Pro-government Critics Criticize Medical Staff’s Call For Strike, Requesting Punishments and Dismissal for Participants

Pro-government columnist Chris Wat Wing-yin wrote on her Weibo page on January 30 a stern criticism on frontline medical staff’s plan to put on a strike which was meant to assert pressure on the government for a full border lockdown between Hong Kong and China to halt the influx of potential Novel Coronavirus victims, a burden that existing medical infrastructure can no longer support.

She used “deserters of an army should be executed” as an analogy, calling on the Hospital Authority to dismiss those who participate in the strike.

In her post, Wat also cited police as an example, saying that since the anti-extradition movement, police have “sacrificed their lives, sacrificed the privacy of their families and friends, sacrificed their reputation” in order to carry out their duties.

Sharing the same view, Sergeant Lau Chak-Kei, also nicknamed “Bald Sheriff Lau Sir”, quoted Wat’s post on his Weibo page. He also added his own comment that “I really hope that they will be infected by the new coronavirus”. Probably only after realizing what an embarrassment his outrageous comment might cause, he toned down and commented, “One day when the staff is sick, then he can truly understand a patient’s feeling”.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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