Lude Times Brief 2021.03.13 Morning:CCP enters a new stage of brainwashing and fooling people

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CCP enters a new stage of brainwashing and fooling people

During the Two Sessions, Xi stated that the chaos of after-school training institutions is a persistent problem that is difficult to supervise. Beijing, Shanghai and some other regions immediately issued red header documents demanding thorough investigations. Such actions are truly anti-intellectual and antihuman. Xi wish to lower people’s English level. One of the policy of the Shang Yang’s Five Tactics is to fool people. Xi’s duaghter received high education in the West and must speak very good English. It’s simply a double standard. It is human nature to pursue knowledge.  The CCP want to deprive people of such right to make them more and more foolish and be apt to be brainwashed. The evil of the CCP is unprecedented.

The CCP is tightening its control on ideology, starting from children. After-school training institutions always teach some contents beyond textbooks, especially of English learning, which will inevitably touch Western civilization and values. Now even such a small window will be shut down. The regression of ideology will exacerbate decoupling from the West. The CCP instructed education to follow “Seven Don’t Speaks”: not to talk about universal values, freedom of speech, civil society, civil rights, the historical errors of the CCP, official bourgeoisie, judicial independence, not to talk about the advantage of civilization other than the CCP, not to talk about the bourgeoisie within the CCP that is superior than the commons. All of these indicate a recidivation of the Cultural Revolution which is extremely horrible

Red Lines set by the U.S : Don’t complain that I don’t warn you in advance

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander revealed what were the red lines the U.S. set for Communist China. Actions will be taken against the CCP if it crosses. Stavridis was the 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. The U.S. overall maritime strategic posture is predicated on creating a global maritime coalition to face the CCP’s highly capable forces. These red lines include “any nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons action by China against the U.S. or its allies or by North Korea; any Chinese military attack against Taiwan or its offshore islands, including an economic blockade or major cyberattack against Taiwanese public infrastructure and institutions; any Chinese attack against Japanese forces in their defense of Japanese sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, and their surrounding exclusive economic zone in the East China Sea; any major Chinese hostile action in the South China Sea to further reclaim and militarize islands, to deploy force against other claimant states, or to prevent full freedom of navigation operations by the U.S. and allied maritime forces; and any Chinese attack against the sovereign territory or military assets of U.S. treaty allies.”

Stavridis is a U.S. Navy veteran. He was the then commander-in-chief of the USS Enterprise carrier strike group in the Iraq War during 2002—2004 and had rich experience. It is a common practice of the U.S that a retired general appears to make address to represent official release. What is not appropriate for the current government to release will be made public known by this way. At U.S. Indo-Pacific headquarters, strategic, operational and tactical teams are putting together new approaches for deploying American forces. These new options will be sent back to the Pentagon as part of the overall “posture review” being undertaken by new Secretary of Defense General Lloyd Austin. In particular, the Pentagon is hoping to include British, French and other NATO allies in the effort. Over time, the U.S. would like to convince Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam to participate in such deployments.

The red line is a common expression used by the CCP. It understands best what the red line means when the U.S set the red lines for it. As the former Supreme Commander of NATO, he represents the power of the backbone of the U.S. Hillary considered inviting him to run as vice president in 2016. President Trump has also considered him as Secretary of State. So his words, which represent the unified attitude of the two parties and NATO, count for a lot.  It is intolerable for the CCP to undermine the current international order. This is to pay the way for the next step to hold the CCP accountable. Then there will be direct actions. The most critical point in the red lines is “any nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons action by China against the U.S. or its allies”. If the virus is found out that it originated from laboratory and is used by the CCP as bioweapon, then the U.S and NATO will launch military operations.

There is a lot of information in his address, in addtion to the explanation of strategy, more tactical operations are mentioned too. The CCP launches unrestricted warfare; while U.S. forces launch conventional warfare. Once the war begin, the U.S. forces are definitely capable of destroying all of the CCP’s long-range counterattack forces in no time. The speech shows that the U.S. military is fully prepared. Miles Guo said a white paper on the virus would come out soon. Military intelligence has made the determination. Only a new strategic and tactical plan is being worked on. All kinds of measures have been prepared against the CCP: the best one, the normal one and the worst one.  These measure will be taken according to the CCP’s acts and reponses.  The CCP has been given an opportunity to cooperate with the WHO in Wuhan, but it didn’t.  as the CCP says: dont’ complain that I don’t warn you in advance.  If the CCP can’t be counted on to exterminate the CCP, the U.S is also making preparation to take the moral high ground and waiting for a fuse. Actions will be taken very quickly. the core is the determination of bioweapon, that’s to exterminate the CCP by virus. The West has spoken with all kindness but the CCP has insisted on doing all the evils. The most greatness of the Whistleblower Movement is that it makes everyone know how to prepare in advance.  The ectermination of the CCP is going on step by step according to the schedule, no matter who is president. The backbone of the U.S has resolved to destroy the CCP. Now It is the great age of destoying CCP.

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