Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 10th, 2021

Translate: Christine, Zhi Shi (Melbourne Athena Farm)

Proofread:Janyvo(Melbourne Athena Farm)

The domestic economy was in a complete mess, and the CCP is trying desperately to cover it up because they knew very well that they must control the economy’s main body, that is, to nationalise the private enterprises.  China has indeed reached the point where state capitalism and the state economy are completely monopolized, whilst the remainder value of people’s livelihoods is being extracted in an unprecedented way.  Laobaixing’s livelihood will only worsen and soon become unbearable.  The most crucial aspect about Shang Yang’s policy (356B.C.) was that he used the wicked and the rich to rule the good, and the non-working to lead the working. The sufferings of Laobaixing were indescribable such that it was no different from the animal world.  The lower class of Laobaixing were really to give birth for the purposes of sustaining military forces (for the ruling class).

I used to go to Guangxi, Dunhuang, to see the poverty alleviation project, such as “Project Hope”.   For those who follow my live broadcast, if you go there you will definitely committe suicide.  It was absolutely tragic. Cai Qi drove out the low end of Beijing’s population, and the Zhongnan-Pit was aware of it and agreed.  In the mind of the CCP, intellectuals, athletics, scientists, and PhDs are the middle-class; playwrights and business people are the population’s lower-middle class.  Yao Yilin, Mao Zedong, and Zhou Enlai were all rich peasants, the children of wealthy families, the upper class. Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping all said the “rivers and mountains” (meaning the nation) belong to the people only when the political infight reached its peak, and Xi is now saying the same thing. 

China has reached the point where it is unabashedly talking about legalizing the upper, middle, and lower class of the population, hierarchizing people, leveling education and finally reaching revisionism all over again, as atheism is no longer a good fit for the CCP.  It makes sense to canonize saints and gods.  Freud, Stephen Hawking, and Mao Zedong are gods, Xi is also a god and a saint, and the rest are people so that the two distinct classes are created.  This society is very dangerous.  Hundreds of people in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences are studying to theorize Chinese social class, canonize the rulers sitting in Zhongnan-Pit into God and Saints.  Then tell your poverty is that you are not working hard enough, not practicing enough, and then let the bigwigs of all the religions come out and say that what Xi said is correct.  Since Cai Qi divided Beijing’s population into  three, six, and nine classes and subgroups, intellectuals and Laobaixing from all walks of life have sparsely passed by and carried on their lives as usual as they are so forgetful and non-responsive to pressure.

Zhongnan-Pit sent several groups of people around the world to lobby vaccines.  For the developed countries such as United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan, they dispatched highly knowledgeable and educated staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Front Work Department, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the Political and Legal Affairs Commission, etc. to persuade them into vaccination by offered all sorts of benefits, and by turning non-vacciners into patients, by preventing people from travel and work freely.   For second-tier Middle Eastern countries, using bribes as proxy vaccines, introduce a system of digital codes, and to divide the society.  Sending the lowest to Africa and South America, using vaccination as a label, for those who don’t conform to their rules, arrest them using legal means. 

Essentially, the CCP has divided the world into high, middle, and low tiers by using vaccine economy and vaccine-class as tools to firmly hold the entire world in its hands, and successfully cultivated a new establishment under the forces of BGY (Blue-Golden-Yellow).  The CCP’s insidious scheme from vaccine economics to vaccine politics to vaccine warfare and vaccine ethnification is a grand chess game. It’s even amusing to see that the swamp people themselves can’t even get out without vaccines at this point.  Recently, some countries are burning masks.  Some countries have opened their churches to the public.  Some countries have suddenly given birth to many new religious facilities, which are subliminally changing the way religions gather.  The CCP is destroying the forms of the world’s religions, and handling the world’s religions and schools in the same way as they handled Hong Kong students.

