The Farm: UPDATED: Scientific Research Shows 2019-nCov is Manmade

Over the past few days, several comprehensive pieces of analysis have surfaced linking the “P4” bioweapons research lab in Wuhan to the epidemic originating in the same city in the final months of 2019. As a reminder, the official statistics for this outbreak are completely unreliable because the CCP is spending an inordinate amount of resources to keep the truth about the outbreak covered up.

One source — GreatGameIndia — goes into great depth to explain how recently expelled researchers in Canada had been compromised by the CCP and had already sent deadly virus samples back to mainland China from the only “P4” lab in Canada. These researchers sent Ebola back to the CCP and — after operating for years — were only recently removed from their positions in these highly dangerous facilities. This would give the biological weapons programs in the CCPs arsenal substantial expertise to develop complex viruses (like 2019-nCov — as the research indicates) independently of the global research community. This is a document explaining how Xiangguo Qiu (the researcher in Canada) has a connection to the PLA through ownership in Beijing Mabworks Biotechnology Co., Ltd which invented medicine to fight Ebola.

In an article published today (January 30th), a deep-dive into the science behind the virus done by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD reveals various facts about the virus that lead him to conclude that it was a manmade result of “recombination technology”. This science has existed since the 1980s — and would have provided plenty of time for the CCPs bioweapons experts to create a virus just like this one. He presents 4 options for the true origin of the disease — all of which ultimately conclude that due to the presence of identifiable material (in this case a “sequence similarities” seen in the screenshot below) it is undeniable that the virus is manmade., 1/30/2020

Option 1. Natural coronavirus?

False. The virus is manmade.

Option 2. A manmade virus that naturally mutated to something previously seen?

False. The virus is more complex than natural evolution can account for.

Option 3. A manmade bioweapon?

Whether or not the virus was released due to negligence or out of bloodlust as speculated — it is nonetheless a recombined virus that the CCP would have had access to and a willingness to use as a distraction.

Option 4. A manmade virus created to make a vaccine?

Thanks to evidence provided to us by Miles Guo, we know that these events are actually attacks being perpetrated by Wang Qishan against Xi Jinping in efforts to weaken his grip on power in the country. Wang Qishan grew substantially in power (taking over as Mayor of Beijing) after the SARS outbreak of 2003 where several hundred died. After deep analysis of Wang Qishan — we believe that he is actually a delusional mass-murderer, “Invisible Lord“, and the ringleader of the worlds largest largest pedophile access ring. Wang Qishan is superstitious, fully willing, and one of few among us capable of releasing actual plagues upon the world.

Author: Halliburton

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