U.S. National Security Adviser Says Tariffs Not a Central Concern in China Negotiations

Writer: Lois

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated in Friday’s White House press conference that tariffs and export controls would not be prioritised in their first in-person discussion with China next week.

“This is our effort to communicate clearly to the Chinese government how the United States intends to proceed at a strategic level, what we believe our fundamental interests and values are, and what our concerns with their activities are,” said Mr Sullivan.

“I don’t expect that, for example, the phase one trade deal is going to be a major topic of conversation next week.”

The meeting agenda is expected to include various issues, like the COVID-19 or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus pandemic, climate change, and China’s treatment of Hong Kong. President Joe Biden, who is known to have questionable CCP connections, has also expressed his interest in working with Beijing in supposed areas of mutual concern.

During a House Foreign Affairs Committee also held on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated the meeting would be an essential opportunity for the Biden administration to express its concerns regarding Beijing’s threats to the United States and its allies.

According to the U.S. Department of State, Mr Sullivan and Mr Blinken will meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and CCP member Yang Jiechi at Anchorage, Alaska.

The Biden administration’s approach to U.S.-China affairs is quite different from the Trump administration’s stance, which used economic tactics to keep Communist China at bay. Under Trump’s White House, China also agreed to a phase one trade deal with the U.S. to ramp up its U.S. agricultural goods imports. However, the Biden administration is now reviewing the Trump administration’s trade policies.

The Hill. (March 12, 2021). Sullivan says tariffs will not take center stage in talks with China.

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