Zhou Yongkang and Chi Haotian have said: ” no matter who got elected as secretary, we will have to deal with U.S. imperialism in the coming term, if the CCP is no gone (no longer in control), the Chinese people will follow the U.S. to pursue Western lifestyle and political system, and then the Chinese people will liquidate the CCP and even dig out their ancestral graves.  That’s why it is necessary to use unrestricted weapons to maintain the rule and dictatorship of the CCP in China even if it destroys the whole world. And even if it means June 4 every day, the dictatorship and that high pressure must be maintained, to and ensure the Chinese society under the rule of an optimized population.”  This was what I’ve heard with my own ears, and I have only experienced this first hand by putting my life, my family, my wealth at risk and spending all my time and playing my wisdom with them.  Only those who have fought with the old bastards in the zhongnan-Pit can understand it. 

Zeng Qinghong believes that the CCP’s Xi and Wang still have one or two years of great tossing.  The person who brought the message was from Guangdong. The Guangdong people know the CCP too well.  I am the first to say that Guangdong must become independent after the demise of the CCP, and that half of the nation’s economy will be healthy once Guangdong becomes independent.  Guangdong will become the most powerful economy in the world.  Independence does not mean secession, it operates under a federal system.  Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions would lead China’s political and economic, China has hope.  But never let Shandong people, Northeast people lead China.  Shandong Confucianism is the dregs, it’s all about enslaving people’s minds, no one in real life follows Confucianism.  From ancient times to the present, Chinese see family as a basis, if one looks at China’s problems, without looking at the family element, it’s just utter waste of time. 

The culture of association is all about human relations but presupposes family politics, family economics, family relations, which are the fundamental basis of a race.  Knowing good and evil, true and false, is the core foundation of family relationships.  Many things can be better distinguished by applying the principles of true vs false; and good vs evil.  It is the dream of all Chinese that the low-end population to be married into the city, whilst the urban population to be married into the upper-end leaders, but the vast majority of them turned out to be tragic.  All of us are actually living in a society of five-colored domestic slaves and multiple classes that is even worse than India. The CCP is legalizing and rationalizing China into a modern slave society where class struggle is the main focus and where slaves and masters coexist.

We, the Whistleblower’s Movement, will definitely take down the CCP.  If the CCP represents God of China, then we are the mightiest God of all gods in the world, the God of justice.  Let’s first turn our fellow fighters into not inferior people.  I’m going to give away all the shares I’ve promised before.  I will walk the talk by proving to all of those who own chairs, those who participated in the lending program, those who bought more and more G-coin and G-dollar with actions and results.  I’ll turn you all into superior people on earth!  Whilst, the Alliance Committee of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and I, would be considered as “inferior people” for we are the ones who serve and work for all the fellow fighters of the NFSC, and support you from below. 

We are not divided into high and low in terms of quality, but high and low in terms of responsibility.  One thousand three hundred chairs can continue to keep GTV shares, one dollar per share.  If the assessed value is $50 billion, when relisted, the value of each share will be based on the actual assessed value, the increment realized from second private placement is the gains made by the initial placement.  So fellow fighters who originally invested $100,000, may end up acquiring  1 million shares – 2.5 million shares based on the assessed value.  Fellow fighters who participate in the lending program can be converted into shares and enjoy the privileges and rewards of the Chair.  For example, if you lend $100,000, it is now possible to get 1 million shares – 2.5 million shares at the appraised value, but 50% will have to be taken out and left to the farm for collective distribution. The former VOG and Phoenix Farm lending programs enjoy the same treatment, provided that the Alliance Committee first holds it on behalf of you and can only give it to you after the lawsuit is over.

