[Opinion] Investigation of the Deep-Seated Reasons Behind the Virus Hatred Against Chinese

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Since last year, the United States has seen a sharp increase in violent attacks against Asians, especially Chinese. More than 2,800 such cases have occurred across the United States. Among them, New York and California have become the hardest-hit areas, accounting for almost half of the country’s total. There have even been cases of serious injuries and deaths, triggering social panic. Regarding such cases, there has been some commotion on the Internet, but there’s always more said than being done. Law enforcement officials lack investigations into the background and motives of the perpetrators, and their scarce accountability is questioned. The mainstream media has only focused on the previous government’s remarks about the “China virus”. As we face this raging wave of crimes against Asians, every Chinese must not only maintain “zero tolerance”, but also delve into the reason behind it and whether it is really Trump’s view of the “virus coming from China”, as the mainstream media says. This statement affects the people knowingly or unknowingly, thereby causing the people to discriminate and retaliate against Chinese people. In order to clarify the facts, relevant information was analyzed and compared with previous hate crime cases against other ethnic groups. The reason behind the virus hatred against the Chinese is not simple.

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A. The criminal motive lacks reasonable evidence. Presently, the mainstream media blames the outbreak of these hate cases on Trump’s statement about the “China virus”, in which perpetrators associate the virus with anyone who looks “Asian”. The criminals have insufficient investigations and distinguishable motives for why all Asians represent the virus. If these crimes against China are really due to the spread of the CCP virus, which caused the right-wing forces to hate and retaliate against the CCP, why did most of these cases occur in Democratic states rather than Republican states where the right-wing forces have the upper hand? What is even more strange is that such cases often occur during the day and in densely populated areas. This kind of deliberate exposure in public reveals the hatred and simultaneously does not seem to reveal worry about the legal consequences which may follow. Due to political pressure and public opinion, Democrats will choose covert ways to commit crimes. According to online video evidence, many perpetrators are ethnic minorities, conflicting with the media’s “white supremacy” label. Additionally, judging from the information of some criminals published on the Internet, these thugs had multiple criminal prosecutions before the epidemic. Moreover, even if people are affected by the virus, the motives behind such violence cause one to wonder about any other organization’s participation or benefit from this dirty setup. Otherwise, we may just look for excuses for such habitual offenders. On the contrary, these crimes may also create new prejudices and bring greater social discrimination to Trump supporters who have been stigmatized for no reason.

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B. There are loopholes in law enforcement accountability. Also equally affected by the virus, why do Republican states, which support Trump, appear to be calmer in this hatred for China, while the Democratic states, which are more opposed to Trump, suffer more? As we all know, the latter’s publicity against racial discrimination is louder and more invested; the former emphasizes the rule of law, order, fairness, and justice. Judging from the actual results, the effectiveness of “preventing trouble before it happens” is the key. If a criminal swaggers onto the street and commits an attack, but is let go — even if he is prosecuted, he has a lighter sentence or is released on bail. This lack of law enforcement protection creates a breeding ground for any crime; as long as there is little turmoil, one can be let go. These seeds of evil, which are truly buried in the heart, never fail to take root and spare no ethnicity. Minneapolis was asked to defund the police commenced by the “Floyd Incident”. This triggered a violent demonstration “Black Lives Matter”, and has ushered a 250% increase in shooting incidents in the past year. Obviously, the general rise in violent crime is also an important background for the increase in violent cases against Asians. Take California and New York, the two largest Democratic states as examples. California passed Bill 487 in the past two years, stipulating that the theft of property below $950 is not considered a crime. In early 2020, New York implemented new bail reforms. The law allows some light sentence crimes to be released without paying bail. This evil result of giving criminals the green light was revealed in this case against Chinese. Many perpetrators have previously committed multiple crimes, even violent crimes, and committing crimes again did not display remorse. Some victims stated that the offender went to the police station to make a record and was released without any punishment.

Salman Muflihi, an Indian suspect who severely wounded a Chinese with a knife in Manhattan, has been accused of assault on three occasions and has not been punished. At the beginning of this investigation, Muflihi was filed by the police as a “hate crime second-degree attempted murder”, but on the second day, the Manhattan District Attorney dropped his “hate crime” charge, and filed it as only violent injuries. The prosecutor was illegally holding a knife. Coincidentally, Antonie Watson, a 19-year-old black man, was not prosecuted for committing a “hate crime” after he violently killed an elderly Thai man in San Francisco. In stark contrast to the slogan of the Democratic Party chanting “against racial hatred”, politicians have promoted policies that are increasingly conducive to criminals in actual implementation. It is not surprising that law enforcement agencies have such a passive attitude of investigating cases when facing these policies.

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C. The mainstream media violates normal reporting practices and is suspected of leading people windward. In the past, mainstream media reported on violent crimes, especially hate crimes, published photos, and backgrounds of the perpetrators, and dug deeper into criminal motives, eventually focusing on systemic discrimination and institutional accountability. For example, three white policemen in Minneapolis caused the death of Floyd due to excessive law enforcement. The media immediately focused public opinion on the police officers who enforced the law violently and led the public opinion to discuss systematic racism, which in turn, aroused “BLM” demonstrations and the “Defund the Police” movement across the United States. Regarding this more severe and more directed violence against Asians, the mainstream media has changed its style. There are very few photos that expose the criminals, but the photos of the victims can be found anywhere. No one cares about the identity, background, and political stance of the perpetrators. The media only cares whether the perpetrator mentioned the “China virus”, and then attributes the motive for violence to the Trump administration. As for whether law enforcement agencies conduct fair investigations and prosecutions, and whether criminals receive due punishment, it is obviously not the focus of media attention.

