U.S. Condemns China for Uyghur Genocide and Tibetan Persecution at U.N. Rights Forum 

Writer: Lois

The Biden administration finally condemned the human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against Uyghurs and Tibetans at a U.N. Rights Forum held on Friday. 

“We condemn China’s abuse of members of ethnic and religious minority groups including crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang and severe restrictions in Tibet,” U.S. chargé d’affaires Mark Cassayre stated.

British U.N. ambassador Julian Braithwaite also expressed Britain’s concerns regarding the CCP’s human rights violations: 

“We remain deeply concerned by the extensive and systematic human rights violations in Xinjiang, including credible reports of forced labour and forced birth control.”

U.S. authorities say Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to raise the topic of Uyghur genocide with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi next week in Anchorage, Alaska. 

However, the CCP continues to deny allegations of its human rights violations, including against Uyghurs in Xinjiang province, where over 1 million are locked in concentration camps. The communist regime insists its Xinjiang internment camps are merely vocational training centres built to prevent Islamist extremism and separatism. 

In 1950, the CCP invaded and occupied Tibet. Since then, Tibetan citizens have been brutally treated, yet Communist China covers up this occupation and persecution with fabricated historical fantasies of the CCP as liberators of the Tibetans from so-called feudal, theocratic tyranny.

Cuba sided with Communist China on behalf of 64 countries, declaring other nations should refrain from interfering in China’s internal affairs. The communist nation claimed all allegations against the CCP were politically motivated and unreasonable.

Furthermore, Chen Xu, the CCP ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva, asserted that China rejected any politicisation of human rights issues.

Mr Cassayre and Mr Braithwaite also raised Communist China’s treatment of Hong Kong, where 47 activists were charged under the new security law imposed by the CCP. Some activists were jailed and rejected by the court in their requests for bail.
The new law punishes what the CCP defines as secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces, with prison sentences up to a lifetime.

“We condemn Hong Kong authorities’ detention of democratic activists for exercising their rights and freedoms and call for their immediate release,” said Mr Cassayre.

Reuters. (March 13, 2021). U.S. condemns China at U.N. rights forum for abuse of Uighurs, Tibetans.

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