Breaking news, in yesterday’s meeting, leaders of a certain country made an exception.  All of them agreed, and called a meeting of several major banks to ensure that we can open accounts.  The threshold is US$50,000 with no upper limit.  For $50,000 -100,000, each farm has the right to grant chairs according to fellow fighters’ contribution, $100,000 is the standard (for having a chair), less than $10,000 is not possible (to have a chair).  For $10,000 – 50,000, if the fellow fighters contributed greatly to the farms, they can also be treated as exceptions, but places are limited.  No one who requested a refund will be allowed to participate.  Since the CCP loves engaging in class-struggles, we might as well make our fellow fighters the highest class in the world!  Fellow fighters who made the gains will continuously live-stream in extravagant fashion to the extent the security permits, let us showcase the CCP that we can live in a more affluent and legitimate lifestyle once we break away from your rules.  The new stock is basically the same as the original stock, the staff is the same, just switched to a different company.  Please still keep your stocks of the previous company.  There is still a great use for it!  For 1300 chairs, whether the SEC gives you a refund or not, we will give you the stock, but in the future,  if you do not transfer your fund over (to the new company), then your stock shall be void.

As for the G-coin purchased from the Apple Store, they are coins for internal consumption only, not virtual currency or payment means.  For that 5-6 million dollars to be fully refunded to you, all of the GTV’s institutional investors were against it, but I alone am willing to bear all the cost.  Yet some people doing live broadcasts questioned about the spirit of contract, do they have any conscience left?!  I fight for my fellow fighters every day.  Not only did I not make people wait for three years, but I gave all the interest of the next five years to my fellow fighters.  I don’t need anyone’s gratitude.  Even under these circumstances, someone still dares to challenge and attack the whistle blower’s movement, please leave, you’re not welcome here.  Fellow fighters have to learn to be grateful to the farm, anyone who gets a share of GTV is a chair.  With the consent of GTV, GTV stock can be traded, or used as collateral, and 1300 chairs can also increase their investments, but new fellow fighters who come after the money can not participate in the investment.

Fellow fighters whose loan funding program got frozen please contact the Alliance Committee or their respective farms directly to sign the bond transfer agreement as soon as possible, time is limited to a maximum of two weeks, if you miss this deadline, you will never have another chance. You will be given shares in the same proportion as the chair, held by the Alliance Committee on your behalf, to be given to you at the end of the case. All fellow fighters who have purchased G-dollar and apple coins now have the option to ask for shares in the same proportion as the chairs.   Also, all the G-coin quotas corresponding to the borrowing funds that are frozen, funds must be transferred to the account designated by the Alliance to be held on behalf of the Alliance before the G-coin is listed, otherwise the quotas will automatically be cancelled.  Fellow fighters in China must contact the farms, those who have not joined the farms can contact the farms of the Iron Five.  If you have very exceptional reasons, you can also contact me. Please contact each farm for the 10 shares to be given for downloading the app.  So promise made, promise kept.

There will be no problems with future payments, all can be made directly, no need to get the farm to pay on your behalf.  For payment to be from China, please seek assistance from Brother Grassroot or Brother David’s Farm.  For those who did not print out their stock ownership records, so long there are payment receipts and contracts, it is fine.  But for those whose payments were refunded, then there is no ownership whatsoever.  Fellow fighters with VOG under $10,000 can hold stock under the Alliance, but no chairs.  For those who want to encash their stock, please remember that this is an investment, not speculation, investments are time-bound and it takes 3-5 years for a stock to go public.  I want the CCP and the nine-fingered Goblin to see that the more harm you do to our fellow fighters, the more I will enable them to benefit.  G-bank will start operation soon and there will be more than one or two.  All those who have disappeared because of remittances they made will not lose their entitlement. For those inside the wall who have been made-disappeared, imprisoned, “invited for tea” (interrogated) for supporting the Whistle blower’s Movement will all be compensated, but they must be genuine. There will be great benefits for fellow fighters who buy G-club membership cards.  GTV shares can be inherited.  Fellow fighters with chairs who are US taxpayers can’t be issued shares directly, you need to go through the Alliance Committee.  Once our application for the G-dollar licence is approved, GTV stock can be used as collateral.  Everything has already started, today’s fellow fighters have all been upgraded to a higher tier, all VIPs!  The future holds endless surprises for everyone!

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