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This is a summary of the topic of genetic bioweapon outlined in the teenager’s bioweapon book “The Cutting-edge Weapon Technology of High Concern to Teenagers—Scientific Knowledge on Bioweapons” (Chinese title is shown in the figure below) by Feng Wenyuan. I will refer to it as the teenager’s bioweapon book. This book is currently downloadable on amazon.com and Google Play Books.


The Fear of Genetic Bioweapon

The teenagers’ bioweapon book indicates four areas of concern regarding genetic bioweapons. The following is the translation of an excerpt on pages 40-41, Volume 1.

First, fear of genetic bioweapon. It has become a reality to develop all kinds of novel, highly virulent pathogens by genetic engineering. For example, if the Botulinum toxin gene or an oncogene is inserted into E. coli, E. coli can become killing weapons. The Botulinum toxin is an unusually poisonous toxin — only 25g are sufficient to kill all human beings in the entire world.

Second, any E. coli can be converted into a pathogen by genetic recombination. It can grow parasitically inside the human body and spread, causing disastrous outcomes.

Third, if novel organisms created by DNA recombination are released into nature, they will disrupt the existing ecological balance in nature.

Fourth, genetic engineering can be used to create ‘monsters’.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to set up precautionary measures through legislation, stipulating what experiments are allowed and what are banned.

The original Chinese text is shown below.


It is ironic that the book proposes regulations on biological experiments. Shi Zhengli, a scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is conducting dangerous gain-of-function experiments on various kinds of viruses. For example, her team swapped a SARS-1 receptor-binding domain (RBD) into several harmless bat coronaviruses, and the resultant chimeric viruses can infect human cells. Shouldn’t her gain-of-function experiments be banned? The CCP is fully aware of the dangers of bioweapons, yet it unleashed its bioweapon COVID-19 on purpose. 

This book is of low qualification and contains repetitive content. However, the concept of genetically modifying E. coli or other types of innocuous microorganisms to create bioweapon has been mentioned several times. This further demonstrates the CCP’s interest in creating novel pathogens for biowarfare.

In addition, the book also mentions the creation of “monsters”. Basically, the “monsters” are transgenic animals that can attack or kill humans, somewhat analogous to the creatures in the film Aliens. The godless regime of the CCP attempts to tamper with nature for war purposes, but they are doomed to fail.

Introduction to Genetic Bioweapon

The book gives the definition for genetic bioweapon on page 42, Volume 1:

Genetic Bioweapon.


Genetic bioweapon, aka genetically engineered bioweapon or DNA bioweapon. It is inserting drug- or vaccine-resistance genes into pathogenic bacteria or virus by gene recombination as needed, in a way similar to engineering design, by the new technology of advanced genetic engineering; or it is inserting virulence genes into innocuous microorganisms to convert them into bioweapons. This technique can change the genetic material of non-virulent microorganisms to convert them into virulent strains with significant drug resistance. By the biochemical differences among ethnic groups, the pathogenic strain can only cause disease among humans with specific genetic traits, so that the enemy’s human forces can be exterminated selectively.

The original Chinese text is shown below.


The CCP’s bioweapon plan involves converting innocuous microorganisms into novel bioweapons. This concept is a bit different from Western ideas of bioweapon, which only focuses on enhancing existing pathogens. COVID-19 is a novel pathogen created by genetic modification from its template, the harmless Zhoushan bat coronavirus.

And again, the CCP has a sociopathic passion for ethnic bioweapons.  

The Types of Bioweapon

The books explains the types of bioweapon on pages 42-43 in Volume 1. Below is the translation.

The types of bioweapon.

Microorganism genetic bioweapon.

A common family in the bioweapon arsenal, including using genetic modification on microorganisms to create new biological agents, modifying known biological agents, using genetic recombination to create new virus agents. Highly virulent genes in nature can be transferred (into another microorganism) to create novel biological agents that are more virulent. Inserting drug-resistance genes can create novel biological agents that have enhanced resistance against antibiotics.

