Wuhan Red Cross, where did our donations and donated materials go?

Wang qishan, chairman of the Red Cross society of China

Every time there is a major disaster in China, on the one hand, the international community generously lend a helping hand, on the other hand, the domestic people are also eager to donate money and materials, and actively help each other. However, the communist government always rejects international humanitarian aid, at the same time,it also stipulates that domestic donations must be unified through its proxy, the Chinese Red Cross. I’ll use the follow picture to prove, the Red Cross society of China exactly what role?

Special fund for new coronavirus prevention and control :

The money has been raised:558022416.95 (CNY)

Money has been spent:0(CNY)

Balance: 558022416.95 (CNY)

Flow direction of masks: scenic area office 10.000, civil affairs department 20.000, the hospitals of Putians 16.000, we and Union hospital who are one the front line 3000 .

The Hubei provincial charity system and the Hubei Red Cross society had received a total of 4.26 billion CYN in donations and 5.29 million items of materials as of 12 am Wednesday.The Union hospital was given 3, 000 masks and the average medical staff was given less than half.

This outbreak, the Union hospital has been at the forefront.

A disposable raincoat is used as a protective suit

Plastic buckets are used as a medica shield

Two nurses were making medical shields

The doctor wore a face mask made of non-woven cloth

Medical supplies donated by people all over the country have been stockpiled by the Wuhan Red Cross in GuoBo warehouse for sale after the outbreak.That’s what they do all the time!

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Reporting:Bai Ye

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