[Opinion] Delivery Methods of Bioweapons – A Concept Appeared in Teenager Science Book (II)

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This is a summary of bioweapon delivery methods outlined in the teenager’s bioweapon book “The Cutting-edge Weapon Technology of High Concern to Teenagers—Scientific Knowledge on Bioweapons” by Feng Wenyuan (book name in Chinese: 青少年高度关注的前沿武器科技–生物武器科技知识/上下,冯文远/编著,辽海出版社,ISBN:978-7-5451-1253-5). I will call it the teenager’s bioweapon book. This book is currently downloadable on amazon.com and Google Play Books.

Delivery Methods

According to the book, biological agents can be turned into aerosol by spraying pathogen-containing liquid or dry powder. Below is the translation of an excerpt on page 22, Volume 1.

“Biological agents are often applied as liquid or dry powder form. The delivery methods include aerosols being carried by the wind to contaminate the layer of air near the ground; or transmission by pathogen-carrying insect vectors like flies and lice. Biological agents are highly contagious and infective; once they entered the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin, or mucus membrane, they can cause diseases in humans or livestock after an incubation period. Biological agents can cause widespread and persistent damage; they can cause persistent damage to humans and livestock. Under certain situations, the disease may cause widespread pandemic in areas of high population density, but biological agents are affected by natural conditions (sunlight, wind, precipitation, and temperature), so their use is limited by some factors.”

The original Chinese text is shown below:


The description in this book mirrors the description in the PLA biowarfare book. Biological agents may be delivered by means of aerosol or insect vectors.

Sneaky Terrorist Attack

A biological agent is a potential choice for terrorists. The book states on page 23, Volume 1:


Bioterrorism is an insidious attack method of long history. This is usually done by air-transmissible bacteria and virus agents, which are invisible and odor-free. The common people are not like superheroes in novels—they don’t have psychic abilities. If they unwittingly breathe in these biological agents during an attack, they will realize the attack only when they fall sick a few days later. First aid and protective measures are too late at this time.”  

The original Chinese text is shown below:

The book also indicates that terrorists may take advantage of gene editing to create novel pathogens. The following is an excerpt on pages 24-25, Volume 1.

“In the past 30 years, the advancement in molecular biology has been very swift. The original purpose of research on the mechanisms of human and animal bacteria and virus was to reduce or prevent diseases. But now these research results are used for other purposes—to develop more powerful bioweapons. These biological agents include the bubonic plague bacteria, anthrax bacteria, tularemia bacteria, smallpox virus, or hemorrhagic fever virus, and other known and unknown potential biological agents for terrorism. As a tool in people’s hands, applying molecular biology to viruses will produce new, assembled pathogens. Scientists can also use the multi-drug resistance gene to modify current pathogens so that they can have effects on the host organisms. On the other hand, many sets of data on human pathogens have been published in the recent years, along with published research results on how to insert new genes into bacteria. These lowered the threshold for terrorists to produce bioweapons. Risks are everywhere, so we must take actions to defend against the danger.”

The original Chinese text is shown below:   


The CCP’s biowarfare plan is to commit “perfect crimes” in which the culprit is never found. They released COVID-19 in secret to devastate the global economy and to wipe out the world’s population. The Chinese Communist Party is carrying out bioterrorism itself while blaming the virus on other countries. As shown in the book, the CCP is probably interested in assembling a database of different pathogenic genes to facilitate the design of novel pathogens—several pathogenic genes may be inserted into a harmless microorganism to create disease effects as desired.

Communist China has an obligation to allow international investigation into the Wuhan labs, which are allegedly cooperating with the PLA in secret projects. According to Xu Dezhong’s PLA biowarfare textbook, SARS-1 is a man-made bioweapon created by terrorists. This allegation begs more questions: who created and unleashed the COVID-19 virus? The whole world demands an answer on whether Communist China has engaged in clandestine bioweapon development.

Aerosol Particle Size

The book defines the ideal particle size of bioweapon aerosol on page 25, Volume 1:

“The release of biological aerosols. After biological agents containing bacteria or viruses are sprayed into the air, they can form tiny particles that float in air for a long time and are carried by the wind. The mixture of these particles and air is called biological aerosol. The particles are very tiny, about 0.5-5 microns in size, so they are hard to see with the naked eye.”

The original Chinese text is shown below:

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