It Is Only When a Dictatorial Government Is Not Confident That It Fears the People and Has Multiple Potential “Flashpoints”

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According to a tweet retweeted by the Voice of America Chinese website, Matthew Pottinger, a former deputy national security adviser, told an online discussion at the University of Montana’s Mansfield Center on March 10 that the CCP government is not a “confident government,” but rather a “deeply paranoid” government that is most fearful of its own people, and that this could be a potential “flashpoint” for a future U.S.-China confrontation.

At the meeting, Pottinger listed the crimes of the CCP government, including: using the open and free platform of democratic countries such as the United States to conduct information warfare, spread disinformation, divide social groups, collect intelligence and personal information to exert influence, or the blue of BGY; and brutal practices against Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.

Pottinger hit the nail on the head when he said that the CCP’s stability spending has greatly exceeded its military spending in recent years, and that “it fears its own people first and foremost. If you look at the amount of money China spends on internal surveillance and internal security. It far exceeds the amount of money they spend on the military.” And he went further, noting that “and Chinese troops were sometimes called in to participate in the suppression of civilians at home. We saw this in the 1989 student massacre in Tiananmen Square.”

They have spent most of their money on suppressing the people, and the American political class has seen the face of the Chinese Communist Party. The two parties have already unified their thinking on the issue of the Chinese Communist Party, and the elimination of the CCP is 100%, now the question is in what way to eliminate it.

Many people do not believe that Biden will sincerely destroy the CCP, and will even continue to collude with the Chinese Communist Party to return the rudder to the old “China-US friendship” line. In contrast, Pottinger believes that the Biden administration has to some extent continued the Trump administration’s strategy toward China, citing in particular the Biden administration’s breakthrough in promoting the U.S.-Japan-India-Australia Quadripartite Security Dialogue (Quad).

Now, the Biden administration has taken the Quad to a new level. According to Pottinger, the Quad is a counterweight to China’s Asia-Pacific strategy. After reading the Biden administration’s interim strategic guidance on China, he concluded that it continued the hard-line style and was consistent with the bipartisan consensus.

That said, Pottinger believes the Biden administration has chosen another path: continuing the Trump administration’s hard-line policy toward China. He also criticized another voice within the U.S. that has abandoned the hard-line position to go back to the old ways. For example, the Longer Telegraph in January suggested that the U.S. continue to embrace pandas rather than slay dragons, while it also suggested that U.S. policy toward China be directed toward replacing CCP leader Xi Jinping rather than overthrowing the CCP and the CCP regime.

“It’s like trying to train a great white shark to become a broad-lipped dolphin,” says Pottinger. He also believes that CCP leader Xi Jinping should not be cut off from the entire CCP. Because Xi Jinping represents exactly the strategy and direction the CCP has been taking, only the Accelerator-in-Chief has taken a more radical approach. According to Pottinger, the criticism should still be directed at the Chinese Communist Party as a whole.

It should be said that Pottinger has gained a sober understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. And this understanding has become a bipartisan consensus. Pottinger’s speech at this seminar was both an affirmation of Trump’s China policy and a prodding of the Biden administration, while not forgetting to criticize the remaining pro-communist voices in the United States. Pottinger, the fellow fighter of our Whistleblower Movement, had nailed another big nail in the coffin board of the CCP.

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