CCP’s “Patriotic” Education Brainwashes Hong Kong Children

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The river winds its way southwards and flows to Xiangjiang (the nickname of Hong Kong) to have a look at the Pearl of the Orient, my love, are you still romantic and graceful?

A beautiful song “Pearl of the Orient”, is sung with affection about Hong Kong before the handover: a shining Pearl, which used to be one of the richest, most developed, most free and most open regions in the world. 24 years after the handover to the Chinese Communist Party in 1997, Hong Kong is no longer a shining Pearl of freedom and its romantic style (and grace) is gone.

Members of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) suggested that Hong Kong’s education should learn from the Chinese Communist Party and promote national education in schools. They suggested that the Hong Kong flag-raising corps should be stationed in schools to teach Hong Kong children to raise the national flag and sing the national anthem, replicating the brainwashing education of the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong schools. The Chinese Communist Party has been in power for 70 years and has been conducting so-called patriotic ideological education. The Party and government departments, universities and colleges, primary school and even kindergartens in the Communist China all have activities to sing the national anthem and raise the national flag. However, the residents of the Communist China have become the third largest immigrant exporter in the world. Why do people who have received patriotic education since childhood choose to leave their motherland one after another? Has patriotic education failed? Are they unpatriotic and unwilling to take social responsibility? Or is it the system?

In 2019, the “anti-extradition” protest broke out in Hong Kong, and the Chinese Communist Party violently enforced the law in Hong Kong. After the implementation of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, Hong Kong became a total dictatorship. After just 24 years, Hong Kong’s splendor was gone. A large number of Hong Kong people have chosen to immigrate.

There is no one who does not love his country. The country is made up of countless families. If a country is controlled by an evil authoritarian Party, if the safety of his own and his family’s lives and the safety of his property is not guaranteed, such patriotism is just helping tyranny, because the country has been kidnapped by this political Party. Only when this political Party is overthrown and a new country is re-established with civilization, freedom, democracy and the rule of law. There will be no need for compulsory patriotic education and everyone will love their country from  their heart.

When only then by overthrowing the Communist Party will Hong Kong regain its name and charm as being the Pearl of the Orient.

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