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D. Will the violence against the Chinese become a political tool for the Democratic Party to harvest votes? We support every politician who stands up to speak for the Chinese, but the premise is to be sincere in order to solve the safety problems of the Chinese, and not to curb donations and harvest votes. Too many politicians just yell in the media spotlight. When they really touch on actual problems, they use “No minority against minority”, as the excuse. They don’t pursue the identity and background of the thugs and the motives behind them. They only seek peace and dare not offend both sides. Two weeks ago, the Chinese Democratic candidate Andrew Yang and some Chinese pro-communist groups organized a rally in New York called “Anti-Hate Speaks for Asians”. At this rally, we only saw vague appeals such as “Stop Hate Crime” and “We Are Not Virus”, but no one calls for investigation, accountability, and public knowledge of the case. They even advocated, “No racism over racism”, so that the media should not focus on the skin color and identity of the mob. I communicated with the organizer of this event online, expressing that I hope to participate in this march. While speaking for the Chinese, I also called on the police to strengthen law enforcement, conduct fair and open investigations, and never tolerate criminals. In the end, my request was rejected by the organizer. The reason they gave was that Trump supporters are not welcome to participate, and they do not want to be disrupted. Obviously, this event is not the organizers’ propaganda, we just hope that the Chinese will unite and speak with one voice. In their view, the demand for justice is an act of chaos that undermines the unity of ethnic minorities.

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E. What role did the CCP play in this anti-virus hatred against China? In this menacing virus hatred against China, although there appear to be some unrelated cases, it cannot be ruled out whether there is some kind of force behind that premeditated, organized, and violent incident to guide public opinion and profit from. From the above analysis, we can see that there are many unreasonable links appearing simultaneously, and they all point to the same result: let people transfer the condemnation of Chinese with hatred and violence towards the condemnation of the origin of the virus. They use the name “China virus” to cause hate crimes. They not only put the responsibility of racial conflicts on the former administration but also paved the way for public opinion to cover up the origin of the virus. In this way, the CCP has become the biggest beneficiary of this anti-virus and anti-China incident.

In fact, we also found some clues from the Internet. At the beginning of last year, a non-profit organization called “Anti AAPL Hate” appeared in the United States. According to Wikipedia, as early as January 2020, this organization was initiated and established by three Chinese organizations closely related to the CCP: Asia Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON), Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), and San Francisco State University Asian American Studies Department (AAS). Its mission is to deal with the impact of hostility towards Asians caused by the CCP virus. From the beginning, before the virus entered the U.S., at the time that the American government had no issues with public discrimination against Asians. This organization started earlier than the pandemic, seemingly foreseeing the coming of this storm earlier than the American people.

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What’s more noteworthy is that among the three pro-communist organizations, the Chinese for Affirmative Action, which has the closest relationship with the CCP and was extremely active in the operation and has supported the following bills which have created extreme damage to Chinese American rights: California Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 5 (ACA 5). The CAA organization and the Chinese Progressive Association (APA), which was exposed by The Epoch Times, are two peas in a pod. The latter has been revealed to fund the “BLM” organization and intervene in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. It is an important tool for the CCP to penetrate the Chinese society in the United States. The CAA has an official Weibo account in China, spreads the CCP’s propaganda content on various Chinese forums in North America throughout the year, enhances the CCP, supports extreme leftist movements, vigorously incites the Chinese to confront American conservative forces, and tries to suppress the opposition. The CAA tries to fight information concerning the true source of the virus and discredit the Whistleblower Movement and Trump, to hide the tracks of the CCP virus.

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The “Black Lives Matter” movement,  the CCP’s financial support during the riots, as well as Mr. Wengui’s disclosure of the CCP’s 3F plan to mess up the United States, shows collective traits and similarities. As we have seen the CCP try to clean up a global mess and hide the origin of the virus, we cannot rule out that the CCP cooperated with the extreme leftist forces, planned, and instigated the entire movement in an organized and premeditated manner. They, together with the “BLM” and “Antifa” organizations, incited violence, created trouble, intimidated and pacified the Chinese, and then appeared as saviors to discredit Trump supporters. They helped the Democratic candidates they support to obtain donations and votes in Democratic states, and at the same time, shifted the focus of public opinion. They also completely cover up the truth about the origin of the CCP virus, like killing three birds with one stone.

We call on the relevant authorities to intensify the background checks on the perpetrators when collecting evidence of these violent cases against the Chinese. It is impossible to conclude that they are attacks against the Chinese because of the words “China virus” alone. We must thoroughly investigate what this means. We need to know the missions and political stances of these organizations to find out whether they are funding or condoning such violence. We must not let the Chinese tragedy become a tool for some people to earn money, let alone let the perpetrators are becoming the biggest beneficiaries!

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