he either accepts the confiscation by the custom or all of these masks would be sent back to Japan. 

3rd picture

This picture shows an announcement that was made by the Chinese General Administration of Customs

On Jan 27th, the Chinese General Administration of Customs made a national announcement, requires all customs houses around the country to accelerate clearance of all medical supplies that are directed at the novel coronavirus, the custom-houses should strengthen supplies to the market, and ensure victory over this virus outbreak.

The announcement requires, the Chinese General Administration of Customs and all of its immediate customs should establish protection mechanism and expedited process for all medical supplies directed at the novel coronavirus. All immediate custom houses should follow their emergency codes, and make sure all imported medicines, sanitizing tools, protection gears, medical equipment to be deployed quickly through all kinds of transportation methods, traveler carry and mail(Official announcement targets travelers’ private things!). In addition, by using the two steps declare method, declare ahead of time, batch declare and guarantee release, to achieve immediate delivery and immediate acceptance, furthermore, all custom houses should achieve no delay when handling supplies related to the outbreak. Under unusual circumstances, custom houses can register the goods first and then submit the attached documents, and apply duty free status for all outbreak medical supplies.

The last two pictures showed that Red Cross Wuhan receive two letters from CCP officials that stated they are coming to Red Cross to take medical supplies for themselves. This kind of paper approvement was a product of the Mao time!

Though, the CCP made an announcement urging all custom houses to accelerate the release of medical supply, from the evidence above, we can see in reality the CCP have complete control over all of the medical supplies, such level of control is unseen since the Cultural Revolution Era when China’s command economy was at its highest. 

Unfortunately, CCP’s corruption does not end here, from the last two pictures, we can see that CCP officials can personally claim medical supplies with two pieces of paper and a red seal, while thousands of Chinese citizens are dying in their own homes and doctors and nurses are exposed to the virus without any protection. 

The Wuhan novel coronavirus outbreak shows the true color of the CCP to the entire world, and the Chinese people, more and more Chinese people are waking up to the truth, the year of 2020 will indeed be the year of reckoning. 

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Jan. 31, 2020