Communist China’s Second Cultural Revolution’ Has Begun

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-March 15, 2021:

• Global Times: The U.S. Is Keen to Use Japan and South Korea as Leverage
o Hasn’t China been using North Korea and Iran as bargaining chips with the U.S.?

o The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is making excuses for the “bathroom meeting” in Alaska they begged for and trying to give an explanation to the Chinese people inside the Great Fire Wall.

o The article acknowledged that the CCP already knew that the U.S. delegation was coming to discuss with Korea about decoupling from Communist China.

o With U.S. support, Asia can quickly build an economy without China.

• Pan Shiyi’s son was sought by the CCP for slandering the martyrs of the border on Weibo.

o The CCP is now going after Wang Qishan’s white glove, SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi.

o The money of the wealthy Chinese is just money that the CCP let them keep temporarily, and one day they will have to return it back.

o If Pan Shiyi does not hand over all his assets, including those overseas, he and his family will be put in jail.

o The Second Cultural Revolution has begun, and neither the rich nor the CCP’s red nobility can escape this time.

• Mr. Lu De suggests that China’s tycoons wake up and join the Whistleblower Movement as soon as possible before the CCP purges them.

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