Issues of the Two Sessions: China Intends To Reduce English Teaching in Its Education System but Increase Chinese Teaching. Is This a Preparation for Closing Up From International Community?

  • Author: 蚂蚁兄弟
  • Proofreader: 阿伯塔
  • Translator: 里奇

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In 2021, the two sessions of the People’s Republic of China has revised the Hong Kong Election Law, torn up the one country, two systems agreement and brought a society of democracy, freedom, and  separation of powers to the leadership of the CCP. Thence the dictator decides everything, and there is no freedom at all.

In addition, an important decision has been made in terms of education. Wang Xuming, the former spokesperson of the Ministry of Education and the president of the Language Publishing House, has openly appealed two consecutive days for a cancel of primary school English classes and meanwhile an increase of Chinese education.  He said that all extra-curriculum English classes should be banned so as to liberate pupils and save sinology. May I ask President Wang—you think the courses of Chinese Studies, the History of the Party, Politics, and Xi Jinping’s New Era Course of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, which will replace English classes, can really play a role in liberating children?

Many representatives believe that students spend a lot of time on English learning but finally it results in no use. Few students apply English in their future work and study. But here comes another question — how many children of NPC deputies do not live abroad? Children from poor families can only live in the country. Will they be deprived of their future opportunities to communicate with the world?

English is not very popular in China. As English becomes an optional course, English training institutions will gradually be shut down. As a result, children living in the society under CCP’s rule will have fewer and fewer opportunities to get into contact with English. Is this a preparation for closing up the country?

The author’s insight: The internationalization of Hong Kong people colonized by Britain has caused great panic to the CCP. This might be their motivation to cancel or reduce English learning?

Today’s children will in 2035 and 2049 become the mainstay of social development. With the current brainwashing of political education, they will be more isolated from the outside world in the future. Do the NPC deputies who have made this proposal think that so long as their own children understand English, it does not matter the children from poor families learn English or not?

Is it also a good way to get the children of NPC deputies to easily rule the children from average families in the future by blind their eyes and ears, getting them unable to read and see the outside world and to communicate with the world? Once a class-oriented and centralized society has formed and the children from average families will be slaves forever?

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