Toxin genetic bioweapon.

Natural toxins are the product of nature, but their toxicity can be enhanced by biotechnology. This is the most attractive and one of the most powerful new members in the arsenal of genetic bioweapons, such as developing a more virulent chimeric genetic bioweapon that doesn’t exist in nature. Although there is currently no successful case reported, its threat is imminent. Ethnic genetic bioweapon, aka ‘ethnic bomb’, is a genetic bioweapon targeting certain ethnic or racial groups. Because it only targets the specific genes or specific gene locus of a certain ethnicity, it is completely harmless to other ethnic groups. This is a new type of guided superweapon.

Transgenic food.

Using genetic technology to modify and create food that can enhance or inhibit certain genes, causing a specific type or many types of disease to undermine the enemy’s ability to fight. To develop genetic medicines that can lower the enemy’s ability to fight or enhance our soldiers’ ability to fight through medicine stimulus or other control methods. This can be used to create the future’s ‘super soldiers’.

Clone weapons.

Using genetic technology to create novel species that are aggressive and destructive, such as ‘killer bees’, ‘man-eating ants’, ‘blood-sucking frogs’, or ‘giant frogs’. And by creating copies through the cloning technology, the scene of monsters killing humans will no longer be a fantasy in future battlefields.

The original Chinese text is shown below.


The CCP’s biowarfare plan includes the secret release of pathogens or toxins. They even conceived the idea of creating transgenic food or special medicine that can cause diseases. This is probably one of the most despicable war plans in the book, along with the idea of a bioweapon that can damage human reproductive ability (described in a previous article). 

There are so many times the term “ethnic bioweapon” showing up in the book. This is probably the CCP’s vision for global dominance. Companies from Communist China are currently collecting DNA data from the world’s population, so the knowledge of genetic differences among ethnicities could be used to create an ethnic bioweapon. No matter if Communist China has ever created a successful weapon, but their unethical research should raise alarms.

The concept of bio-enhanced monsters is also horrible. We’ve all seen monster snakes, giant insects, great white sharks, or zergs in various movies and science fiction. There is currently a void of international regulations on this topic. I recommend the international community ban the development and use of artificial creatures for military purposes.

If the content of the book is verified to be true, many of the CCP’s bioweapon plans outlined in the book clearly violate the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972. The international community should hold Communist China accountable for releasing COVID-19 deliberately.   

Lastly, some of the biowarfare plans in this book are being carried out today. John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence under the Trump administration, wrote that Communist China has conducted human testing to develop super-soldiers with “biologically enhanced capabilities1“. Communist China clearly intends to create genetically modified soldiers for war.

The Characteristics of Bioweapons

The book made the following comment on page 44, Volume 1:

The characteristics of bioweapons.

It can clearly distinguish between friend and foe. It will only attack certain ethnicity on the enemy’s side.

The pathogens are hard to defend against, resistant to medicine, and contagious. This is hard to detect if released in secret. Even if the target detects something, they cannot decipher the genetic code to perform effective medical treatments. It’s only contagious among the same human race under attack.

Bioweapon is destructive with low cost. It can be mass-produced by the technology of genetic engineering.

It has an intense psychological deterrence effect over the enemies.

The original Chinese text is shown below.


Certain themes in the book are repeated in many instances. The CCP’s biowarfare plan emphasizes committing an undetectable, perfect crime by releasing a bioweapon in secret. The current COVID-19 pandemic is the result of their clandestine use of bioweapon.


  1. China conducting biological tests to create super soldiers, US spy chief says“, Gabbatt, Adam, The Guardian, December 4, 2020.

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My translation and explanation of the PLA’s biowarfare textbook “The Unnatural Origin of SARS-1 and the Man-made Human Virus as a Genetic Bioweapon” are shown below. Chapter 3 is skipped because it delves into basic knowledge such as evolution, mutation, and phylogenic tree, without any direct reference to bioweapons.

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