[Biohazard] 6. Dr. Yan Escaped Hong Kong

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Abstract: Dr. Yan was determined to leave Hong Kong in an urgent situation. The CCP has never relieved the surveillance and persecution of her. Lude and Mr. Miles Guo arranged the protection scheme with the fellow fighters along her way. Dr. Yan fled to America.

This chapter takes the reference on the live streams of Miles Guo on May 2 and on July 12, 2020, as well as the live stream of Lude on July 12, 2020, which tells the escaping story of Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

On April 28, 2020, Dr. Li-meng Yan, a respected virologist and scientist at the School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong, holding both MD and Ph.D. degrees, went to Hong Kong airport.  She did not carry her phone for daily use in order to get away from people who might track her through modern technical means. She boarded the Cathay Pacific flight to Los Angeles like an ordinary passenger. She was well aware that submerged in the huge passenger data, she only needed one link to alert the people monitoring her and they would use any means to kidnap her at the airport and even recall the flight that had already taken off. Once she fell into their hands, she would most likely become one of the many floating corpses on the Hong Kong sea.

Dr. Yan’s personal safety was greatly threatened after she risked contacting Lude and disclosing the inside story of the Wuhan epidemic (see [Biohazard] 5. Dr. Yan’s Discovery). Mr. Miles Guo revealed that Dr. Yan was spied and faced many threats to her life some time before she intended to flee Hong Kong and that with no doubt those bad people surely supposed to disappear her.  While the CCP took action, the intelligence war on the Whistleblower Movement side got launched also. The fellow fighters collected detailed information including the execution plan of disappearing Dr. Yan.  Lude warned Dr. Yan neither to eat any food offered by others nor to meet anyone alone, in the meantime, contact him every 5 minutes. Dr. Yan also stopped following Lude’s media to relieve her husband’s suspicion.

A few days before leaving Hong Kong Dr. Yan noticed that her husband received the phone call from Malik Peiris secretly and obsequiously. After that he made the breakfast for Dr. Yan, then spent the whole day in front of the computer with nothing to do, behaving nervously and suspiciously. Lude who got the intelligence beforehand told Dr. Yuan not to eat. Dr. Yan, in order not to arouse suspicion, only took one bite with the excuse of not feeling so well.

Screenshot of a Chinese Drama about a wife poisoned her husband.

Dr. Yan’s husband reminded her to have breakfast at noon and then reminded again in the afternoon. It was like one plot in a Chinese classic novel hundred years ago, in which one woman served the poisonous dish to her husband for murdering him.  Even with that one bite, Dr. Yan has felt excessively sleepy and extremely uncomfortable with her accelerating heart rate. In fact, the breakfast was drugged that could induce a sudden cardiac death but would not leave a trace after metabolism.

For having the natural effect on Dr. Yan’s disappearance, Malik Peiris sent an email to Steve Bannon, saying that Dr. Yan had a heart problem. Feeling ill at heart after breakfast, Dr. Yan went to the hospital to make a medical examination that showed the sign of heart disease. Furthermore, her husband proposed a trip to take her to a strange beach in the afternoon, no one knows what would happen if it realized. Lude and Dr. Yan arranged her flee plan during those highly stressful days.

The intelligence war was a process of falsehood. Lude later revealed at his live stream program that they deliberately exposed the flaws to mislead the CCP. Dr. Yan bought a new cellphone with a different number as soon as she decided to flee Hong Kong. She texted with her old daily-use phone that she would take a private jet to leave Hong Kong and land on a U.S. military aircraft carrier. On the other hand, she arranged the itinerary as well as the flight ticket using the new cellphone. They got the cover of Miles Guo who said on his live stream that the virologist had already arrived in Europe. 

Many days after Lude talked about the private jet. In Hong Kong, passengers on private jets are a key target for intelligence agencies to monitor. Instead, the civilian airline is much safer due to its huge passenger flow. Lude has claimed in his talk show, “We can pick the scientist up in a private jet and land on a U.S. military aircraft carrier”. While those who monitored Dr. Yan doubtfully scrutinized any suspicious passengers in private jets and studied the technical feasibility of landing private jets on aircraft carriers, Dr. Yan’s civilian flight had already been scheduled.

Lude also revealed in order to rescue Dr. Yan, when arranging the booking, one letter in her name was deliberately misspelled for avoiding her information being checked out. In accordance with the airline practice, a letter is in the range of tolerance, which would not affect the boarding. However, it is this misspelled letter that makes it steeply more difficult to query her – one of the common tricks of the intelligence system that Mr. Miles Guo is familiar with. In plus, you can enjoy some benefits that are not offered to a coach ticket like the last-minute itinerary change. That is why at the beginning the booking did not use Dr. Yan’s name, which was changed at the approaching of the departure.

Dr. Yan went to P3 lab every day for the period of time before she left. It was normal to lose contact when she was inside the lab. She left her daily-use cellphone at Hong Kong University on April 28 to avoid any suspicion. Dozens of fellow fighters secretly protected her, risking their lives to put her on the plane. Many fellow fighters on the key posts in both China and Hong Kong protected her. Among them, two fellow fighters were arrested shortly after she boarded the plane.

Before Dr. Yan safely arrived in the eastern US, Lude as usual hosted his political talk show in the morning and evening.  Careful viewers could notice that Lude kept checking his cellphone during the shows and even stepped away from the desk when the guests speaking. Actually, in this course, he kept in contact with Dr. Yan and arranged her itinerary. During the voyage of over 10,000 km, Dr. Yan dared not to eat anything for fear of being poisoned or drugged. She also knew the opponents’ approaches, once exposed, they could use the power of the state to force the flight to return over the Pacific Ocean.

When confirmed that Dr. Yan has arrived in the US and got in the highest level of security, CCP knew the situation changed. One month later in June 2020, Malik Peiris promptly retired from his position. As one of the most renowned professors at the Hong Kong University, he did not even make the farewell party. Having abandoned the huge research fund he just got from Carrie Lam, he directly fled back to his hideout in Sri Lanka (See [Biohazard] 3. The Demon of Lange Mountain).

(To be continued…)

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